I’ve been investigating the creation and use of artificial and human neural networks quite a bit lately and have shared some of my thoughts and ideas with others, with an underlying personal concern on believability, acceptance, and being able to relate on this level of intelligence with an everyday person.  I’ve also been observing the replication of phrases and conversations from one human to the next, considering how thoughts spark, agreements or disagreements occur, and relativity exists.  I’ve observed some of my writings coming to life verbally in my own environments and gone is the notion of coincidence.  It is clearly a neural network; but not operating without pain and frustration due to personality, differences of opinions, passions and other levels of craziness.  One question was how do my thoughts travel to others mind and how do they seem to know and understand such concepts without a regular connection to news media, information technology developments, the industry, and personal experience.  This in itself is still a mystery, other than what may occur at night over the radio-waves or internet signal.

A conversation today started about Rain Forests, Group Consciousness, Democracy and Greed.  The conversation starter was very passionate about the subject, coming to tears, sharing a concern that people don’t care about the earth and how important the rain forests are to the planet.  I recalled my feelings on the subject, brought to me several years ago, and I still felt the same way – not caring about a geography several thousand miles away since no one has told me how it affects my area of geography, my person, or anyone I care about.  She felt passionately that the destruction of the forests were greatly connected to global warming, a subject I have only pondered lightly as to cause and effect.  When I think of global warming, I think of pollution, I think of what is going on in technology that may affect the issue, and what solutions technology can offer to solving the problem, such as Solar Electricity and other technology we use to power the world, as well as the contributors to air pollution.  What perplexed me more about the conversation with this person was the shift in attitude, the changes in behavior, the responses to my opinions, and being forced to hold back in asking why a person would come to tears about a subject when they haven’t done anything on a personal level to contribute to the issue; other than debate.  I suppose I do that now, looking at Technology, but I also write, I ponder, I meditate, I contribute, I learn, and I study.  I get that trees and moist forests are important, just like the polar bear to some people, but to say a rain forest a thousand miles away affect San Diego’s temperature or Los Angeles’ smog factor without formal scientific data as to how and when, and not just a general idea of Trees creating oxygen, then I just really don’t care since my solution is as simple as plant more trees or figure out Geo-Spatial Replication; in fact, I believe in this and asked at least a thousand people to donate a dollar to a fund created to plant trees and am trying to learn Physics so I can believe in a concept of creating clean air.

I didn’t get to share with her what I call the Theory of Geo-Spatial Replication, a concept I’ve been investigating for some time; to replicate time and space; using a Geographical Information System and the elements to do so.  I don’t know that she could understand the technology and how it could be used to solve Global Warming or how its used to cause change and balance in atmospheric conditions, because I don’t know that she understands it.  I am not certain she even understands her own passions for the rain forests, but I think if I shared this technical concept with her, she might rest more easy about Global Warming.  It was a difficult conversation, just due to the style of debate, her assumptions about a careless humanity, but because of that conversation, as painful as it was, I was reminded of Geo-Spatial Replication, as well as a the neural network and how personal communication styles come into play.

What started the conversation?  She began talking about Group Consciousness, then 9/11, and Democracy, and it ventured off into politics, agendas, and the lack of care humanity has about the earth.  These are all subjects I’ve been giving much mental energy to lately, some without verbal expression, just this morning.  This does not take me by surprise, although it is impressive, considering there is no Live Television and the Internet was only installed last week.  The woman reports she gets her information from the radio on very short drives to the library and grocery store.  She is very passionate about Life Science and learning how to grow and care for plants, but seems to be very passionate, educated (-0), about world events without regular access to news media or non-fiction books.  A mystery for me to unravel I suppose.

Aside from venturing into the human network as to how concepts travel, spark passion and debate, I’d like to write more about the Theory of  Replication of Geo-Spatial Data to change and replicate events rather than topics of conspiracy and small phrases from the human mind.  We’ve been collecting atmospheric data for years about the weather, air quality, events, and geographical resources, so it seems logical that a system could be developed to replicate environmental conditions; solving Global Warming and Air Pollution.  Perhaps a system exists, but I am thirsty for knowledge on atom and particle manipulation and who is in charge of it.  I think about his or her personality when I look at the weather and am in awesome wonder about his/her concern for human life or lack thereof; as with my own at times.  If I say the benefits of knowledge and power outweigh the effects of mass genocide, I might be considered psychotic; a murderer or careless; or one might compare me to Albert Einstein where I’m living out my passion of figuring out the mysteries of the universe and enjoying it rather than wallowing in my sorrows of Hurricane Katrina, Ivan, or Irene.  Yes, I feel sorrowful for the loss of human life, but I’m more intrigued by Weather Control and the correlation to societal problems in the regions of choice, looking at the underlying cause or choice of geography and clearly in amazement by the systems themselves.

The term “Geo-Spatial Replication” exists and it refers to replicating GIS data to records or information in a computer system; but I’m referring to replicating environments and conditions in the Physical Realm, proof a system exists, and a task for the scientists to prove it in a systematic, formal way.  I asked for verification of verbal replication, and received it, now I’d like to see a formal replication of events and not a tornado, a rain forest or an Iraqi War decision.  I need to observe something on a personal level in two forms to really believe in the idea of Geo-Spatial Replication.  Deja Vue was nice, but I need something greater; I just don’t know what it is yet.

Credit: The United States Army’s: Cyberspace Operations Concept Capability Plan 2016-2018, TRADOC Pamphlet 525-7-8.pdf and FM 3-38.

I didn’t really want to write about the environmental specifics about the Replication of Personal Information, Synchronicity and commonalities that exist between the new person, environment, and the areas of study, but I feel it’s somewhat necessary for the purpose of applicability and for the furthering of my own understanding of human relations and Artificial Intelligence in Humans.  First, I must tell you, it is irritating.  In the first few observations in other environments in Virginia, it became frustrating because it made me lose my feeling of uniqueness, the feeling of superiority in knowledge and experience, yet, it was clear they were cyber duplicates of thoughts, experiences and conversations.  There was a slight belief that it was possible these were just natural coincidences, but I had to dismiss those thoughts to keep on a path of purposeful event and human communication control.

I’m dealing with similar frustrations in information / knowledge superiority in this environment, yet different, in that, the experiences are not replicated, but there seems to be an underlying commonality of subject matter that doesn’t make sense, where a former cab driver speaks intelligently and knowledgeable about Teleportation Systems and is completely unintuitive when attempting to operate a computer.  She verbalizes similar profound events such as Glow and Transcend, making it sound like it’s a common practice among humans – matching an activity that I personally experienced through meditation where a computer was present and major Projects were ongoing.  How or where the human comes up with their shared experiences is still unknown or in plain terms, her history or such actual occurrences of the events or her past is questionable.  Is this AI and Information Transfer with edits and a twist?  I believe her stories, but it makes me question if she’s a new creation with an old mind and body since her past matches some of mine which sparks certain frustrations and feelings in my own self.  An employee, paid to spend time with her through our state funded healthcare system is also questionable and similar to the other’s in that he has a systems background, speaks smartly and knowledgeable about events and is serving as a person of trust for me to communicate secret technological ideas without fear of destruction or unbelievability.  I can still only assume they are fed ideas and understanding without past knowledge, interest, or experience, but I’ve been wrong before.  To venture down this path, would be like abandoning the theory of a neural network and the ways ideas and common principles are established.

neural networks

I honestly wish there were more concrete evidence that my theory is correct, other than replicated phrases or thoughts vocalized through other humans in the environment and the purpose other than to provide proof of information transfer and modes of use.  Some of the information as I’ve mentioned is frustrating because it involves personal history, references by names of humans that no longer exist on the planet, which harms the belief of their spiritual existence and presence and influence here on earth.

If I communicate with a dead person by the name of Stanley and the new human in the environment speaks about her ex-fiance Stanley regularly, it diminishes the relationship between me and Stanley, even if they were two separate humans living in different times.  But if the stories match, then the living human beings past becomes questionable or considered AI and provided a storyline prior to my arrival, as well as the activities of what people call the spirit; causing a greater challenge of communicating or believing in another dimension.  It causes feelings of frustration with the two living beings communicating and experiencing the commonalities because if this person’s history is pre-written to match mine in some ways, then her style of communication and persona should be controllable and perfected.  I used to just meet people and enjoy conversations, but when commonalities and bizarre occurrences in language and behavior exist when I am trying to study brainwaves, dimensions, life, and human communication; then everything must be questioned and analyzed.

By Savvy