Doctoral Research

Discussion and Paper Organization

Since not every class focuses on topics related solely to Technology and the selected dissertation subject area, the content must be arranged in a way that simplifies consolidation of works for a useful book or ‘booklet’ in dissertation format, as well as supplements; either as a reference or learning guide. Publishing papers online, in APA format, as submitted to the University leaves much room for unauthorized copy or plagiarism, yet enables the sharing of works. Deciding on the best format for online publishing of research and written works, specific to the subject area or dissertation is important, not just for end of program publishing goals, but for the best organization of subject matter because classes are not organized as chapters and neither is the material, therefore, an organizational strategy must be developed. The dissertation itself is separate and different from assignments in the Doctoral program and must be organized separately, as referential material useful in developing the dissertation.

What is a dissertation? Is it part of the appetizer application, post dinner meal – process of enjoying something sweet after the main course?

“A dissertation is a long-form piece of academic writing based on original research conducted by you. It is usually submitted as the final step in order to finish a PhD program.” It’s the research, problem solving, and writing journey after coursework completion of several years – usually eight or more years.

Keywording of subject is available and it is simple to just copy the works and publish online, but good works are interconnected, and built upon each other, with reference. This will make assignments longer, but more valuable to more than just the online reader. Compilation is the challenge because there is no automatic tool that consolidates every page in a readable format ready for print and distribution or copyright. As much as we’d love a fully automated formatting system for papers and doctoral research, humans are still required and expected to put thought into their works and spend time in research, writing, proofing, and publishing — and it must be done with a purpose greater than the title of “Doctor.”

As learned in other programs, discussion items are valuable and easily omitted when consolidating papers, simply because they were not saved outside of the classroom and are often managed online, using best known answers without indepth research and reference. This is where self proof of learning and application of subject is best demonstrated, especially if the topics are related and consolidated at the end which might somehow be related to one another and result in something valuable. Creating a specific section for discussion items or short topics is an idea, if they can be connected to the longer, more in depth research as summaries, later consolidated for the purpose of print publishing or subject exploration for new ideas, innovations, and problems that must be solved or better understood.