Ethics plays an important role in Merchant Services, so does Fines and Imprisonment.

This stems back to a girl I once served in the US Military with. She referred to animal fecies as “presents” and her husband’s pet name was a can of fish. She buys and sells on ebay and he is in charge of sales of motorcycle parts. They could have unknowingly entered a new industry of selling fecies online. How could this be? Voice activation products or Artificial Intelligence Systems not knowing good from bad, creating products based on ‘textual’ references without sensing; she didn’t have a sense of smell. They put her in charge as the COO of a Business Referral Software Company, so someone who doesn’t know systems capabilities, and software potential shouldn’t be in ‘referential/referral business’. This is why there needs to be tighter controls on Employee Selection, Product Testing, Technical Design and Internet Traffic Monitoring. She said she had an ‘electronic cat box,’ and then all we began to smell was felines. First, an electronic cat box doesn’t exist without robotics, which she had none, but she also didn’t have a sense of smell – could she have been the robot? The first abnormal human robot? No, just an abnormal human.

This reminds me of another girl who claimed her husband was a doctor and she declared a company as “incestuous.” She claimed to attend the University of Hawaii, which was where the first girl married her ‘oddly pet named and terrible referer of animal fecies as presents.” It then became against the law for clients to give gifts to a contractor because it was considered bribery. Her name was replicated 4 times, in the use of different races and positions in military command and control offices.

She was put in a position of power as well and animal fecies and seafood permeated the airwaves. 10 years later and these people are free to conduct business online in ‘religous and spiritual consulting’ and sell products on ebay – pictured with E-Bay’s T-Shirt with the Pig in the Mudd. They were all pretty women too; obviously misleading when you don’t know what goes on/or went on in real life. They are considered Bio-Hazards or potentially manipulated communicators – sent to irritate or prove how a system can make a human speak or control improperly. We believe this is a new weapon, similar to agent orange, but worse. If her bio hazards are/were transferred, it would cause cancer. If her communications are replicated, it would cause abuse to humans and animals. It was proven. Her father-in-law died of cancer – 3 deaths surrounded her, including a cat, and they still didn’t remove her. Her animals were malnourished, but she shopped at Nordstrom and maintained a clean home; profiting from death of loved ones. I guess it takes an act of congress? God? She is also one who ignores accidents and injury. Would you want to buy or serve next to this person? Yet, she is free to buy, sell, and transfer material/information online. Thankfully Information Technology created a solution to confine her and her ways and it is believed this person was a major contributor to COVID-19.

Unfortunately there is no ‘personal’ remedy, just like there is no cure for cancer. They go on abusing and flourish, showing you one persona in one situation and another in other situations, hiding their evil and abnormal ways or leaning on an ideal of ignorance being 9/10ths of the law, as if they didn’t know they were supposed to speak professionally in and out of uniform or the office. They rely on ‘freedom of speech and expression’ not caring who they hurt in with their words, acts, or products. In Technology, there is a remedy – it’s called Domain/IP Blocking, in Human Behavior and Medicine, there are hospitals and correctional facilities.

WORDS, environments, and stories are products. They are key information systems used in Surveillance and other controlled tests; if used improperly, they are hazardous systems and if misused are punishable by fine or imprisonment. Retelling the stories are valuable in lessons learned and capabilities testing/understanding. These discoveries must take place in controlled environments with timed tests to deem fitness for products and market testing. The discovery is ‘environmental sensing’ and technology’s ability to ‘hone’ in on a specific area for an extended period of time – this is detrimental if the wrong words or focus is used as those mentioned above. If one abuses a personal credit card and human, is it expected they will abuse a government credit card and system? Most likely, but can they learn the error of their ways? Only if shown and taught right from wrong.

Brain scan technologies have been looked at to scan at home systems for improved health and communications. If this is how a person references those things or people, then they are probably not fit to sell products until they learn better naming conventions. Although funny, creative, and technically advanced, it is ethically wrong to misuse this kind of information, but it does create a greater awareness of abnormal capability in what one sees on the internet, in person, and what one expects of a human or machine with or without senses. Cleaning up after an animal is in fact a chore that can earn money, but sharing the smell across the Internet is probably not needed, in fact should be replaced with a scent of accomplishment of a chore for kids, teens, and adults who wish to track and earn money for domestic tasks or household chores. This is just one or two examples of how Air Packet and Information Packet Tracing is critical in development, test, and production sites for new Technologies and why one person’s words shouldn’t be authorized to pollute the airwaves, like my military friend and other person who chooses to consult on “Kash-ic” religion. They are getting money for icky things and this is just bad business, which belongs to Federal Waste and Dump Sites, of which I hope you will not allow yourself to be one, but to be a smart consumer of goods and services and not buy from trash who refers trash.

What is necessary to understand is role evaluations and how it varies in viewing one or two humans in a business and personal capacity and how it relates to animal and product testing in a Technical Environment. There is a difference from a personal evaluation, employee evaluation, and basic human and animal interaction evaluations and there are multiple levels, requiring different products and solutions.

In Human Capital, it is difficult to see in an instant or two or three meetings. Sometimes it takes a few interviews and some people believe a change in environment can help the bio-hazardous product sellers. Often times it does, but in cases of communicable diseases and viruses – its tough to immediately understand the cause and the remedy.

First question:

Who on earth would seek to create such a system? A person who wants to work air quality in both written, verbalized, and air quality departments.

Second question:

Why is this important? It is important to improve the air waves, internet and environmental pollution, and contagious diseases that are carried by animals, plants, humans, and other things.

Third question:
To be able to delete bad air quality greatly improves an environment and a system and if the Internet is anything like a Human Environment, then we have new clean technologies and internet systems that can change humanity for the better.

Fourth question:
Does it take something bad to understand and achieve something good? No, but it shows how something bad can spark the creation of something good or necessary to rid the world of sickness, death, ignorance, and disease.

Test yourself on Product Selection:
If an “Electronic Cat Box Cleaner” was offered that scooped dirty cat litter into a bag, is it a profound market worthy invention? What’s so major about a human hand scooping it and putting it into a bag versus a machine putting it in a bag for a human to take to the trash. It’s only one step in efficiency and most likely not worth the effort in engineering if it cannot complete the task entirely, yet people buy and boast of the product in comparison to their friends as if they have superior product and animal care giving skills. It prompts a person to question the product promoter. This requires Human Behavior Analysis in this person’s motivations and consumer skills. Would you hire this person as your Product Purchaser or Seller of Goods? No way! It’s human waste and when the human promoter was looked closely at for output of ‘products’ in terms of human communication – it was all hazardous waste.

Human Analysis:
Negative, yet professional use of hurtful words in an effort to gain financially, pointing out the flaws of others (your friends) without personal awareness of hurtful words, name uses, and interaction. Making demands for property, seeking sympathy, and in a patterned fashion, abusing with the use of unwelcome personal derogatory remarks. One to One Analysis, Interpersonal Group Communications, and Romantic Relationships, producing uneasy feelings. Insensitive in response to sharing of hurt feelings in other relationships where relationships with children and marital or relationship affairs are discussed. This person is not only insensitive, but out of touch with respect for human life and emotion.

Scary part of the Analysis:
Those behaviors and episodes of violence replicated in another separate personal environment through other people, causing violence or relational disruption and crime. It was considered part of the “me too” movement where one lower functioning individual seeks to make you think you are like them or wants you to be like them – typically an attraction of miserable circumstance. Once you are in a miserable position, it is their chance to feel superior and better. Many are often in denial.

It makes sense when seeking justice in a matter where one has been injured and the law takes over to enforce the law against abuse. In communicable diseases where emotional injury is caused, and the only remedy is a lawsuit – the best course of action is to end the relationship, as it has proved destructive and incompatible.

This person is contagious and if not removed, poses a threat to mental health and happiness. The best remedy is remove those people and distance oneself from those who are insensitive and unfeeling, abusive, robotic type of people. Robotics are not bad, but like humans, if programmed improperly and allowed to operate on auto-pilot to hurt others, they are a detriment to society and do not have their own sense of happiness or ability to enjoy life in a happy state of gratitude. They must be taught right from wrong, where age and maturity is a major factor in the analysis – of legal age and committing such offenses are punishable by law and can be changed with medicine and behavior modification.

Just like a bad product has to be returned, a bad human has to be returned, modified, or thrown away and the maker of those taken out of business or sanctioned.

By Savvy