Step 1:
Brainstorming Innovations List (10-15 Needs)

Career Planning Assessment (Educator, Business CTO, CIO, Writer, Researcher, Advisor)
Supplemental Learning and Licensure of Product Technology

  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Google Certificates
  • Project Management Certificate (SCRUM/AGILE, PMBOK)

Alignment of Learning with Specialized Technologies
Implementation Practices & Evaluations
Integrated Learning of Formal Education with Product Learning Systems
Acquire, Implement, Design, Develop, and Evaluate Software (Proof of Skill/Knowledge Development)

Step 2:
Innovation of Existing Internal Technology
New External Technology Acquisition

Step 3:  Strategic Plan

Need.  Technology planning, acquisition, development, research, and testing uses specific processes and regulations which are different for government, commercial, public, or private use.  The specific processes must be known, along with regulating authority, law, or policy for best practices.  Structure and alignment must be well understood and outlined for each area of responsibility.  Technology is a vast subject, covering many areas.  Computer Science is the field of research and focus, therefore strategic goals must be aligned with subjects related to Computer Science.  While software development and implementation have its own process that differs but involves other processes, that might differ from Government and Private regulations and practices, there is a need to fully understand and document both.  A Gap Analysis is a phase of program and project management – what is missing and needed to fully examine the field of Computer Science beyond the basic computing device and its applications.  Many parts of the study areas are out of reach; unable to change the architecture, but Critical Analysis and Design Reviews are necessary for its advancement in many areas.

Span of Control and Influence
What can be produced, acquired, developed, tested, and evaluated requires investment in both money, time, and development resources.  There is greater motivation to review and advise on matters related to the Internet in the Development of Cloud Systems, therefore investment in product knowledge, as well as documented processes, such as the Software Development Lifecycle, Acquisition Process, Research and Development Process is critical to maintain consistency and standardization in product review and common understanding.  The Internet or top products, such as Microsoft or Google cannot be directly changed without being assigned specifically to a product evaluator or system position.  Learning the products adds value to understanding to utilize the systems post-graduation, but goals are not specific because employment opportunities are limited to a specific set of titles and responsibilities.  When the overall goal is to be a Doctor of Computer Science, the focus and study cannot solely focus on software and corporate or government responsibility, policy, process, and oversight.  Deciding what level of knowledge while considering future applicability is what is important.  Why invest in software or testing of technology if it cannot be used to profit in the short term, or available for sell and use in the long-term future.  The goals are not to develop a software application, but to fully understand the field of computer science, its function, history, and progression to be a leader in the field.

Developing the Strategic Plan
It is not a simple plan of business change management or the acquisition of technology, or the development of knowledge and demonstration of skill.  It is creating a high-level plan to attain the goal while working towards a larger goal of developing a sellable product while learning.  Profitability potential, as well as educational investment and future opportunity remains the focus.  A book based on years of research, field experience, and intuitively obtained knowledge is a consideration, but requires several years of study and practice before results can be seen.  A Doctor of Technology cannot exactly expect to open up a Doctor’s office for electronic devices and can’t exactly diagnose computer professionals as patients without a specific focus on psychology or behavioral science.  A Doctor of Computer Science can develop a standard process for the diagnosis of programs, projects, along with specific terminology beyond ‘viruses and other terms used by the medical field.  While standard book writing and research practices can be followed, it is in addition to following the standard educational format of responding to assignments, with limited leeway on topic, forcing additional requirements for compilation, and organization for study that results in valuable and usable findings in Government and Industry.  Remaining focused on conceptual learning and not investing in Technology that has already been used, tested, and demonstrated saves money and time, yet investment provides opportunity to prove development skill, which is not aligned with high level “Doctoral Study” and practice. 

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)
The technology skill and managerial experience already exists, therefore there is no need to personally invest in software or special hardware to experiment.  There is a natural need to experiment, explore, and attempt to make money by utilizing software and advertising systems, without a return on investment, simply to create a group of listeners or readers, this is viewed as a weakness.  A strategic long-term goal is to write and sell a book with scientific research in the field, therefore short-term business goals of profiting from advisements or technology recordings and discussions is not a sound investment and conflicts with the long-term goal.  Maintaining a public Internet site is an area where podcasts can be shared, along with articles but costs money and the greater the information storage or compilations of writings, the greater the want and need to invest in advertising the efforts in building a readership.  It’s an obvious practice of following a trend, which might be considered a ‘fad’ or attempt to become a public speaker or influencer in the field, when more time and research is required.  The recordings prove value in subject specific knowledge and shows weakness.  This can be viewed as a threat to future success or a method to measure professional and personal growth.  Although immediate money-making opportunities exist, it is better to compile research for a more formal and professional presentation of works using the scientific method of research and study after more knowledge and education is gained.  A policy must be established to avoid social media, Advertising Campaigns, Business Planning, and sharing of premature evaluations, works, or opinions.

Focus on Long-Term Success
Immediate fame, interaction, advertising, and hands on knowledge can be gained and reproved using new tools, but has already been demonstrated, so there is no need to re-invest to build a small technology information center.  It is better to focus on long term plans of research and book writing, the organization of material, and not on its application in the business industry, although in depth research opportunities exist and are needed.  The ability to recognize future trends while contributing to the design for ‘their firm’ (Bruton & White, 2017) is a goal, but there is no promised future with a firm and no evidence of direct immediate contribution.

Time and Cost to Complete the Project
Development of a Strategic Plan is the project, not the acquisition of Technology to create or implement the strategic plan.  The plan can be simplistically developed, with specific milestones or goals set to create research processes and compilation procedures to identify the area in most need of research, or the area that presents the least amount of understanding.  If problem management or improvement is to be the focus and the system is out of the span of control and influence, then researching and discussing the issues independently is the only option, with expectation that the concepts or areas of study can be used to influence industry and the systems later.  The time span is five years, therefore the current strategy is to maintain momentum to complete the credential requirements, while working to align efforts with a preservation or use method in how to apply the concepts and discoveries, whether as information for a future study, general knowledge for the book, or new problems uncovered or very serious directional evidence beyond just general societal, psychological, and financial dependence.

Innovation of Internal Technology & External Acquisition
Reassessing processes, policies, needs, and plans assist with cost control and effort management.  It would be considered a weakness to respond to old methods of ‘advertising’ and ‘marketing’ or social media sharing of information when no population of IT professionals exist or should be marketed, or findings shared with because the research and studies are still being conducted.  The acquisition of software or technology to engage in collaboration, commentary, viewership, or readership, along with the purchase of tools to prove knowledge in certain areas is beneficial for short term, immediate results where the goal is to be a public speaker, therefore a review of Goals and reconsideration or refocus took place, deciding to wait to publish any incomplete or non-professionally examined educational works in the field.

If set on a path of constant word-breakdown, when the government task of organizing and scheduling work orders is considered a ‘work-breakdown structure’ then we are in fact in a technological phase of defining processes of work for the purposes of automation, using combinations of upward and downward spirals of mixed medical and directional terminology – gaining momentum in describing the purpose and use of the figure 8 symbol and its infinite use or possibility where time, labor, and profit is of the greatest importance, as well as the application of findings and knowledge.  The etymology of the root ‘comp’ adds significant value to the field of understanding or ‘comprehension’ but only if it serves a greater purpose than insight because our goal is to see and predict or create the non-existent and unseen or improve upon what is available and known.  Adding to this a biblical reference from “Genesis to Revelation” – Genetics versus what can and is revealed to us in the time span, whether individually motivated to find or discover or religiously inclined to devote research to ‘inter-twined’ understanding of even just a cellular structure and universal knowledge or language and its vast use.  Reviewing Microsoft’s Sequel vs. the DNA Sequence in Genetic Code, brings us closer to working together, but more scientifically separated from basic understanding of how we view human physical traits into the scientific description, collection, and changing of biological matter.

The greatest need it to bridge the gap between the field of Medicine or Physics and Computer Science, as well as to clarify and further define dimensions beyond shapes, but into the manipulation or change in matter in geographical systems, beyond words and topics, but into energy and the systems that can accomplish such major events with and without devices and systems.

Executive Summary

Comparisons of the Human Design versus Technology in use and its naming conventions, along with ecological and economical progression requires more than a simple strategic plan on what software to buy and how to fully study and present the findings.  It’s also not captured in a five-to-ten-page summary.  The importance of the research or its value is to predict future developments, course correct, guide, as well as improve integrations to change society and how it understands or uses it.  Technology is supposed to relieve stress and make our lives easier, yet it seems to complicate things, creating more illness and stress, therefore it requires complete review to avoid a serious catastrophe like many new addictions, creation of viruses, or worse, the complete removal of personal love for it and its ability to completely change, restrict, or remove human interaction.  Computer Science’s role in roots of ‘complexities’ of communication systems as well as ‘tele’ systems – things from a distance are its main functions, as are matters of ‘influence’ and sickness in our span of control and change to improve or make life more easily computationally understood and ‘automatic’ or atomic.  Just the study of alpha, beta, and gamma rays is just a small facet of technology that has both awesome and damaging effects.  This area of study includes a wide range of segmented disciplines, and the focus is on bringing all those disciplines in working order to understand how humanity works as one interconnected and interstellar device beyond a galaxy of stars, energy fields, appliances, and applications across the globe and throughout the universe.  The very research question is: can all things be permitted to work together, or must they be forced into separate operating devices and are we even on the right track, using technology terminology or are we disassembling excellent advancements while in simultaneous development?  At what point is Computer Science fully developed and no longer considered harmful and dangerous?  Systems evaluation is possible with a standard review process, but not effective if the reviewer cannot influence and create valuable and sustainable change and noteworthy assignments, therefore strategy must remain generalized, yet focused to gain personal sense of accomplishment in its technology investment.  What is science with evidence and proof and valuable systems that capture the rate of change and recurrence on a global internal and external level?

Food for Thought:  Cyber  — a few letters short of cyclical cycles of ber – eavment.  be·reavement:  /bəˈrēvmənt,bēˈrēvmənt/ noun:the action or condition of being bereaved.

“there is no right way to experience bereavement” Similar: loss, deprivation, dispossession, privation, grief, sorrow, sadness, suffering, hurt, trauma, death in the family, passing, passing away, passing on, demise, decease, end, expiry, expiration


Justly considering the attachment theory in both human relations and computer science adds to the field of understanding in loss and its great detriments of destroying or losing value and great potential that the addition or loss of an attachment can bring.  This, added with the scientific theory of ‘combining’ or ‘integrating’ in considering how all pieces and parts are ‘integral’ in numerical and alphabetic function is more than just the programming of what was once described as a compilation of ones and zeros to create form-fields, which scientifically have evolved into energy fields where computer science plays its greatest role in both virtual and physical management.  Access to functionality, capability, and ability to create and utilize something of great value is when the greatest effect of ‘cyber’ theories is most felt; with many often unable to understand or relate because they are only able to see or comprehend simple components or things, they are able and privileged to see and work with.  An understanding or theory of ‘integration’ or integral connectedness cannot begin to be understood without alpha-numerically dissecting terminology and review progression or ‘advancement’ and a thorough understanding of reality vs. virtualization or what is considered ‘virtual’ parts of reality; all of which is real and individually personified and defined.   Since computer science started with the “Terminal” and is imminent death is referred to as a ‘terminal illness’ and if cloud systems are the final phase of development, then we have yet to break the sound barrier or even closely tap into the field of aerodynamics in both the physical and virtual world, or the possibility that more than two exist.  The words begin to mix – from human senses of hearing, using our ears, to systems of earo-dynamics, to include the mind and nodes of synaptic synchronistic function that manages collective human understanding.  Perception and conception are critical, as is terminology and end states or stages of universal thought and theory in natural selection and evolution or simply stated, technological advancement and superhuman development.  This requires a review of etymological origin of the computer from machine à terminal à computer à system à device.




  1. 1.

nearly; almost.

“the college became virtually bankrupt”

We ‘almost’ understand it completely, but almost is not good enough and ‘almost’ can be an extremely damaging, fearful, and life changing experience.  Personal understanding is only individually valuable and worth nothing if it can’t be shared, explained and only seen as a natural or unnatural non-scientific or scientific phenomena; then it is still considered unknown or unexplainable, where cause and purpose remains in question.  It’s easy and simple to describe what we see, conceptualize, visualize, and know to be true, but complicated to explain and consider how time plays a significant role in the development and change in how we discover and advance going from a simple mathematical device to electromagnetic telecommunication airwave devices governed by the laws of physics where virtual law or cyberlaw only recently emerged (Upcounsel, 2020) and is barely qualified to set policy, rule, or argue Internet law.


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