The Future of Savvy

Learning Systems

There are no ‘categories’ for learning.  Learning takes place during scheduled and designated hours in professional organizations, and some go so far as to record learning or training time in their time tracking system.  This is helpful, but learning goes on all throughout the workday and it’s especially helpful to further define those goals and […]

Abilities – Acquisitions

Building Organizational Capabilities             The concept of organizational capability varies in application.  There is the simplicity of organizing documents, structuring employees, and building teams of people to increase or improve capability.  Capability is also an area of functional measure where there are people, processes, and systems all capable of delivering quality goods and services, as […]

Venture Capital Made Simple

Venture Capitalists are those who gather as individuals to invest in ideas. Venture capitalists for technology startups are investors who provide financial and other backing to start a new company, usually because it is designed to supplement theirs or because the requestor is not an official employee and wants to work independently but needs money […]

Acquisition and Merger Considerations

Acquisition Planning Acquisition, merger, and alliance considerations are made when a firm or company has spent time exploring opportunity to grow and be more innovative.  These decisions are usually made because of the need to update systems, gain in market share, or improve business operations.  Companies and firms that operate innovatively and are top in […]

Acquiring or Developing Technology

Alliance Partnerships, Integration, and the Sharing of Information             Alliances are classified by the degree of formality and by duration.  They are business agreements made by two or more companies often for a competitive gain purpose.  The more formal the relationship, the longer in duration.  There are six types of alliances (White & Bruton, 2017) […]

Acquisition of Technology: Buy or Build Decision

Acquiring or Developing Technology Internally The acquisition of technology is the purchase of software and or hardware systems with a plan to implement.  Many acquisitions require well researched and strategically designed purchase plans, with product comparisons, demonstrations, and project implementation plans.  Decision criteria depends upon whether it’s best to build or buy, which are usually […]

Savvy Anchor Podcasts

Savvy is testing Podcast Solutions; evaluating two systems that can be integrated with an Internet Site and other Podcast providers.

Doctor Disciplines – Technology Certification & Qualification Variation

A short analysis of technology innovation, implementation, using a multi-disciplined approach for integration of medical and home computing devices. GAP Analysis – Several Possible Views, Places, and Application The order of questions or topics of strategic planning are important to the overall understanding of the subject because most plans are not started in the middle […]

Best Practices Implementation

Best practices are defined as commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective (Oxford Languages, 2022).  By this definition, professional and commercial procedures, which are actions as part of or within a process are separate.  Commercial practices are not specific to a form of advertising, being via the […]

Integration and Words Like Strategy

Strategic Management and Integration     Integration planning and sharing of information requires strategic management from the start to finish, which is not a quick-change process.  This is especially important when a system is already built, in operation and use across the world, or even just in a small location.  Matters of belief have come into question […]

Facebook Review

Sociological, Psychological, and Economical review of Content in Human Behavior using Technology. Thoughts and feelings of exploitation beyond missing children, but also reporters of small town murders, crime, and psychological injuries of those who carry on, as if certain people never existed. The technology is used as a Social Networking medium, without much regulation and […]