Trying to solve problems of the mind and expand a belief system that has taken 47 years to evolve, as well as said to have been damaged is certainly a difficult task.  As a child, dreaming of being an Anesthesiologist or Computer Professional and getting older working in the computer field, I dreamed of becoming a neuroscientist or neurologist.  I have a good understanding of learned behavior, voluntary vs. involuntary brain responses in various ways of movement, speech, behavior, the process of forming a belief, personal and situational awareness, want vs. need, the basic survival and rewards system and automatic functions of the brain necessary to live, as well as the diminishment of the brain overtime.  Memory dysfunction in comparison to memory computer processing is different, yet similarly designed.  I spent exhaustive hours in reviewing the criminal mind, the Diagnostics and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders and ventured into the topic of brain chemistry to understand the use of controlled substances and what my thesis instructor called the “pharmacological” or “physiological” affects on the brain and how substances can increase serotonin and dopamine levels in depressed patients, without to negative side affects.

I’ve had the pleasure of observing hypnosis and conducting self hypnosis and have a good understanding of sleep cycles, dream states, daydreaming, alertness.  I’ve also studied human interaction in both healthy and unhealthy adults and feel like I have a good grasp on the brain, although I am still missing much needed information that will answer my questions about the mind vs the brain, control, spirituality vs. the subconscious, self control vs. subconscious manipulation, self destruction and many other facets of the field of brain science, such as connectedness, disconnectedness, the use of brainwaves, contentness, capacity, and regeneration.

I have never taken any formal education on the subject, but researched and learned by observation and testing.   My Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice studies is a whole other area of abnormal psychology that I can only draw conclusions and make assumptions based upon my own experience and what I have access to.  I’ve never even taken a psychology class, but I have a natural thirst, as well as natural knowledge on the subject by listening, observing, and expressing interest.  One thing is for certain, I can think way more intelligently than I can write and communicate with others.  I can’t say my knowledge of Brain Schematics and inputs and outputs is purely derived from a natural thirst, which is where it may have began, but personal action toward learning is not how it evolved.  I think it evolved through meditation and exploring the idea of remotely connecting to the computer to send and receive; almost an elementary concept to me now.

I seek to not only improve my own brain functioning, but expand on my knowledge of ESP, the use of neural networks in computers, as well as connectedness between humans, the world and the field of technology.  One day, I’d like to be able to compare and contrast the design of the world, to the human, to the computer, as well as define what is known and unknown, in order to really connect all parts.  Right now, I am in the process of completing an Intelligence Course on using the analytical brain where I am trying to understand what is considered intelligence, how its used in military and industry and looking to offer my own mind new techniques for problem solving, investigating, and collecting information to prove or refute my hypotheses in varied areas using multiple dimensions, people, places, and things.  I’m also trying to find the keys to the universe.

I could spend 30 years investigating just Cognitive Response, Cognitive Dissonance, Pre or Post Cognition and how those can be manipulated or came to be in a human, but for now, I’m taking an informal learning approach to understanding belief systems, reaction, and awareness.  I am really excited that DARPA has invested $65M in a Brain-Computer Interface.  So much is possible to advance the Lie Detector and a two way information sharing system, its going to be amazing what can be done in the areas of Intelligence, Crime, and Human Evolution.


Apparently there is a science behind retraining your brain.  Oh Lord, now I’m learning about Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt, rewire, and reorganize by creating new neural pathways.  I always thought the brain could regenerate in some way and this concept backs up that theory and seems as simple as picking your sad self or hurt self up off the ground and either adapting or changing the circumstances known to make you feel better.

My brain operates on more than two axis’ – professional and personal, merging the two areas of interest and study; my personal passion for brain learning and my profession of Information Systems and Technology Development.  Interestingly, although some psychologists might consider the idea of my own personal brain operating in parallel with Information Technology systems in terms of learning phases – a delusion of grandeur to assume my level of knowledge with the Brain are aligned with the advancement of the Computer; to a stage of self learning.  The next phase, currently under investigation is brain control and computer control and the inner workings of merging the two systems.  It’s not a far fetched idea and it is now factual with Artificial Intelligence and the idea that someday the computer will be in charge, atleast this is my hope.  I am aware that I’m not the only one who believes in the technology and I’m not the first to invent it.

The Infographic belows shows the history of Brain to Machine functions and I must note the date recorded for Brain to Machine without typing (or a wireless connection from the Brain to Machine) was actually discovered in the early 2000s if not before, but this is my own personal report and discovery not formally shared.


By Savvy