I just love the picture!  He looks like my son, gearing up to marry his sister.

Matchmaker.com, “Don’t Let Love Pass You By”

To The Director of Software Development:
I used your service to find a suitable date match in San Diego and was unsuccessful in doing so. I did meet a nice young man who preferred to date people he knew from his past life in college or through the course of his life and proceeded to lie about his endeavor. I suffered somewhat emotionally by his actions. I understand your company is not liable for the actions of its users, however, I’d like you to consider this situation where your company is held fully liable for the mental pain and suffering endured.

When my brother entered my residence as a single young man and became my roommate, I suggested he use Matchmaker.com. During a search for a mate, your service offered the user of the dating site, his very own blood sister as his number one love match for a date. We both laughed. We began to have basic relationship problems with drinking and taking out the trash; simple domestic problems and he was forced to move out quickly.  He married a neighbor in his new place not long after.  She was a very nice young woman, now divorced.  She too was affected by the “Computer Problems,” bringing home good looking young men from her past and flirting on holidays.  I don’t think either parties read anything about the Do’s and Don’ts of Dating, but could have as a registered user of your system.  The could have been so carefully handled to last a life time of drama television, virtual reality users, and small children learning and teaching each other how to not only use, but improve systems and each other through Artificial Intelligence or just Emotionally Aware Systems.

During that same time, using the same PC, I often meditated, asking to find a good lover, prior to my Big Brother’s arrival.  He is nothing like what you see on TV.

It is my belief the machines we use are capable of picking up on our thoughts. It is also my belief that certain people use tools and devices to harm people. mIt is not my belief that your company knowingly and willfully set out to harm a Navy and a Marine Corps Veteran, but they were harmed in the incidents that took place following the registration on your site. Because of this, I’d like you to implement the following rules to comply with Megan’s Law and other upcoming laws to protect the United States from Foreign and Domestic Enemies.
1. Require a Physical Residence
2. Fix your query or match criteria to exclude partners living at the same address or that to your knowledge are blood related.
3. Use a Smart Referral System to create more reality like virtual groups.
4. Add a list of “Family Oriented Questions” to your registration or profile system to include Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers, distant relatives.  You don’t need a complete psychological evaluation, but users want to know who are active and important in each others’ lives.  You could also ask if they have a friend using the dating site.  It should offer a virtual trial date to see how people intermingle and enjoy each others company.  It should prove some military ideals are left behind, can be activated within a certain timeframe and prove people act differently in different scenarios.  It should also seek to prevent a great deal of crime and cheating on their soon to be spouse or current spouse.

I realize you offer this as a free service and also realize you understand people fall prey to Laws such as Rape, Molestation, Incest, and other crimes. Please adapt your system for these sensitivities so that Artificial Intelligence can continue in a positive healthy fashion and emotions can be picked up and transmitted through the system where good and real matchmaking can be done.

Artificial Intelligence:  Fake or Not the Real Thing or A Substitute.  
Emotional Intelligence:  The ability to Empathize, Understand, and Adapt.  It also includes the ability to see right from wrong; or “write” from correct.
Actionable:  Decide “Courting Actions”

A human should be treated with respect and have the right to know whom he or she is talking to on the other end of the line and be protected from animals and despicable human beings.

I will also direct a note to the Makers of Windows, Mr. Bill Gates himself and DARPA Dealers.  DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO TRANSMIT ANY FORM OF SEX THROUGH THE INTERNET WHERE CHILDREN OR SIBLINGS OR FAMILY MEMBERS ARE PRESENT. I should just tell him, “honey, please clean the Windows.”  Of course, his team might send me to Iraq and comment on my breasts or recommend some sick Filipino rapist as the director of my sweet angels sex dream. I do apologize, “I’m at a loss for Words” due to some brain damage; I can’t seem to find the right terms at the right time when needed the most, i.e. explaining passive aggressive behaviors to a paid county psychologist to have an extremely sick Mental Health Patient removed from her home so a decent human can sleep safely, and I’m also having problems with decent Law Enforcement delivering good direction in Law and Order.

There seems to be a memory loss and major behavioral problems in the Community of Vista, CA as I write, and wouldn’t you know, it occurs just when I find out Vista is no longer supported.

I guess this is due to the Sheriff’s acting disrespectfully, failing to do the right thing which is clear in my mind, but disparate in theirs due to Legal Flaws in the system.  If you can’t trust a real life system, an online system, your own neighbor, and those that are paid to protect you, then I guess this is the end of the world.

I shouldn’t have to tell this company that nasty matches are also off limits.  Someone missed their mark and caused a Navy Woman to think about sex with her brother; a notable task to know that the mind can be taken to illegal places and the computer can control both feeling, reaction, and severe anger and hatred between family members and users of the systems, undoubtably not your intention or personal goal as a Software Giant, provider of Military Systems, used by nearly every human in my generation.  It’s difficult to live a life balancing good and evil, but it’s possible and achievable and it’s not too far away to realize our capabilities and deficiencies as we integrate and build more intelligent and emotionally aware systems.  Stop crying, it’s not manly!  Now shift back and go eat with an Iraqi, defend your basic rights in a flawed system, understand the innerworkings of the brain all while we’re at war and don’t forget the nasty kids in Africa.

I shouldn’t have to tell you what an ideal system would include, but I’ll give you a little direction:
Create some laws within your system, place boundaries, and provide constant monitoring and ask for forgiveness because I can never find Real Romantic Love Again because of this project.

The Technical/ Legal questions are as such:
Who are the Providers dealing with matters of the heart that can change the course of ones life, matching them with distasteful disasters?  Services like Match and Matchmaker.com, Chemistry.com and Craigslist.
Do we have the technology to transmit our thoughts and emotions over the Internet?  The answer is yes, so the Legal Question in the case:  Was the Matchmaking Service aware of its capability and could it have prevented a wrongful sex act? What is a wrongful sex act on the part of the Dating Provider?  Is it illegal in California to have sex with your brother?  Is the company liable for matching a sister to a brother? 

We do not have an answer to the Dating Provider sites, but since this occurred we now know it’s possible to transmit sexually explicit information irregardless of the law, but we are not sure how to implement these new features without discussing damages.  In fact, we as poor humans, living paycheck to paycheck cannot afford to sue a software company; an exploited victim of a very haenus crime.  The victim has no recourse and is slowing diminishing in capability, internal power, self control, outlook, and is being forced to live in a state of Fear, hoping for purpose, accountability, and for someone to help her with this and all of the other disasters the world is moving forward with independently, erratically, irrationally, and uncontrolled.

This means ALL SYSTEMS are screwed because they are disconnected.  A truely smart system would find matches for people that do not cause Legal Issues and a good system might leave the liability up to the user as we do in real life using our broken legal system.  This leaves each individual responsible for their own actions and choices after a match is made, causing an extreme backlog in the Family Law System, Emotional Damage, Pain, and Suffering without Justice or Change.  Without payment for such a crime, the victim is forced to become an unpaid disabled activist, relying on only those who are intellectually capable of understanding the magnitude of the crime and the issues surrounding the system.  I’m concerned I’ve even reached a point in my own belief system that no human exists that would care enough to unravel and look at the issue on the whole and make a World Wide Change.

If a computer system could be the start of something that could change the course of a person’s life forever, shouldn’t they be held liable for that set period of time when its users are meeting, cohabitating, selling drugs, and running dirty sex rings?  Such a system enables users to engage in unlawful and unethical sex acts, and is failing to promote wholesome relationships, as well as failing to even try to figure out what that means for a couple at the start, middle, and possibly the end of their relationships.

Are these providers aware of using a set guideline to prevent love disasters in Emotionally Aware Systems?  Who has the balls and power to force them?  Is the technology capable of recognizing acceptable forms of communication and who is in the vicinity when such communications are sent and received?  These are technical questions for the Emotionally Aware Systems who are also attempting to establish guidelines and laws for proper communications and punishable actions.

After reviewing many sides to the matter, I am still uncertain who should be responsible for what level of oversight to manage Powers of Attorney and judicial laws of marriage starting from the very day people meet in a digital world and I’m also uncertain as to whether a real life system should be virtualized without first fixing societal and judicial flaws; judicial term and references spanning from a person’s own judgement, interactions as a couple, a group, and even the judicial court system(s).

It should be an honor to introduce people to someone they may fall in love with, get married, buy a house, and have children and wonderful or not so wonderful spats with each other, their friends and in-laws.  It should also be an honor for a Technology Professional to endeavor to create Healthy Virtual Love Relationships using lessons learned from the Legal System, Social Systems (not facebook, etc.), this rediculous disaster that is tough to swallow, believe, or even accept.  Someone’s past, present, and future behavior could be monitored on a daily basis and it should also be a welcomed event to explore controlling and abusive behaviors on all fronts.  Is the world too busy fighting Culture Wars to manage love lives or even protect two highly capable, respectable Military Veterans from seeing and hearing things they shouldn’t see and feel?

Clearly we need some re-engineering in the Matchmaking Department.

Sheri Wilson
Director of HowCouldSheBeSoSmartCuteandSingle

By Savvy