This is all basic knowledge learned by living, sociology, and published on the Internet.

My thoughts are already on the Internet, apparently already thought up by someone else and delivered, so I have nothing to write about, other than the fact that I can’t cure my own toothache and neither can a stupid computer.  A dentist could fix it, but I’m poor and have no healthcare.  What a lovely system of pain, degradation, lies, and aging.  Too bad sense and perception doesn’t get you a free dental plan in times of severe pain. – I disagree with this.  It says Evolution means there are accidents and random chance and life occurred through random genetic mistakes.  I dislike GENETICS, simply because it misleads a population to think they inherit sickness and disease from their ancestors.  Clearly some physical traits are inherited, the purpose and reason is unknown, but there may be a correlation, or no purpose and reason at all; meaning there is no God, he doesn’t care about you, your looks, your parents, or your health.  Clearly.

What do you get when you have no healthcare and no belief in God – pain and a terrible outlook on life, realizing your education and upbringing was all wrong.  Why is my “Socio-Economic Status” the only reason for my anger and sadness?  Because I don’t have it, and I want it, but I know better than to lie, cheat, and steal to get it.  I learned those lessons as a child.  I’m capable of earning money with this knowledge, but held down by a certain class of society responsible for passing laws, making requirements, and placing restrictions on an otherwise healthy mind and body.

For my readers
What is Social Stratification and What is God Doing?

God is doing a 4 part review on Evolution:
Evolution:  Random Selection, Survival of the Fittest – Where the rich get richer and poor get poorer, the great social stratification project on the downward spiral because it’s true; without money you are nothing.  Without beauty, you are less desirable, without knowledge you aren’t worth a dime.

Evolution: To grow and change, adapt to environmental conditions, learn to be smart, but poor, cute, but incapable. Smile when you want to kill.

Evolution:  The way the world has changed or ‘evolved’ into a place for separation of rich people, educated people, criminals, animals, humans, and computers; all trying to survive.

Evolution:  An attempt to trace our existence back to the first born, the monkey, or the dinosaur.

What is random selection:  Selecting pieces and parts in a random, un-ordered fashion.  God took the legs of a human and gave it to the horse, but made modifications first, so you can see you are not the strongest species – you can get hurt, kicked, and learn to get back up on the horse, be in control and enjoy each others’ company; you learned to ADAPT.  He gave the system of hormones, menopause, and your testosterone deficit to babies who don’t know how to pay attention so they could take Ritalin.  He randomly selected you to consider his randomness and show the morphing of human life without morphine.  He randomly instilled an idea in you, just to abandon you, the idea, the purpose, and the knowledge of the factors of Genetics, Cloning, and Evolution.  He left your ass for Hollywood where there aren’t so many rules.

He taught us all to kill? No, we wouldn’t be prosecuted.
He taught us all to eat?  No, we wouldn’t be obese.
He taught us all to breath?  No, he gave that to your parents.
He taught us all to begin good and then become bad?  Yep, at some point or did you teach yourself to throw a temper tantrum at age 2 to learn how to gain control, attention, and punishment?

He taught parents to spank their children and then took the great pleasure of punishment away.

Ponder these ideas; who is he or she?  Why does another man look to have an “intimate deep” relationship with another man?  Why would a woman worship a God who loves everyone else more than her?  Why was God taught to every human?

Why does E-V-O-L ution contain backwards Love?  It’s only natural I guess.  What is backwards Love?  Evol, a mispelling, a mistake, EVIL, pronounced with personality.  Is Evolution a mistake in our thinking?  Does love end all woes and sorrows?  My toothaches for a week; I don’t love him and why should I?  He makes our teeth fall out, our bones decay, and our orphaces stink.  Sorry, God told me to honest.

Love is Adaptation.  You can’t possibly Love every trait of your lover; you would be misguided if you did, but you also can’t pick your partner apart and hurt him or her with his weakness; you must adapt – just like we learned to do as babies; left the safe place of the womb and entered the world in tears.

By Savvy