Physical Traits:
He is a strong man, muscular in shape, very handsome with a nice build.
Mental Traits:
Intelligent, Resourceful, Intellectual, Competitive, Inquisitive
Mentality:  Right or Wrong?  His Mentality is sometimes positive and sometimes negative.
Emotional Traits:
Does not often cry, but when he does it’s beautiful and purposeful; at the proper times.  He is not always mindful of others’ emotional sensitivities and sometimes says hurtful things, perhaps induced by alcohol; noted onset:  after becoming a Father; or after a major setback:  Problems coincide with major life events and are minimally harmful. He is capable of loving a woman as a committed husband.  He values friendship, love, commitment.  His friendships last as long as he wants them to or as needed.
His sister was his friend and he no longer considers her his friend due to his sisters’ unresolved issues (Wilson vs. Stephenson); was very inquisitive and concerned about his Sister’s well being and financial success.  Positive for caring for his sister.
Later on 90210:
His wife divorced him.  He handles it well, taking advice from his Father; resolves emotional issues quickly and handsomely.  Does not deteriorate or morph into his sisters problems in a co-dependent fashion.  Healthy citizen; although he is believed to be improperly medicated for Depression.  His now Ex-Wife is co-dependent.
Aggression: Non-aggressive Father, Husband, Brother, Son and Uncle; not codependent; although had very little history of living alone.

Claims he does not know his nephew and his sister is an IMPOSTER:
Left the Frozen Chicken Bag out of the Freezer and left for work; Otherwise very clean adult.  Potential Alcohol induced amnesia, brought on by? Letti (Past Dead Dementia Patient)
Big Brother sustained multiple injuries in two military accidents; one Physical Bar Fight with other young men (blow to the head with sharp glass objects); possible whiplash from a car accident; minor injury reported.

Writer/Sister also sustained head injuries during a car accident; along with a blow to the head in a physical fight.  Relativity:  Brother’s injuries were not family related, accept for an Military Uncle that Big Brother is unaware existed and died from.

Problem:  When confronted and told of a childhood trauma between family members with Sister’s rape, Brother failed to acknowledge.
Sister has a problem with False Charges of Abuse in Big Brother’s Divorce Case; she sides with him and not against him.

Sister’s Theory:  Conversation never took place, although it should have or perhaps they are all suffering from Brain Damage due to their Head Injuries.

Resentment(s):  Sister towards both Brother and Father.  They worked with her abuser and visited her violent assaulter.  They claim to take the side of the Abuser and not the side of the Blood Related Victim.

Wilson vs. Wilson, Michael Wayne; Larry Wayne

Who has the worst injury?  Triage:
1.  Mother and Infant in the case (most recent)
2.  False Charges in Big Brothers Case
3.  Their Biological Father’s inability to see the crime:  Rape (WILSON VS STEPHENS, DANIEL; STEPHENS, SHELLY)

Wilson, Sheri vs. Wilson, Michael (1987)
Re:  Ownership of Sparky The Dog; Ownership of the Father, Wilson, Larry

There is a missing Child in the Case of 2007:
Gavin MICHAEL Wilson (possible given Alias:  Gavin Rossdale; for the love of music).
Wilson, Sheri accused of abduction.

Doctor Wilson’s Prescription:
Take a moment to reflect on the problem being presented, review thyself; then reply.  Mr. Wilson is defensive, without purpose.  Find the reason (review the attack method).  Focus on what’s most important.

What is this blockage?  Why forgotten memories?  Why the fight over ownership of animals and parents?  Why the dismissal of the nephew and grandson.  Why can’t I see my niece and nephew?

Dear Mike,
I am sorry I moved out of San Diego and left you to have no other choice but find a wife to survive.  It’s difficult to live with your Brother and try to date young and old men.  I am sorry; I wish I could’ve forced you to clean up everyday and do your chores until I got my love life straight, but turning to Drugs is not the answer.  I know.  I’m happy you quit.  Me too.  I have a hard time telling you I love you, because I don’t think I do until this is fixed.

By Savvy