What is a Stroke?  In laymans terms its referred to as simply a broken blood vessel in the brain.  Where damages occurs and is noticeable is what seems to matter.  Over time, I’ve developed a belief and understanding that blood vessels can simply repair themselves over time and depending upon how large the blood vessel was or how many broke, is matters in severity of dysfunction.

Some say they had a “Stroke of Genius” and in my personal case, this is true.  After undergoing an MRI Scan, the Doctor (scan reader) reported the damage occurring in the Basil Ganglia region – a region I’d never heard of.  He stated it affected speech and impulse and this was all the doctor left me with; with no medication or prognosis for recovery.  What others don’t understand and are not permitted access to are the events prior to the stroke; conversations and events with people, places, things, and organizations.  Some like to call it a “God” complex, or narcissistic viewpoint where my view is the only  correct view and others like to refer to it as Delusions of Grandeur, where I and others are the most powerful beings on earth.  I’ve always believed God can cure these mistakes and is the owner of the actual blueprint itself; in charge of the diagram, the functions, and all of its errors and patterns in thinking, learning, believing, and communicating.

It is true there is a discipline for every subject of what we call humanity (on the whole) as well as the mind, body, and soul.  Internally, I have knowledge of every system of function, therefore I should be empowered to fix the errors in the patterned thinking and adjust for errors as they arise, just like a good programmer would do.  I am in development, but my environment is troublesome; it does not offer the much needed stimuli to feel safe, secure, and happy; in fact it threatens my critical path – basic needs for survival – to eat and sleep comfortably in a place where I am not the target of someone else’s poor Mental Health.  Going beyond just needs to survive, it does not offer a rewards system of worthiness and safety that I’ve so often commanded and been provided.  The goal has become to change others, more than myself, while staying aware of my own deficiencies, bad habits, automatic statements, movements, and stimuli that prompts others to react improperly.  It comes down to mistreatment by problem people simply because I do not live alone – environmental conditions 101:  who do you live with and why are people so disrespectful and abnormal in their communications and actions.

With such a great amount of Internal Dialog and Internal Affairs with corrupt Judgement and so called officers of the law; things turn from bad to worse due to their sense of Grandiosity.  The Ego battles ensue and dysfunction starts; causing the sane intellectual severe internal anger, hate and frustration.  One cannot stay silent to bad behavior, lies, abuse and disrespect for too long; therefore the punishment system kicks in and justice must be served.  To flee the situation for safety is impossible, so I am forced to endure abuse from someone who chooses to argue and belittle with no purpose; other than to wreak havoc on my goal and disrupt my pursuit of happiness.

I have a history of leaving the situation to find a more peaceful environment; but cannot rely on that method due to financial restrictions and duties.  The fine line between right and wrong is investigated; belief or no belief; expectations are set and our differences are clear.  Maslow was indeed correct in the Hierarchy of Needs, going well beyond Intrinsic Value and Self Worth and whoever’s Social Stratification dysfunction.

How to fix it?  Put a shh… command on their mouths and do not allow contact or confrontation from the abuser.  She is a patterned abuser; elderly and forgetful, lieing and contradicting herself.  The intellectual knows she is wrong in her style of communication, the content, the pursuit of a point with an object to thwart ones efforts in gaining financially in a court system out of her purview or sphere of influence or knowledge.  She’s making general statements such as “you can’t do this or you can’t do that” about a legal pursuit; attempting to provide bad legal advice to a system she has no experience with.  She goes on an investigative attempt to argue about the past and although she may be technically correct, it goes past the point of where her boundaries should be; as in “She has no right” to question and discuss differentiation between a Civil Servant, an Active Military Enlisted, and an Adviser to Government Affairs.  She hones in on questions of family and the “son” trying to spark a deeper conversation, on too many occasions.  The information given to her is not sinking in and she is unable to pick up on areas of unwanted conversation and does not know how to throttle back to avoid creating a damaging situation for the intellectual.  She attempts to use a position of power to intimidate by the use of unnecessary reprimand in unwarranted situations.

In this group dynamic, some lack the ability to problem solve, adapt, and maintain a healthy household of friendliness with boundaries.  They seem to think they need to alert management on every issue, lacking the ability to solve it themselves by simply saying the right words, such as…

Personalities are more than abnormal; they are in need of psychiatric care and removal.  This level of AI is abusive.

Back to the stroke.  Why use such a word?  Is it due to my favorite herb, discovered later in life and celebrated solely; set apart and loved so vastly for its flavor, style, and strength?  Wouldn’t it be nice if it were connected to an area of the brain or mind that controlled the taste of my delicious spaghetti recipe or the person who is responsible for it, so who the fuck is Basil and why did he throw me a gang of lias?

By Savvy