This is a difficult subject for me simply because I know gentlemen that share the name of Sir Isaac Newton and I tend to get caught up trying to use relatively to relate the two or three or four.  For now, I have to use a child-like understanding to recap Newton’s Laws in Physics to help design a cure for human laziness.  One thing that stands clear in my mind is that one of the Newton’s was obese and lazy, while the other one was tall and skinny – helping only somewhat to understand the law of motion in mass and acceleration.  My goal is not to explain why it takes certain people longer to move, but more so to understand why this is so important in physics and how it works with mind control.  It’s easily understood that I cannot physically control an obese or extremely taller man since laws of physics prevent this, but there is something beyond this.

Can we find a cure for laziness in command and control using only Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion:  The simple answer is no; but it is important when looking at cause and effect, limiters, and forces behind the lack of movement in an area and can be used in conjunction with the movement of mental energy.  Perhaps one day I can force the house to be cleaned with just my thoughts – I need people to do that don’t I?

  1. Law of Motion – or the Law of Inertia.  Objects are stopped by resistance of air or other things.  People are resistant because of inertia or other reasons such as fear or rebellion.  How can these invisible forces be overcome to achieve individual and collective cooperation?
  2. Newton’s Second law states that the rate of change of momentum of an object is directly proportional to the unbalanced force in the direction of force.
  3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If we are a group of active, energetic, and happy minds and bodies, then there is an equal and opposite group?

If everyone is different, of different mass, beauty, intellect, energy, and believed or perceived power and idea of cleanliness, then how can to objects (being people) be comparative in physical, emotional, or mental action and reaction?  They are on different scales, so there must be another factor that creates or orders the force or one must accept it is not achievable without verbal or physical force; nonsense.

What is that factor?  The FORCE factor.  There can be many forces in play, such as mental force, gravity, a person or thing – regarded as exerting power or influence.  The do-it-yourself method no longer works, so something has to give in order to achieve the result; do it yourself or adapt to a dirty and lazy household.

It is no longer a matter of he or she is bigger or faster than me by the measurement of weight and speed alone, unless we compete in the speed and heaviness of thought; one must consider cause and effect of the whole; how one feels – “uneasiness or discontent” as compared to the task and purpose.

One might feel uneasy or discontent with getting up and cleaning, while the other thirsts and requires it to be done in an orderly fashion, daily, and can only do so much for her/himself; therefore requires some collective force to drive the non-cooperates to operate on the same task based physical or mental level of cleanliness and order.  The larger person used to win because they could exert physical power over the smaller one in command, or use an abusive tactic to achieve their goal, but in the rightness of the task, the smaller one wins because it is the order and the correct thing to do, not to mention an established and agreed upon rule of the house.

How can I push a group of people to change their old habits that are deeply ingrained?  How can I ask an obese, lazy, mentally debilitated person to clean house without asking, without exertion of verbal power, threat, or visible force?

I need an invisible and secret force to cause a person to move or to want to complete a task.  They know it is their task and they are responsible for it and attempt to complete it, but it is not to the same standard of the group – therefore it is unacceptable.  A cause of force by an influencer is required, but she/he too is lazy.

One might consider creating a chain reaction, where one completes the task and causes its others to follow in suit of equal or greater strength in activity and category, but what about the equal and opposite reaction?  Why does an opposite have to occur?




By Savvy