The brain is an amazing big fat piece of tissue, we don’t fully understand.  In fact, as I study it closer, surveying the subject from several notable universities, I’m glad they are at least saying the same thing, for the most part.

I’m studying the Neuron Firing System closely and have only learned the basics structure of a neuron and have been told there are over a billion neurons in the brain and now learned there is a 1:1 ratio of cells called ‘glias’.  Scientist explain it as cells that send messages to other neurons (OR NERVES) throughout the body in the Central & Peripheral Nervous System.

I have yet to find doctrine that clearly states the purpose of the Central Nervous System, other than the creation of hormones – and I am not an idiot; in fact, I’m very intelligent and am embarrassed by this lack of intelligent explanation about these messengers and their many responsibilities and purposes.  For example:  Emotions, Feelings, Motor Abilities, Thinking, Perceiving, Preparing, and Judging.  Perhaps, that can be better explained in the Psychology Department, but even they too seem subjective, based on their personal ‘unskilled’ assessment, with an occasional professional new word which requires 8 hours of research and explanation to find the root cause, purpose, and activity within the system.

Parts of the ‘brainwave’ makes sense in terms of how the electrical part is measured, but it is by no means comparative to the hard system of electricity; although it is a similar concept.  They have the NERVE to tell me Neurons are measured individually to determine ‘excitability’ and action potential and they claim to have technology that measures these.  A billion neurons seriously?  There can’t be a billion ACTIVE firing neurons at any given time because we don’t have a system that could monitor and measure every neuron’s activity, unless we find a way to correlate the brain storage to the computer’s storage, memory, and processing system.

It benefits us to review the design of the basic computer and plans for the future, before we continue to let the “Brain Scientist’s” operate in an ‘unknown’ fashion.  Brain Scan imagery can show tumors and clear/visible brain defects or damage, such as a tumor or growth, but they can’t currently explain functions of emotions, thought patterns, behavior, and changes in motor skills to properly diagnose and treat various diseases.

So far, they’ve only explained the creation of hormones and the Physiology class has only explained the process of moving Sodium and Calcium, but fails to explain how those move throughout the body and their day to day purpose and operation.

Is it because they truly don’t know or is our Education System seriously broke?  We are talking about prestigious universities like Duke, MIT, and other universities and I truly don’t believe I have to know everything about Physics and Chemistry to understand functions of a brain, especially if you start off by telling me it has an Electrical System, without explaining SOFT Tissue and how soft tissue has MEMORY, at least not without a diagram that makes sense to the knowledgeable Technologist.

By Savvy