TRANSFORM ALL NEGATIVES TO A POSITIVE FOR A NEGATIVE TEST RESULT; Positive for A+ Genetic Mutation w/o Harm to The Doctor.

Blow a God-Damn World Wide Transformer?

What is a communicable disease?  A communicable disease is one that is spread from one person to another through a variety of ways that include: contact with blood and bodily fluids; breathing in an airborne virus; or by being bitten by an insect.

We’re dealing with an airborne virus which has been known to cause severe discontent, unnatural, and abnormal psychological, but also severe physiological effects, causing otherwise healthy individuals to suffer suicidal thoughts.  Because the source of the virus cannot be captured and quarantined, there is no current available cure.  It has not yet been classified as an bloodborne pathogen, but it has pathogenic characteristics where bio-hazardous materials spread through communication centers of the brain, causing severe levels of negative and abusive behavior, aggression, leading many of its victims begging for a cure or immediate death for relief.  It has not been narrowed down to a specific bloodline or type and the virus is non-discriminatory in its attacks.  The attacks are intermittent, yet timely and inconsistent.

Characteristics of the Disease:
Cloning of Antagonistic, Unnecessarily and Extremely Defensive without Cause, Negative Combative Behaviors/Actions arise against Positive Feedback/Insight into the Genetic Mutation where the residential positive person presenting actionable cures and evidence of the the sickness itself is experiencing internal negative reactions, attempting to remain alive and the antagonistic, unnecessarily defensive, and abusive patients seem to be responding negatively using direct verbal abusive tactics in response to healthy attempts.  Patients with extreme levels of the disease display schizophrenic, semi-connected responses to positive stimuli; showing a higher degree of negative reactions.  The OCD patients illness has progressed to include negative reaction and ‘policing’ type behaviors, using cameras to capture minor residential deficiencies related to ‘household dirt,’ which would be considered at a level of acceptable to an otherwise healthy patient.

Two patients have been explained Genetic Mutation and Potential “Genetic Relation” in gene selection but don’t fully understand it.  Observer doesn’t yet fully understand which genes have been cloned and cannot dissect the sickness, but observes common characteristics displayed as “necessity to communicate personal discontent” causing the observer and sounding board to experience unnecessary negative feelings and disgust.

Abusive and Antagonism Behavior has been displayed in both the schizophrenic patient, as well as the OCD patient, directed towards their roommates.  The OCD Patient in an attempt to ‘cleanse’ their environment, using bleach, extreme levels of heat, and excessive levels of monitoring and complaints of other behaviors without a clearly stated goal or attempt at problem solving with others in the home.  The ‘complaint’ behavior is manifesting to a higher level in others as well, where Patient A complains about Patient B and Patient B complains about Patient C and D.  Bipolar I patient is on a constant path of negative ‘complaint’ path as well and consistently complains about the behaviors of each member of the household, offering gifts to make up for their disruptive and psychologically abusive behaviors (both E&I).  Three of the 9 patients smoke marijuana, and Four of the 9 smoke tobacco and only 1 patient (the writer) drinks alcohol.  Three of the 9 patients outwardly claim to be religious, while Patient A (Extreme) uses abusive profanities and vulgarities while Bipolar I patient cannot have a mature discussion about Abnormal Psychology, i.e. reports on the news of Child Rape, and she is unable and unwilling to watch Rated R movies which include sex; Extreme Aversion, reported past sexual trauma; currently enrolled in community colleges for Art & Psychology.  She is unwilling to discuss her education activities with her roommate and is guarded when asked to view her course handouts by another Advanced Psychology Student (DUKE/Georgia Tech MOOC).  Bipolar I patient identifies ‘condescending’ terminology with improper use and shuts down, using self-harming/self limiting statements “I am not smart at all” used improperly and untimely, with an improper assumption her education is being tested or psychology is being judged.  Bipolar I has genetic characteristics of another (classified-KW).  She believes she will never be able to stop taking medication and is scare to try.  She is divorced, but receives emotional and financial support from her ex-husband and is also on probation for breaking and entering.  Also cannot and is unwilling to attend a ‘group meeting.’  Has otherwise High Energy and displays child like movements of ‘staring’ and excessive periods of child-like hyperactivity.  Artwork is limited to 1 Religious Symbol and an excessive ‘potential – obsession’ to dragonflies, and child-like scribbling.

Patient F displayed abnormal and combative behavior during a 10 minute political debate when one patient disagreed that each person deserves their own home; was able to agree to disagree, but sought immediate political debate with a new tenant within a week.  She later suffered an unknown (potentially falsely reported heart attack where she was unsure she would make it through the night.  Patient X used an unfamiliar term, leading to believe the members of the home she was on a life support system and would not likely make it through the night and reports stated Patient X was once a Practicing Nurse.  Patient X uses mild verbal abuse against Patient F consistently.  They have been ‘friends’ for more than 20 years and share the same room.  Patient X performs in a ‘caregiving’ and abusive/controlling ‘motherly’ fashion to Patient F who is morbidly obese, cannot walk without a walker whose latest disease and diagnosis is unknown.  Patient F claims to have been a “social worker” of 20 years and also claims to be “the house manager” and attempts to mildly exert authority over others; personal agenda unknown, other than to make up for deficiencies in her current unhappy/abusive and unnecessarily controlling relationship.  She is pursuing courses in Criminal Justice on a Pell Grant.   High decibels of “Black Television” and cultural display of inferiority/superiority.

Common Characteristics:
Some religious statements are being repeated “I don’t judge people;” “I just need to vent”; no self problem solving skills or actions present.  Replication beyond relativity.  Abusive/Controlling.

Only 2 patients are open and receptive to communication of their sickness; others closed and or observer/listener unwilling to take on more patients.

Severe imbalances in power/control verbal/non-verbal/assumed/imagined levels of authority.

By Savvy