How else on Earth are we going to manage human energy transformation without such a device.  Ideally, we’d be able to go device less because it’s easier to walk, run, engage, conceptualize, and be creative without being monitored, but I can’t stress how valuable they are in allowing for the collection of information such as expendable energy in many categories like physical activity, thought, action, reaction, and the advancement or possibility of a collective conscious and group energy.  Imagine a group of marathon runners powering a Navy Ship or providing enough energy to power a city?  It’s simply energy transformation.  Imagine a group of positive thinkers and inventors driving the next century of automated engineering?  Imagine a group of healthy runners and weight lifters creating the amount of positive healthy ions necessary for clean air or cell transformation for the cure of cancer?  Beyond just lying to ourselves until it becomes reality, but truly making such an idea a reality; we have the technology; let’s do it.

Let’s stop worrying about Robots controlling the world, but perhaps creating a perfect self by using one; imagine one being your perfect self; flawless – in another realm, perfect in all knowledge, power, and skill with endless life.  She gathers intelligence necessary to improve her living body, in a race against the clock and financial limitations of a perfect ageless existence; a dream I’ve had for many years.  She’s your perfect beautiful self and her job is to improve your human body and her job is to improve her capabilities to a point of unlimited power, potential, perfect health, and potential world domination for her pleasure.

So what is beyond the Fit Bit besides personal satisfaction in health tracking.  Whoopdie do; I know how many steps I took and now I know how much calories I burned, but now I have the Medical Community telling me there’s another genetic reason I can’t lose weight or get fit.  Great, it’s also a GPS Locator, a personnel management tool, an intelligent solution to force us up off our lazy butts?  To help us communicate without being face to face or to talk on the phone while on a jog?  There’s so much capability; how you feel, the results, the positive and negative energy generated while on a run; and potential for motivation from others while on a run, like a voice, or the recycling of other’s unused or usable energy to run faster than a speeding bullet; or access to ambulatory services when needed.  How about if she manages my visuals, inputs, and outputs, my memories, creating new ones, deleting harmful ones, and ordering the clean up and improvement of the world around her.  Kinetic Intuit Smart Solutions; KISS — Mind Reading Mechanism to provide the most Intuitive Smart Active Action/Reaction to create syncronistic and organized events; to reduce laziness, promote peace, positive interactions, increase production, maximize potential, spark and grow intelligence, and a mechanism that provides a historical view of growth, method of monitoring and implementation (like a brain) that is controlled by someone smarter, stronger, and healthier than you, with your and society’s best interest in mind.

What is beyond this besides Insight, Convenience, and Enjoyment – Personal and Collective Health Improvements; Power and Energy Maximization — PERFECTION.


By Savvy