Science Technology Engineering Management in a bio-cellular fashion.  Who’s your favorite?  I’m hearing to be equal and not play favorites, but in Engineering and Biology, you should go with your favorite.  It’s just a fact, unless your favorite is detrimental to your own health and safety.  Sometimes you’ve just gotta see it and experience it for yourself.  Sometimes mistakes are made, but the outcome should be a lesson or something beautiful.  I guess the world can never be a perfect place as long as we just keep on saying “we’re only human” and rationalizing our imperfections and not striving for greatness, fully admitting our faults, and shortcomings.  I’ll admit mine, I don’t get the full calculation or formula of a perfectly balanced cellular structure, but at least I know my phone number and how to use it.  What I truly don’t get is the purpose of naming technology after our body functions and parts and not treating both equally or similarly.

I love you back said my Sensor on my computer.  You are my best asset and my friend, even if I’m missing some important software, you still get the job done and done right.

Can my Spreadsheet just count red blood cells and white blood cells if I ask it to?  I think so, if your Bios is/are correct. 🙂

By Savvy