Personally, I hate the recruiting process.  It was at one point said to be ready to become completely computerized for system matching where the computer determines the best fit, narrowing down qualified applicants.  I found this to be tough way to sift through people, but useful; I approved of the effort, as some basic hard and fast qualifications can be electronically determined; what cannot are the personalities of the professions, although they have tried, they are indeed situational, on both sides of the equation from employer, recruiter, applicant, and whatever other person is in the chain of command.  Historically, it was sort of a humbling process, when in a position of desperation, where the employer held the keys to your success; but times have changed, especially after a War; cyber, korean, or other dumb ass region that wants to instill beggary, slavery, and waste precious time, money, and talents, using weapons like sound of speech, use of words, arrhythmic delivery, and perceived beauty.  Some people just fucking rub me the wrong way.

You might glean a hint of racism, which was never the case at the onset.  It was never the case until United States Leaders made it the case in starting wars against places like Korea, or wars like the Civil War.  For me, I give everyone a fair shake unless I have personal evidence that proves otherwise.  In a decent world, the color of our skin or the box we check in “ethnicity” was never of importance until it seemed to have become of the utmost importance and arrogance took hold, in myself and in others.  I am by no means a white supremacist; and found those folks to be uneducated, lacking in true purpose, and limited in the frame of mind; I am more of believer that everyone has an opportunity to stand out in their race and what irritates me most are the ones that fight and then are given a position of power and choose to abuse it; doing what they said they’d never do; just like me; I said I’d never boil the issue down to race; and honestly it’s not, but I personally cannot seem to separate the two when a problem arises.  My stance has to be explained because without doing so, one might misread; misconstrue and go on the defensive.

Even an entire system of bringing someone on board can be computerized, especially with the use of photo matching, surveillance, social media and other means; but so much is lost in that process, especially when your own system(s) turn against you;  Fuck it; throw in the towel because I am a fucking human and I get angry, mad, sad, happy, and go into things with excitement, reservation, concern, but rarely with ill will toward a company; most don’t.  Have you built and programmed one yourself?  If no, then step the fuck back and get out of my way or lets figure it out together because I believe everyone has some form of strength and nothing is truly equal; if we were, then I’d be as strong as the last guy I met; or as cute and as good at his job as he is.

Lately, I’m so pissed off, I cannot speak professionally about the poor efforts I’ve seen; they’ve acted as children, criminally, falsely claiming to be people, places, and entities they are not, doing work they are clearly not qualified to do and in acting, this works, and in theory; the idea is to act the part until it becomes second nature; to think with an aspiring mind rather than of your skills being questioned; personally, I’m far past trying to please a lesser individual and idiots standing in the way of good business, opportunity, and earning which has forced me into wanting to kill myself and I hate the word hopelessness; especially since a bitch in my past tried to put those words in my mouth in dirty court of law, but it seems it is in fact, hopeless.  I’d like to think it’s not a disaster that cannot be fixed, as surely as I believe there must be some company or entity out there that understands me, my worth, my life’s work, beyond a job title, task order, or fucking questionnaire and someone that doesn’t fucking piss me off.

She sounds Mad.

These are dirty terrorists and will be removed from my planet.  Just know, I’m plagued by past trauma’s, wars, and abuses; just like the African American Community; just like any other community where the world was given to them and then ripped away only to be treated like a criminal for disagreeing.

I answered a CYBER COM ad and found a dirty woman African Veteran Owned business woman operating with what sounded like a passive little 20 year at the wheel of qualifying and disqualifying applicants – sounds like a dirty Korean and Fat ass EA, hiding behind a pregnancy law after my Navy Enlistment.  If it were me, indeed, I am capable, but anyone else can go take a huge flying leap into the Black Hole where this African is sheltered since she’s a fake.  I’ll be dammed if I’m going to let an EA, a Foreign Recruiter, or anyone else question me on how good or not so good I am at in my past and then insult me with a low ball offer; Fuck off.

It started with “we find that you don’t meet our qualifications.”  Oh, what are those specific qualifications.  They are such in such certifications – DOD Qualifications.  Oh, well if you were Computer Systems Cyber Communications Professional, you’d be able to do computer matching and save me the time and trouble, but instead, you waste my precious time in responding to an application and then decide to call me out on my professionalism, not knowing how many unqualified dirty professionals I’ve had to deal with and think hard and fast on how to take them out of business for terrible and false practices as well UNINTELLIGENCE.

While manufacturing Intelligence is possible, it’s a fucking slap in the face to those who worked years and continue to work in obtaining, maintaining, and growing it; especially when the door is closed by what sounds to be a soft spoken little blond teenager and nappy haired Afro.  Okay, so we all have bad hair days, but since when did a Nappy Hair Negro come up in the world of Cyber Com to run a Florida Based Agency running Cyber Com contracts?  Since the Media Manager said a Black Person should run the Nation because she looks and sounds professional in a snippet and marched in some severely Racist fashion?  Yes, I may sound what you call racist, but I am a realist.  I’m not suggesting they go back to picking cotton and worshipping Oprah and whatever latest sick man begging for equality is, but honestly, enough.  Dark Media is sick and no matter how hard you try to put an Afro and Whitey together, there will be a fucking fight and if you place a woman on Military Contracts, there will be pissing matches, cussing, and a bit of unprofessional-ism that goes along with Afros and others drawing up their weapons trying to be someone or something they are not; and yes, maybe they aspire to be, and some are indeed great; but not everyone.  Most irritating, she’s using my old words and style of communication, as if I gave her authorization to learn from me and follow my rules only to later try to slam the door in my face when I’m in need.  Some even try to say they relate through location, personal or professional experience and then you realize they are sick little statements inserted to fucking purposely piss you off.

Dirty fucking Clones that make you want to fucking puke.

The second dirty company, posing as a Defense Contractor insulted my intelligence by trying to employ me as a receptionist/calendar of multiple executives; Zero to Fuck You in 30 seconds.  He was a white man, perceived as slow, fat, and lazy.

Everyone has their weaknesses and I thought I have Freedom of Speech.  Yeah, so maybe I won’t get the job by being straightforward and honest, but I can’t just stand back and let a retard drive the whole country into the dirt.

Another option; just let go and let them play their dirty cyber games.  Let it go and let people ruin my every attempt to rebuild my life and my perception.  Rebuild without them and heal from it; or better yet; don’t let these freaks eat at you; know thyself and yes, forget what other people think for a minute; an occasional F bomb is not going to destroy the World.

By Savvy