I was just getting out of the military, finishing up my college degree, breaking up with my boyfriend, and moved into my own place.  It was the first time I’d lived alone in 6 years, getting a new job in the civilian world and living life in my 20s.  I was taking a class on Criminal Profiling, learning the signs of a serial murderer, and all of the things to look for, so naturally, I was on alert living by myself.  Within days of moving in, my neighbor came by to introduce himself and offered to share his internet connection as he’d done with the previous resident.  I gladly took him up on his offer.  He said he lived alone, frequently visited his Mom and worked odd jobs.  I got a creepy feeling from him, especially when I saw his Colt loaded with newspapers; clearly a hoarder stuck to his mother without purpose.  When I connected to his computer, I browsed his files and found some Severely Sadistic Material.  There was violent pornography depicting women being beaten during sex acts.  I didn’t look much further and disconnected the Internet.  Within days, I’d received another job offer with a Major Defense Contractor.  I gave my notice and moved back in with my boyfriend to stay financially stable and safe.

I look back often wondering if my own study materials caused this encounter with this man or affected my reaction toward his digital content.  I’m certain I would’ve still reacted in fear and disgust, but would I have assumed he was capable of murder because he fit the profile?  Would I have moved or dismissed it without my formal education?  I have no answers to this day about that man, the Internet Files, or his potential of raping and murdering me or the coincidence that his vehicle was similar to my Uncle’s vehicle from when I was a child.  Looking back, we did have a town murderer who combined his sex acts with his victims, but did not publicize his work on the Internet, and I remember being grateful I was not personally involved with him or threatened when that murderer came to my home to take my uncles to work back in the day.

File sharing is still scary since you never know what you’ll get.  The title may say one thing, but you may get a collection of women being brutally murdered, animal sex, and abuse, or you may get the file you expected.

By Savvy