This is a short comparison of the Neurological Firing System and the Computer Intrusion Protection called the “Firewall.”  It briefly discusses the functions of Neurotransmitters and the Synapse.

In computers, the firewall protects from intrusions, or other computers or users stealing resources or information.  It relates to the Brain by the use of its terminology – LOGICAL Firing.  A Neuron (or moron) fires off signals or messages to the Synapse and it travels along the Neuropathway to create a train of thought or action, similar to how the computer sends messages and signals along a network or other computer(s).

The Lombardi Teamworks Application was acquired by IBM in the early 2000s.  It automated processes using firing and stop methods to stop and check status, gather more information, to complete a process.  It is similar to brain functioning, yet different because Brain Scientists explain the chemistry and mystery starting with a cell and ending with an action or non-action.  In computers, it doesn’t often start with a cell (or perhaps it did), but outputs the findings in cells at certain points in the process.  Perhaps this is a necessary differentiation to distinguish a Human System from a Computer System or as close as we’ll get in understanding the similarities in design.

The NEURONS use a firing system to protect the human mind and body, by creating internal messages to combat external messages, situations, or environmental conditions.  It sends signals to reduce doubt, rationality, and sometimes lies in situation where the human desires to create a better reality or is just completely unware of themselves.

The FIREWALL relates to the Human Body in the term of “Wall” and can be used to understand why people block thoughts, guard themselves, and also use the Abdominal Wall to make gut reactions or decisions.  It indicates we have a system where thoughts and feelings arise to protect because of past hurts or bad decisions.  The “wall” also relates to music by Pink Floyd where he sings about Mind Control – “We don’t need no education; We don’t need no thoughts control.”

In the beginning, I did not use a recommended firewall.  I felt if a virus would enter, the scanner would block it automatically, as this was it’s purpose.  The FIREWALL blocks the virus so it doesn’t not damage the Core System or Applications.  The virus scanner in biology is the Auto-Immune System, made up of White and Red Blood Cells.  It does not have an Terminology correlation; other than the two letter system called the “IM” or Instant Message.  It relates to the Human Mind or brain to determine Identity and helps to connect with feelings.  IMs or “TEXT” messages serve as a means to contact someone immediately, but in our world, IMs don’t fight off viruses; the Virus Scanner does that through it’s own Instant Message System.  If the brain had a firewall, it could block Brain Diseases and negative/harmful functions or actions and in some ways it does, as long as the Brain knows the potential for harm.

What is a Neuron?  A neuron is a brain cell or defined as an Electrically Excitable Cell that receives, processes, and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals.  Signaling occurs through the “specialized connections” called the synapses.

How does the Neurological Firing System relate to the Firewall?  It has the component of firing off signals OR Messages to block processes or start processes; just as the Firewall does.  A firewall asks the user if they want to allow other programs to enter and make changes and the user often says yes or no depending upon trust and reputation, but often times, these decisions are made uninformed; just like a new situation.

Have you ever seen an infant shake his head no and wonder where he picked that up?  He smiles as he does it because he knows he’s saying no, when his mommy wants him to say yes or WHATEVER other reason!  It’s still a mystery, but he’s demonstrating he has a sarcastic, fun personality and instinctively knows how to make Mommy laugh.

If the computer had a better virus scanning system and the Auto Immune System operated in a similar fashion, we would better understand how to combat Colds, Flues, and the AIDS Virus.


Lets decode this diagram.  Sure, okay.

Actually, this diagram is laughable.  In Brain Science or Neurology, scientists began their teachings about the Neurotransmitter traveling to the Synapse where it then travels down along a pathway; millions of neurons fire everyday, some on a well known and distinct path, others following a learning pattern.  This diagram shows multiple Synapses, one at the top and one at the bottom; it is unknown how many neurons there are, as well as how many synapses or if a single cell (neuron) can be measured using time, weight, or speed to the connector.  It’s also unknown how many thoughts you had per day, how much energy was expended or how many problems were solved or avoided, as well as the charge being sent by the transmitter without being connected to a Medical Device.  Everyone is different, therefore Medicine remains a field of Practice and Research.  The only real thing that can be evaluated are feelings as compared to a humans past health as well as their awareness of those feelings.

Misfiring of the Neurons or Neurotransmitters cause wrong thoughts, patterns, distraction, bad moods and sometimes even physical damage because the neurons manage the serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, just as the misfiring of a weapon with carbons and other harmful elements.  It affects the chemical and electrical system in the brain, either positively or negatively.  Serotonin and Dopamine are brain chemicals responsible for managing mood and energy and levels change by your environment, your food, and supplements or MAOI Inhibitors or SSRIs.

So, what science is saying is that there is a Chemical Component and Electrical Component to the Brain, much like Life as a whole consists of chemical and electrical systems.  How they compare in terms of design would require one to know and understand how electricity is generated, how it travels, and how it affects others.  I know I don’t have wires in my brain, but we do often refer to our minds as being “hard wired” for success, wired up with a substance, or we have our wires crossed.  We also refer to our brains ability to understand as a “disconnect” or our inability to reach someone with understand to reach relativity and empathy.  It is unclear as to the order of importance between the Electrical and Chemical Component and if one is the cause or effect of another.  We are sometimes “Shocked” by touching objects and other people and can be electrocuted when handling such external materials improperly.  These terms closely relate to the computer in the electrical circuits and wires we run along the “Walls” to our Visual and Sound Devices.  Clearly the brain is made up of soft tissue and other materials like fiber optics, but not using copper wiring or plastics.  Since the terminology and design is so closely related, you can easily believe our bodies have traces of these chemicals that make up metals and plastics, but not similar to a Hard Computer System.

Could it be we have merged our theory on Brain Science with the design of a computer?  I don’t have electrical nodes in my brain.

I have no clue what the chemical equation for Serotonin and Dopamine is, but I am told they travel up the Synapse through the Reuptake Inhibitor and the basic terminology infers it manages inhibitions and its works on a cycle.

The terminology relates closely to Alcohol Depressants and Other Chemical Stimulates; often referred to as “Dope” and we clearly understand those substances change behavior and affect Pleasure and Pain, perhaps due to other chemical reactions taking place in the Spine, Speech, Heart, Brain, and Limbs.


By Savvy

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