It is with great pleasure we formally recommend Ms. Spacegirl for enrollment to the [Masters Program] at [School]. Her resume, nor any short award write up, or simple examination can convey how vast her intelligence spans or the value of her as an asset.  Having personally worked with Ms. SPACEGIRL over many years on advanced Department of Defense programs, we’ve found her to be a highly valuable, dedicated and motivated Entrepreneur, outstanding in many disciplines. Standing out as owner of S3 CORP, a limited liability corporation, she worked with SPACE GIRL, Incorporated, et. al and introduced both the “Micro & Macro Comparative Concept” to review “Toy Connectedness” and recognize the decline in education and tasked them to review how toys, music, nationalities, and playtime formed beliefs which created lasting world impacts from Assembly to Destruction, to War and Peace; from Economic underutilization to under and over development, to create mass weight structures for learning and evaluation in both Electronics and Human Decision Making and Communications.  Findings: Nothing concrete was ever proven accept for a severe decline in her passion for learning and living. She was healthy, but exposed to an unhealthy level of racial sickness, crime, and high number of mental health disorders which caused a massive decline in her personal health, love: aka. Personal Happiness to the point of numerous and consistent Suicidal Thoughts, External Abuse, Weight Gain, and other sickness, consistent with the medical reports: She believed her mind could combat side effects, but the TV subliminal messaging and bad environments won the battle.


The nerve center of her study:  
Environmental Effects:
Brain to Brain and Brain to Computer Communications; Body Analysis in Nuclear Science.  (B2C & B2B Advertising); effects of Feelings (Right and Left/Wrong and Right; Decision Point Captures and Change); Neurological Effects of TV, Talk, and Tension. People:  Effects of removing contagions and sick people from the environment. Results & Findings: Ugliness, Greed, and Hatred cannot be cured without numbers and true statistics.  

She has specialized skills in critical thinking, reinforcements, and a generalized anxiety disorder with a non-neuropathological and non-nervous diagnosis necessary to further the research and advancement in Medical Technologies, as well as an ability to work Mergers and Acquisitions using the Purposeful Alphabetical Tools that provide Positive Action on a minischool (minuscule) thought level, using Einstein concepts.  “Words have just as much meaning as individual letters and carry as just much weight as the height of her awareness” & “At the Height of her Career” were reviewed and for a PAT on the back, she acrimoniously developed Macro-Economics (ME) determinants and detectables on how her mental mastery has contributed to Self and America’s devastating disaster finding Considerable, Communicable, and Commendable Results, but problems with Authenticity, Awareness, and Advancements.  When two objects or Nouns agree for forced speech and acceptance, beyond just words, a Departmental Study of Inner Thoughts to Outer Space was formed with NASA Recommendations to Align beliefs with Actions, until they overdosed her on Religion and inhumane programming and environmental toxins.

Her Achievements, Attitudes, and Actions are not Always Academically Awarded as you may see (with 6As).  Sheri systematically separated seriousness, sarcasm, and societal structures to tactfully terrorize, train, and transfer information in Intuitive, Intelligent, and Innovative (4Is) where I=Incomplete in Integers, by working with wisdom, wonder, welfare and wealth while welcoming World Wide War (10Ws) where W=Withdrawn, and change to incorporate consolidation collectively, reducing racism, radical change, and reward. Equating Happiness to Psychological Conditioning on a Macro Level to Force Actions and Belief; We aren’t and will never be equal and the necessity of being okay with that ruling for the greater good of the World.  Coordinating with certain corporations, she identified a global position for professional mind processing called Judicious Global Participation System for repetition, reports, and rewards of judgement, capability, and controls for care and concern.


She advanced academics automatically and autonomously using advanced artistic abilities (4AT) and terrifying, talkative talent to reduce reward, retardation, retaliation, and retail spending (3T4S1 =8TS) to go back and forward in time and talent weighing cost and detriment; an AWESOME FUNDaMENTAL Economical eValuation and Reward System to Revolutionize Rationalizations and Restriction.  A FUN nuClear Reactor. Using an OU/IU strategy and the United Nations for Accountancy, she equated debt and taxation to disaster and terrorism, determining class warfare conduct.  She terribly tolerated the mentally ill, disturbed, and criminal collective set of (UN)successful students and found few friends for fundamental fascinations when she found them lying and lazy, but celebrate the art in the collective communication, proving the String Theory (or multiplication without reward).  The art of watching, listening, learning and doing could change counter-intelligence for the collective but it would be counter-intuitive to cooperation of all persons, affecting group consciousness and value.


Participation Preparation of Professionals Properly Premeditated and Predicted only operationalized non-surgical Intellectual Advancement in Ownerships where powerful surges in thoughts, ideas, and actions resulted with award-winning athleticism and altruism. By alternating starts and stops, she alleviated addiction, abuse, and abbreviated doctrines, disciplines and even disciples.  She boldly bought beauty and brightness in basic biology beliefs and bargains because Brain Waves Technologies were her major investment. She found 3B can be bettered and battered by standardized separation of senses and senseless and unaware acts of students IF someone stops selling side effects and starts with subliminal sublingual segregation to select students based on Simple States versus Haptic Habits or Complex States of Irritation vs. Compilation Basis’ for assumptions and overall conclusions of worth, wealth and health improvements.  In laymen’s terms: How can she be happy, earning, and accelerating surrounded by abusive white noise, black operations, and static without statistics?

Unwilling to accept defeat, Sheri became a habitual offender of self-evaluation of relational concepts on a MACRO-Level; How do I affect/effect the world on Channel A&E with action and evaluation of Televised Tracking (TNT) and possibly stock trading?  Better yet, how does she affect her current environmental catastrophe? She’s an excellent Networker, Fashionista, Advisor, and Athlete (ld.) and Heavyweight Champion of the World with World Warfare Games where we scientifically successfully calculated (S2C), with evidence, but it’s done in Secret.  The weight of words and ideas, finding Information and Indecision necessary Counteract Contentions (I2C2) on meeting Eye to Eye and coming to agreements. Errors and Erroneous T-erroristist Trust and Try and vice versa or visa vi and versus Tried and True were judiciously and truthfully tested in her Biometrical contribution to the advancement and new design of the Bio-Rhythmic Tester which integrated Integrity with Intelligence; Ingenuity with Talent and formed IWT teams across the globe to grade future graduates goofy google guides using G-FORCE calculations.  Demographic Differentiation is well understood. Quality and Control with Assurance, Acceptance and if waste is a necessary component to price evaluation and energy consumption with rate hikes and goals; consistent or inconsistent; from all angles and outlets. Her thirst for the answers can be quenched by acceptance and financial independence, but can her brain handle 4 years of research of something or somewhere better? Arts & Letters or the Science Department? She requires numbers and statistical analysis for her studies of Personalities and needs Chemistry to continue.


In periods of abbreviated spelling  and number consistencies, errors and worries, she scene and set the stage for performance.  Using the Legal System of Weighted Words, she Engineered Mind Elevators to go floor by floor to create and weigh fun and futuristic stops and starts of Conversational Rhythms that co-occur with certain stocks and statements, finding functional friction and frivolous fury since frustration was formidable and fundable (8F=). Disabling details demolished diseases and disciplines, doing detriment and damage, yet she continued carefully using safety and stardom as astronomical advantage.  Sheri starred in multiple mysterious man-made movies, and created convincing collages to promote participation and co-morbid diseases. Using the cancelling out method with financial principles of debt management, she uncovered DNA-sequencing deficiencies and delicacies once considered distinguishable and distasteful such as contagious cannibalism and the neuro-firing of norms, transforming the terrifying to terrific, the fear to fascination, the combative to cooperative and the unacceptable to understandable.  


Ms. Sheri Wilson is a genius for her ingenuity in inoculation, interpretation illness of Mind Over Matter, acrimoniously and momentarily mentored macro-economical and comical awareness, achievement, and attitude called (MOM-AMMCAAA).  Asking if my own open mindedness can overcome obstacles or does my external environmental expectations create catastrophe, she determined detriment belongs to those things disregarded or not considered. Environmental Factoring of your thoughts helped to create congruence and acceptance, reward and repetition.  Sheri is set for success, unyielding to failure in an effort to create this cautionary conclusion to consider without confusion:


She is an inventor, a writer, a creator, and a dictator by use of democracy and dialect and it is your honor to accept her actionable authoring addictive study in the psychology of your own ego and the explosive power chain of importance and intellect in theory that this or that or this and that is either given or gained by simple time and attendance or by personal dedication to write or wrong.


Recommendations are SUPPOSED TO BE two pages, but since you asked for two, it shall be her own creative combination of one letter with four pages by two companies for acceptance.  Since she is a system designer and has found a problem with obtaining such letters, she is forced to create her own, just be sure to read her resume and try not to insult her intelligence or necessity to speak in the 3rd person.




By Savvy