It’s quite simple; to get a 30,000 foot view of the World, to see what’s above and beyond the life of the hustle and bustle of driving, sitting at a desk, talking on the phone, learning, and listening to music?  It’s to visit other planets because this one has been destroyed by bad systems, gas guzzlers, hateful people, and bad financial planning.  It’s really to help us navigate the world, to transfer knowledge, to talk, to listen, to emit emotions and more.  It’s necessary to move things from a distance, making the activities on other planets accessible or inaccessible to the common man.  It’s scary.  It’s getting old and it’s pissing me off.

Perhaps to see if you can see the world in a new perspective while floating in space?  To see what lies ahead?  To store valuable information and resources out of reach from the every day citizen so they don’t destroy it, exhaust it, or pollute it.

To see how high you can fly an object and send and receive information?  To hide when the going gets tough.  To kill people?

It costs too much money in gas alone to launch a Rocket with a Satellite.  It costs a ton of money to employ the researchers and engineers to conceive new ways of destroying each other and it costs just as much time and energy to improve problems on earth.  It’s the last resort – destroy it, because we’ve made a mess of it, ourselves, our lives.  It might be a backup system for our thoughts, body’s, brains, in event we go somewhere we can’t survive.  Either way, it’s out of reach.  It’s fucking dangerous.

It’s a transport mechanism to explore the bright light of the moon and other planets.  For me, it’s just a way of getting the Internet and Listing to Music without buying a CD for every artist I love.  It’s a means to hear from others across the world, yet its a source of frustration because the presentation of information is so beautiful in bright white light, but not real on earth.  It’s intangible unless you are a wealthy person.

It’s a fucking catalyst for jealousy, want, and envy.  It’s a mechanism to taut what others have, watching everyone else have a great time, while you die on channel 378.  The content is disgusting and takes place where no law of decency seems to exist; much like the Earth; but that’s a “common” thing in Relativity, whereby you need a CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE TO USE, a connection to view, and heart to throw the shit in the fucking trash.

It’s for your entertainment, but someone is fucking it up, using the wrong characters and situations for time travel.

By Savvy