Enjoy a short (120 page) E-Book on build, buy, or integrate. Reasons why companies acquire companies and technology. Important considerations. Also available in Paperback from Amazon.com

The management of technology is more than just developing, buying, and selling. Not only must it be strategically aligned with company and personal goals, but it must also be done with scientific understanding and ethically motivated decision making, above the goal-oriented strategy technology company seeking high returns, understanding its impact down to the consumer level, user, or a single designer of productivity software. The responsibility of this massive industry requires intelligent integrated governance and oversight of humanity and science, not just as users and developers, but as environmental analysts, sociologists, economists, engineers, and strategists. Technology’s progression and impact has not nearly reached its fullest potential, and many should ask, if because we are an equality and law-based society that we too are also behind, reactionarily managed by cases, code, rules, tools, protection, enforcement, not operating at our greatest potential and are equal or better than our devices? We are in interdependent, yet non-integrated, getting closer to understanding the full power of technology, yet still far behind in our ability to put all ideas into action. Something can’t be bought that isn’t yet available, so ideas are the useless legal premise of virtual physics.