There are several research topics of interest:

The invention of a Brain Database – two way mechanism for memory management with phased planning for external communications, environmental contact, contamination, cause and affect, in a multi-variant test environment using the basis of English writing:  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How – Data collection and daily information management; cloning and biological malfunctioning.

Are we wasting our time with MRI’s or can the personal device advance to home medical devices capable of more than just an internal contrasting image suitable for the prescription of medicine and surgery only? Early Warning System and Alzheimer’s system.


Diagnose the Current PC/Internet System as it works with Human data.

  1. The similarities and differences between Technology and Neurology (or Brain and Computer Science) and the associated systems functions, risks, benefits with existing.
  2. What advances can be made to Imaging Systems in Neurology or Brain Science?
  3. Is the field of Human Anatomy correct in its terminology by the use of European brain systematic naming conventions and what other foreign matter relates economically?
  4. Anatomy and Computer Science terminology associations, comparatives and contrasts as it relates to current imaging technology and what advances can and should be made to combine psychology and biology for technology – imagery advancements and functioning without invasive surgical procedure?
  5. Technology use in transferring, spreading, or sharing of information for intelligence and the importance of accuracy, organization, and systematic creation using databases.
  6. How do all of the questions work together using relativity or com-puterized optimization for daily living or technology for biological emerging systems?
  7. Why do we ‘think’ we’re high tech, when we’re really far behind our potential?



Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol., 30 June 2020
Sec. Biosafety and Biosecurity

Finally, some approaches refer to biorisk management as “coordinated activities to direct and control an organization with regard to biorisk”, i.e., “effect of uncertainty expressed by the combination of the consequences of an event (including changes in circumstances) and the associated ‘likelihood’ of occurrence, where biological material is the source of harm” (ISO, 2019). 

This is related to Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms, but applicable to anything modified where biology and other subjects are combined, especially terminology or ‘germinology’ that creates or prevents the management or false risk, overprotection, disorganization, unawareness, over-doing it, and what is actual possible of those capable within the confines of the current systems and restrictions we’ve placed on ourselves and people and what other restrictions need to be placed to improve environments.


Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol., 30 June 2020, Sec. Biosafety and Biosecurity,

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