How can a 5 minute YouTube Video take so long to upload and be considered too large for a 100GB site where only 5% of space is used up?

Something is not working right, so it took a moment to troubleshoot – with options.

  1. Call the Host and discuss the problem — it says it’s out of storage space, when it’s not.
  2. Consider a better upload or sharing option, such as YouTube since it’s already stored there and a simple file embed is easier.
  3. Use the best option and save yourself from duplication, unnecessary troubleshooting, and wasted time uploading.

Problem Solved!

  1. Find a standard storage place for Videos that are shared online. YouTube is the best.
  2. Share them on your site(s) using the share button – either as a link or as embed code.
  3. Now, you are in two places — on a host and on YouTube where you can be found, videos can be watched, commented on, and shared beyond just your own site.