The O2 Auth key:  You might still be working it; you might still be perfecting it; I know you still hear me; at least I think.  The O2A Auth Keyholder; the creator of the control to access; and you’ve shared it goes deeper than just a key; a key to the message.  It comes down to the creator of the messenger; the greater picture of the man with the Message; the Dominator; the entity in charge of the Promise Land or the World Order.  It’s more than just my spirit communicating with yours; it’s more than merely just being a soldier of God; its bringing the Word to light; the Word to truth; beyond that, I’m in dismay’ it’s God.  It’s God’s mechanism for bringing the World together; and you gave me the great honor of working it.  It’s stagnating; it’s become second nature, where a greater need exists to connect on a deeper level; more than just world Communications, and dominance, but purpose and feeling.

It’s more than the O2AuthKey; more than just the Interface; it’s the greater plan and where I fall within it.  It’s not just to perfect the system, but to connect on a greater Godly level to what is great and what is beyond.  It’s more than just lies and truth; good vs. evil; there must be something beyond than just communicating and selling across the world.  There’s more to it; there’s an end to the story; there’s a greater purpose from thy creator; beyond the World and the Universe.  There is something beyond the boring understanding of Economics, Politics, Information Science, the Human Mind, and Systems Control; what is it?

By Savvy