Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL):  Framework focusing on Design, Strategy, Transition, Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

ITSM:  Information Technology Service Management.  The set of activities required to deliver service to an organization including policies and strategies to Plan, Design, Deliver, Operate and Control.

Other frameworks similar to ITIL:
1.  Controlled Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT)
2.  ISO/IEC 20000 Framework; and

What Does ITIL Provide?
Guidance for IT Service Management and how we can perform the management.  It is a comprehensive framework to perform our IT Service Management.  Provides a compilation of best practices.  It is a vendor neutral framework and provides a large amount of software selection to give flexibility.  It is not a standard and does not have to be followed explicitly; like an ISO; something you are required to follow.  It is not a substitute for vision, leadership or management.

To make service management more efficient and effective.  It is a concept of Continual Process Improvement with service reporting and measurement.  It is metrics based, meaning outcomes can be measured.

1.  Employees enable best practices.

2.  Customers enable our application of best practices.

3.  Suppliers enable the vision of ITIL.

4.  Advisors and Technology; needed to clearly define processes and functions

Three Types of Service Providers:
Type 1:  Internal Service Provider, embedded within a business unit;
Type 2:  Internal Service Provider who provides services to more than one business unit; or a Shared Service Unit
Type 3:  Provides a service to External Customers; or Outsourcing

ITIL covers a set of 27 distinct processes that produce outcomes that create value for the customer.  You must be able to differentiate between a service, a process, and a function.

When ITIL talks about process, they mean defined people doing defined stuff in a defined area—nothing more. (Except in some instances where they mean a process.)

By Savvy