I really don’t understand why Insurance Companies or any Tech company has not come along and created a Home Inventory System, especially for use with the “Internet of Things.”

A home inventory system can help catalog items, assist with finding them, and when connected to the Internet, provide more detail about the items, such as date made, manufacturer data, warranty information, book reviews, song lyrics, price at purchase, price to date, owner, and more.  If I lost my house in a fire, I could know a very close price to what was lost, not counting sentimental value of course.

If I had a product complaint, compliment, or inquiry, I could easily have access to such a system, providing product manufacturers, developers, and business owners with REAL analytical insight on buyer satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and could better develop for what people want and need.  I could listen to my books on audio, rather than read them, or I could find objects and items that could one day be considered ancient artifacts.  I could network my electronics and store my product information in smart places, rather than in minuscule print on the object and deep inside each devices’ application.  I could gain rapid, quick access to product support.  I could understand myself and my families habits better and make changes by a review of “things” and I could use things in different ways.

I could find matching attributes of products, such as my “Blue Flowered Comforter” so I don’t have to spend hours searching the Internet to find matching decor.  If I was really trusting, I could track every item of clothing I’m wearing on any given day, to help color code or avoid the disaster of buying something someone else already has or God forbid, wearing it on the same day.

If I were a business, I could monitor consumption, supply, and demand, creating better products, buying experiences, and saving money by offering new innovative ways of buying and selling products.  I could stock my shelves better, knowing a family loves spaghetti once a week and I could position these products in the store better.  I could interact with my customer, creating a true relationship between buyer and seller.

If I had a home inventory system, connected to my buying channels or even just as something used to budget and remind me; I am a more efficient, more aware, happier consumer.  I could do my taxes better, I could set goals, and allow a system to guide me to those products that will help me fulfill those goals; such as education, career, or personal.  I could monitor my children’s activities, likes, dislikes, and I could reduce unwanted gifts, duplication, and really enable a world where I receive what I want, because I have system to help me learn from the past, the present, and the future.  I could help my children know about their ancestors better and I could create a criminal profile, consumer profile, and I could build a better tax system.  I could provide better insight into the self, the professional, the person, and I could open up a world of better understanding, efficiency, and tracking.

By Savvy