Simple task assignments can be fulfilled, and coding ability demonstrated, but at what risk, loss, or challenge? Understanding the overall use, project, purpose, and end result is more important than proving small coding elements where other solutions function better, more advanced, and offer better outputs, user experience and fulfillment.

Long term focus is better than learning to produce an immediate result; this is not the workplace – this is a learning environment that will be used later in the workplace, but not for a few years.

Planning, Organizing, and Management is critical. It’s not that I am Against the use of JavaScript – it’s better to evaluate the product from several standpoints.

Against the Use of JavaScript Coding to demonstrate a non-useful function – these are decisions made by software engineers, created to ask for purpose, direction, use, and designed to sway against the implementation of small task demonstration, to actual past, current, or future use of JavaScript functionality:  none found.

Writing textual instruction to change an on screen visual, based on values changing on an input form is short, small work, which can grow into large tasks where other applications save time and are more enjoyable, making JavaScript non-desirable, and better for a software developer that must respond to a quick need, with no real appealing visual or purposeful functionality.  Identifying the best tool for such as project is good because it’s an opportunity to show how ‘individual’ page-based code is better for external and other systems, such as an animation product so that it can be stored and reused elsewhere and categorized separately as animation.  It can be easily embedded into HTML systems and used in many places.  If JavaScript code were written for this specific task, then the JavaScript code must be copied and pasted or stored in a separate file, requiring access to the Internet Page and server it is written in, which creates sharing and access control problems.  If developed in an external system, the file can be shared, and even sold for internet wide use, with versioning and change management.  The reason this is important is not just because JavaScript has been previously and often used to create malicious code, but because this approach is better for software functionality and feature management.  If this was code written that could be used by all WordPress or Internet Designers, then it is best to create it using the best management, functional, and visual approach, which is not just to respond to the immediate task or assignment, but for longevity, and compatibility.

While more applications are required to create animations, other products offer a better user experience, takes less time, and produces far better output.  Student assesses future use and applicability, finding no purpose or reason to invest in a test.


The JavaScript code will not be implemented on and a separate system to create this basic animation will not be used.  If the associated book presented a more useful coding task that were of use, it would be attempted, but there is no real application for the book’s task or project example.  The larger, more important task is to see if JavaScript can work with WordPress and to further research and strengthen the position for or against the use of JavaScript with PHP and its use across the Internet, as well as establish and strengthen the position of the use of animation software tools to allow on screen inputs to change the position of text and images.


The tasks can be completed, and projects submitted showing functional JavaScript, but the online system, and preferred system of use, called WordPress, on is used, which is designed to show student research, activities, and outputs.  The software does not function correctly, and it is not easily understood by an experienced designer/coder.  It is also not easily learned and implemented.  While learning the code and using ‘copy/paste’ features works, it does not function on with WordPress, therefore research is required as to what makes JavaScript work with WordPress because it is possible.  The more important task is whether to use JavaScript with WordPress and if another approach works better and produces better output with ease of use at less cost and time to implement.

Completing a small task to prove a person understands how to write code is not how to best teach or learn HTML and JavaScript for one who has already used it.  It is better to analytically review its compatibility with new and preferred HTML systems in a live environment, as well as what is required before just typing in code or pasting it in to expect to produce a live work product or student product.

Grading the Assignment

It is requested that the grade be granted based on student’s completion of the assignment and assessment of the coding selection, being forced, rather than offered a simple compatible option that produces a commonly used result in a live workspace.  Advanced Technology Masters and Doctors are not created to follow exactly what they are told to do; they are created to intellectually evaluate systems, procedures, processes, and find and evaluate alternate routes to completing tasks or achieving the same or better result where time and money is saved, as well as select and use systems that offer the best user experience, understanding differences and preferences.  Tasks are not given to advanced technology professionals without background, reason, and associated product or purpose.  This enables the entire project to be planned where the best software systems are selected in the beginning, subject to addition or change throughout.  The more important learning of the task is to understand code organization, standardization, systems already in use, cost of changing selections, approaches, and final outputs.

Functionality versus non-functional and reasoning.  The code does not work with the selected HTML writer.  There are ways to make it work, and submit the assignment, but this would be another way of forcing another unwanted system called Visual Studio for HTML, the creation of a separate file system, which creates an organizational mess and inability to publicly share student work without significant time and cost investment, simply to prove an understanding of how code is written and executed, which is already well known.  Learning new software is good, but learning new strategies to assess risk, research compatibility, and analyze purpose, intent, and use with a qualified opinion is better.  What is not well known is how it works with the system in use, WordPress, and was tested, and proven, not compatible, nor desired.  It will continue to be tested to ‘make it work’ and alternatives to JavaScript.

Planning, Organizing, and Management is critical. It’s not that I am Against the use of JavaScript – it’s better to evaluate the product from several standpoints.

The findings of the last task are compatibility issues with JavaScript and WordPress.  A simple solution to satisfy the assignment is to use the Visual Studio Code Editor to turn in the assignment, but the long term, goal oriented, Doctor in training chooses to assess existing software functionality, ease of use, and selected software and its associated problems with rapidly inserting code for simplistic functionality to fulfill a single request.  Conflicts exists because of lack of planning, overall project direction, outputs, and results.  Preferred selection versus class requirement to prove simplistic coding is possible, but not useful now or in the future because of experience level, systems in use, methods, and task or assignment level.  Systems that use calculations are never only two variables for on screen only use, therefore planning is essential.  Receiving a passing grade is important, but so is the ability for a professional to stop the project and review the overall purpose, outcome, and entire use of the data for future purposes; if no save procedure is coded, then the code is useless and the data is lost; similar to the learning of the coding task.  A better approach exists, called Database Management where a Web Application is built on top of a Database to store data fields and perform reusable calculations that span site-wide or even across multiple systems, making code management a critical component to software engineering, where JavaScript does not offer the best approach because it’s written on each page or individual site.

Some people become so ineptly forcible that they don’t and won’t accept the word NO – this creates criminals.