Dear Instructor,

CSS Coding is wrong, as is Microsoft’s Visual Studio for the following reasons:

  1. Cascading Style Sheets are good, for some, but not the entire world of programming. In my world, of which you are only a part of for 8 weeks, it is extremely irritating to code textually, especially when I am a visual artist and not a typist that requires a book to ‘retype’ or analyze to conform to a specific company called Microsoft. Artists have already coded and this is a progressive system, not an insurance system or soup, or dishwashing exercise.
  2. CSS was tried in the Anti Trust case and found guilty – period: CSS is not fit for any program, nor is Visual Studio. Color and Font Changes are done with simple plugins called TinyMCE, also known as a “toolbar” which is close to what Microsoft provided in Word, which is also an HTML editor.
  3. A separate Style Sheet requires an unnecessary amount of extra work, proving once again, Microsoft and others still cannot be trusted to manage a school site, develop software or internet systems, or sell their systems successfully because they seek forced conformity, not uniformity or freedom to express their creativity using a different model or “style” and to avoid further harm to the student, it is rightfully decided that the instructor learn a new system, just as they have asked the student – to prove their own programming and styling capability, using an odd form of ‘backwards’ or ‘regression’ systematic failure to prove a horrifying concept that people are not free to restrict the instructor from his personal works and everything he has written and requested to date, regardless if he did not personally write the assignment. The instructor should provide professional guidance and comment on the system and software change choices.
  4. Visual Studio is designed for systems connected to databases that are already well designed and connected. They do not need to ‘redesign’ or ‘start from scratch’ like an HTML header page with an ugly popup box and successful and intelligent instructors already know it is considered incompetent to even ask a student to ‘recreate’ an old task or prove a style coding skill, when its already been found and reported that CSS has been known to cause serious problems in coding systems, as does the complication of externalizing internal data.
  5. Only parts of the assignment will be completed as requested.
  6. HTML coding is rarely used in programming and is mostly copy and paste functions, thanks to the EMBED features and integration of other products called YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites with smarter abilities. While HTML is still good and authorized because it is amazing how the system automatically writes it, aligned with how and what the user selects, as in images, headers, footers, margins, and other features, it still has a ways to go, just as we still have a way to go in the Masters Program.
  7. Learning and mixing old with the new has presented and uncovered a major problem in IT, as well as the Internet. You have your way and I have mine – I choose mine because it works better for me. You can choose yours, but please don’t force or suggest another bad product.
  8. As you see in the featured image, to demonstrate CSS Styling, it chooses a reference document that refers to an animal — enough said. An external link to my cat or old Linksys will also not be provided.

Computer Scientists need to stop ‘designing, developing, and selling bad software.’

Go sailing instead.