My spell checker doesn’t think “Doctorial” is a word; I guess I should learn that before I head out on that path: it’s Doctoral. I’ve been researching programs and pondering a specific area of interest for some time. At the Doctoral level, it’s a lengthy research project to answer a question based on new research or an analytical view or compilation of published research. I wondered about life’s most challenging and inspiring questions. What would I want to study for four or fives years post Masters? I’ve already fed my curiosity and answered basic questions on crime and poverty and have pursued interests in military, computer, and business professions. Obviously there’s more research and information available than I could ever know or read in a lifetime, but what problem do I want to solve and what degree focus will best get me there. I pondered Law, Psychology, and Business Administration. I’ve already talked about society’s limitations and strict requirements for testing and licensing in those fields, which have somewhat deterred me from pursuit.

Why would I want a Juris Doctor? I suppose it’s to become a practicing Attorney? I don’t really like to argue, but I do like to defend, negotiate, research, and prosecute; I even like to Judge. But, I have a criminal record which doesn’t entirely prevent me from pursuit, it just adds more requirements and pleading for acceptance from a committee on top of heavy testing. I really don’t want to or feel the need to ask a committee of legal professionals to help me determine if I have good character and fitness to be an Attorney; I’ve already figured that out performing as my own Pro Per in Family Law and working on some other cases. It’s the structure of law and the Law Library that I love, not the dispute and I don’t like making a living off of someone’s disputes, negligence, criminality, or conflict. There’s also no denying that I like the title, but I also like the title of “Doctor.”

Why not Psychology? I think the presumption is that if you pursue a PsyD, then you intend to become a psychologist; at least I think that’s the Educational design. Again, another field with State Licensing and Testing requirements, allowing no outstanding criminal charges, even if it was guilt by necessity of stealing a candy bar and beer. There is a larger landscape of possibilities in this field: Mental Health, Organizational Psychology, Counseling, and Coaching. My primary question lingers: Can I be an effective, non licensed, doctrate degree holding coach or counselor without a license? In the business world, the answer is yes. I’ve already decided I don’t want to work for a county office or hospital, but the idea of having my own practice is attractive. Could I open one with just a business license? And, if I chose to pursue the PsyD, can I call myself a Doctor without a state license?

More things to research and consider before pursuit.

Should I grow and invest in Savvy Smart Solutions, LLC or should I steer it in another direction?

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