Embedding an Audio file is simple, when the file is published online, using YouTube or other online file manager. Some editors, such as Wix, limits its developers in what file manager they choose to use to publish and share sound, with their selection being SoundCloud. Because SoundCloud is a new audio manager, requiring another subscription, with unwanted advertising and content, the use of it is deterred, but still available to others to use.

Row, Row, Row Your Own Boat

In a perfect world, this would be digitally recorded, with excellent sound, graphics, a cover photo, credits, copyrights, licenses, patents, and a beautiful presentation, stored on a single server, spread across the world and located at the top of the charts on
America’s Top 40 Hit Singles.

Creative designers, developers, and programmers (or whatever creative term you would like to use) have a few options to still bring sound to their creative Wix sites by using other file managers and built in sound systems to play the file.

This creates a limitation for the designer, additional cost, management requirement, and frustration, as does using new software, without a specific domain purchasing plan, to create educational works to fulfill the demands of old programming methods. It’s not worth the cost to invest in either new system, nor is it worth the investment to conform to old methods, what appear to be ‘free systems’ or text based coding. It is still advantageous to see the differences, and understand these are development tools built on monetary software agreements and partnerships, with some better functionality, but limits in other areas, forcing more unwanted contact and advertisement – a common strategy among developers who falsely believe or think advertising is the way to gaining business and repeat customers.

The assignment can still be completed, but it now is a file management problem because there was no purchasing plan set to select specific software, its storage and use policies, as well as its budget and programming plans for completing assignments.

I sound great and my site looks great!!

You should listen to what’s going on in my real life.