These Students Don’t Seem to Care

APA Formatting”

The American Psychological Association calls for a specific format for citing various sources. While it is nice to read references of how students draw their conclusions or provide information, the problem statement is simple.

The format does not match the Internet or any template; it does not match linking cite processes or standards. The two organziations are behind.

  1. This is not a job interview, therefore, there should be no real question as to why this is even in question after this paper has been red.
  2. This paper is not even a paper document; it is a paper due on a set specific date, set by an Unknown, unpublished Doctor: Doctor Stewart, who will also not be questioned in his or her opinion, since the Doctor has stated this is not to include opinion — it obviously does: two words or sightings.
  3. Referential Integrity is important and critical to success, but careless Psychologists most likely have not spent 20 to 30 years in deep study with all of the possible ‘ologies’ there are to really just stop and break bad habits, of which is most important: The points of reference, source, and purpose for not just enabling students of this generation or past generations to write something valuable without hanging on the coat-tails of other Doctors or Distinguished Professionals. Many are certifiably insane, but we are learning more and more everyday how to improve, so there is a chance the APA guidelines will change.
  4. Research is necessary in order to answer questions and find out what actual scientific studies show, but without good research tools, there is no real definite or simple answer as, yes, or no, unless its a Dance Contest, where many people spend years to train and fulfill a lifelong dream.
  5. Research and limiting references is not the right approach. Research is vastly conducted and often harmed online with hackers, information vampires, and people who seek to take a free ride to hurt or disable and establish others because they are incompetent or fail to speak and live meaningful lives. A basic course in psychology is not necessary to understand that, nor is an entire class devoted to how to Cite a reference.
  6. Several questions remain: Formatting Rules, Guidelines, Psychological Basis for even mixing Psychology, Physics, with Technology and calling it Cyber-Netics is of great interest and value, but what forces change to prevent ‘over-exhaustion’ and psychotic behavior in all people, including the Professor’s Writings, Accountability, Listeners, and People or Systems with Abusive and Corrupt Disorders?
  7. Why reference other people’s work when the “Research” skill and ability of proving you can read, listen, correlate, and critically or non-critically review another person using persuasiveness or some other method that also loses its value and interest after having already “been there, done that” and got the grade without lying or copying or misquoting someone else?

Can I quote correctly and rely on WordPress to meet the APA Standard and if not, why have the WC3 and others worked together to standardize to improve writing online?

Shouldn’t they also learn the APA Format and better their Psychology, including disposition of old Information, using Relevance and non-familial or non-familiar topics and challenge themselves on how to quickly remove their abnormal viral problems that caused the pandemic and other systemic issues that continue to abuse students?

Why not read and cite each other, without a free ticket of assumption with utter readiculous sensitivities and incomptent lunatics? Are you going to add up the “RUBRIC” in some odd fashion using questionable judgement?

You already have, just by asking me to do too much in a Research Class where the skills should already be present and proven based on my previous education and other works.

Cite and reference me, if you think you have a valuable opinion and can follow my rules and yes, my rules, standards, and expectations are far different than yours.