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Research Organization

How do I best organize my work so that others can easily read, take action, and reference back to useful work? What is different about publishing on the Internet vs. storing submitted assignments and research notes on my local hard-drive and what good will it do if it is published now? Copying assignments is equivalent to using the Internet as a keyword enabled document storage system, when it could and should be used to supplement research notes, organize thoughts, problems, solutions, and serve as a referenceable system that later leads to a profitable and publishable book that is actually read and used by others.

Honestly, I read my own work and want to pen and ink it continuously, updating, changing, and improving it, but what is the point if now the work is located in 3 different places, 4 formats, with supplemental audio, with linkages and no linkages? It seems like an irritating waste of imperfections that never leave my own house, or is available online with no readers, because ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’ or ‘profit’ has taken center stage or priority over taking time out to read, research, and take action on problem areas — which doesn’t happen because people don’t actually take the time to read and reflect or because they are busy on their own paths to ‘disruption, low quality inventions, deployment of more problem creators and half hearted or minimally helpful solutions.’

Disruptive technologies is an irritating name for shaking up an industry using a major tech change that creates a paradigm shift or huge change in society or life. It’s a negative term comparable to an unwanted pop up advertising system that we did not ask for, most likely do not want or need, and would like to disable or change it if we could. Eruption, Explosion, and sometimes Evolution are similar words, but if we live our lives centered around one word, or series of words, we are sparked by one or more words, which is never a bad thing, especially considering that words are one of the most important things in communication, alongside the unspoken thoughts and feelings that establish our experience. Understanding others is important, but those are matters of psychology – of greater importance are the splits of science and technology, human and machine, separation and combination of many more than just words, but applications, modules, pieces, parts, and how all parts interconnect with the whole and malfunction when disconnected or disorganized.

Reading vs. Listening to audio narration; Conversation vs. Lecture, Written Assignment vs. Audio and Visual Presentation; Writing with and without purpose or action.

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