Bridgette McCoy (claims social justice) was morbidly Obese when we started at V-Wise.  She attended the 3 day conference with Marketing & Advertising organized and led by a Pretty Black Woman who continued to Advertise the Program.  V-WISE was paid for by the US Military for Women Vets to take a 6 week course on Entrepreneurship.  I was so “ignited” to see that many women Veterans in all one place, learning how to become businesswomen.  Back to Bridgette.  When I met her, I thought she was nice, well groomed, but became obese (sorry, I observe these things).  How a Vet becomes obese is beyond me, but I was more interested in what she had to say.  She was interested in “Social Media” and sought to ‘monetize her writings for a cause’.  Since meeting, she claims to have a Masters Degree, but has no evidence or ‘social connection and contact during the journey prove such a life achievement.’   When people, over a 7 year period are engaged in formal education, they share their milestones, ideas, and progress; at least this would be best for the Social Community for students to share what they’re learning or what they’ve accomplished.  It’s called Life Milestones.  Imagine looking back on your papers and topics 7 years from now and saying, wow, how I’ve grown and not refer to your waist line.  While a nice image is helpful and improving your image is also helpful, it’s not everything, especially if you’re claiming to crawl to a Master’s level in Educational Technology, then we expect to see some evidence of that education filter into your social profile and commentary.

Maybe Bridgette just shares her “Racial Feat of Social Justice” every now and then and doesn’t post about her personal or educational activities.   I refused to waste my time on “social justice” because although it sounds nice, the way I see it from my feed is another Black Crusade, in which I personally don’t have time for more racially charged media or movement from someone who fails to share what’s really going on, or perhaps tries to deflect the matter.  #yesgotoschool; #yesstopbeingracist; #womenmatter; #militarymatters; #educationmatters; #socialinfluencematters;  

She posted a video in response to my article.  I congratulated her on her weight loss, but she again, referenced “the Black Women’s Community” stating, you don’t know who you’re messing with; again, showing a violent disposition to public comment and scrutiny.  She failed to address her Educational Claims, showing another inability and emotional/social immaturity we can’t afford to weep over and only to follow to learn what not to do.

She and others in the conference seemed to have become (or morphed into) Black Warfare Marketing Agents to promote Black Media without a Demand for Change; I guess she/they wanted to become reporters?  If you want my true opinion, it seems they provide the fuel for segregation and continue begging to be seen as an equal.  Her career objective is not my investigation, but her self presentation is, why?  Because I can’t stand Fake Media and backing for Racially Charged garbage.  She claims to have education in Mental Health, but so does not/did not and will not write about Mental Health Matters.  Remember, a Counselor has to resolve their own battles & problems before they can effectively help another.  A vet who became obese, needs to get in touch with reality and focus on thy self before seeking to help others.  There is a whole track on this in Psychology and all medical doctors and the majority of humanity knows, once you’ve became over 350 pounds, you can’t simply diet to get to a beautiful body; you need surgery and if you got that surgery, great, but you also need Psychiatrics.  From 2014 to 2018; going from a “wanna be obese entrepreneur” and “social justice media artist” is impossible to get a Masters degree when trying to work on the Human Psyche and Physical Appearance and is not real if the social commentary doesn’t match what’s really going on.  STOP BEING FAKE.

I’ll clarify “Fake” for the record:  Today’s news often reports to be aware of Cyber Criminals, Fake Profiles, and other online attacks.  If you work in Journalism or Social Media and you’re out there in the profession, you will be subject to other’s opinions.  When someone writes an article about you, you can respond in a matter of ‘refuting the truth,’ with respect to the writer’s opinion, and a response to the statements made where the truth is in question.  Instead, Ms. McCoy responded with a threat to the writers career, stating, she will never have a successful career.  🙂  And she wants to be a coach!!!  haha!

She often posted media for #socialjustice and #blacklivesmatter.  I can’t help when they’re grouped all VIOLENT, UGLY, and UNINTELLIGENT, even if they looked handsome, I still can’t help; please stop being racist and become something else.  Although it looks like intelligence and beauty is increasing in her world (where she has a beautiful body now) it’s not REAL.   Who was she in 2014?  She was said to be an Entrepreneur looking for a Job and wanting her own business.  She complained of poverty and wanted to work together.  We chatted a few times, but she was unclear in her direction (again, just like me, but so not like me).

What’s the Problem?  The problem is we have Blacks running around claiming Master’s Level Education (with Fake Profile Pictures) without smart sense or evidence in social media/communication proof or improvements to back it up.  They turn violent in wrong situations and are injuring others, in the physical environment.  One in my current environment claims to have a Masters Degree and is seeking workman’s comp as a Bus Driver.  What Bus Driver has a Master’s Degree?  She was injured immediately following.  #notsocialjustice;  What’s going on here?  The writer is certainly capable enough to know the difference between a physical and online environment and isn’t crazy to hope that there could be a positive influence online that could change matters in a physical environment without those people being actual followers of the doctrine or causes.

What else is the Problem?  Bridgette, Marilyn, and Tara (ALL BLACK WOMEN) were aware of the Vet in need of resources, but failed to assist.  They sought their own agenda’s all of which were Negative Marketing Campaigns.  When asked to support a Vet to attend a 2nd conference when they all gathered as a “Black Women’s” campaign, they denied the support of a white woman.  ALL OF THESE WOMEN claimed to be in the US Military.  They should’ve learned colorlessness by then, yet still chose to Promote Black Women Improvement.  Not one of those women in my current environment can show proof that their efforts has spanned nation-wide beyond themselves.  Tara wanted to write for US Women Veterans and promote Black Women Models with a site about her Rape Story to work on Rape in the US Military.  Some stuff is sensitive, obviously.  Wow.  Writing is good and wanting to change the world is great, but see a Doctor first and learn about Closed Groups for the Protection of the Healthy and those who’ve already gotten over it.  Survivors don’t need a “rape group” they just need to know they weren’t the only one and if they feel the need to tell their story, then they should do it, in a closed group — So I’m now suggesting.

Should I not bring light to Fake Profiles and Artificial Intelligence and its implications? All I can say is one of “Obama’s Agenda’s was the Obesity Epidemic.”  It doesn’t matter what you look like?  Contrary to popular belief, it does in hollywood, which is what the Internet has become.

Marilyn Harris (the Promoter) began Politically Racially Charged Social Media Marketing, sparking more hate and discontent in OLD Matters, using her student population and connections to forward her personal past (racist) agenda.  It showed their own form of Racism still exists, never once considering Educational Opportunity for Veteran Women or others hurt by Current Wars.  Although Marilyn was responsive with administrative matters, but she improperly used her position for SELF and POLITICAL PROMOTION during the OBAMA Administration.

Being connected to her on Social Media was not an Educational Experience nor was it helpful.  I thought she could be a source of inspiration for the Black community and I tried to allow her to be one of mine, but I couldn’t because I was in a heavy black high crime area and still am today.  Also, because they don’t know how to do follow up relevant campaigns.

Looking at this on the whole over several years; I don’t like them, but I didn’t stay daily engaged in online social interaction due to their content and without waiting to see if their efforts made an actual difference; which they didn’t. 

When I went back to school and used Obama’s V-WRAP Program as a Disabled person, I could not complete the program and was forced to pay back all of that money.  I was also charged by the school.  Does Ms. Bridgette’s Educational Technology Span across this?  NO, because she sits at home and doesn’t work for a company and she doesn’t work in Educational Technology as she claims.  If she did, she’d understand Applicability and Improvements in Process Areas affecting the Tech Writer and Investigator.  

Many stated OBAMA didn’t help his people, but someone was placing them and funding back end operations, promising Talent and Physical Increase for better representation. 

One of the Blacks (also abnormally obese) Veterans named Tara Jones was being sponsored by a Basketball Player to publish an Online Magazine for only Black Women and then wanted to write a Veterans’ Site about Rape for her “story.” This is sick and self promoting of a Negative Experience.  There are more healthier ways of Writing about Problems.  Contact a Mental Health Professional and Invest in Self Care or buy a book and do the work.  Find a Support Group in Your Area and Invest in Creating a CLOSED Group for Sensitive Matters.

Unfortunately, more school shootings and black targets took place, so they were not effective with their agenda.  They continued to argue OLD matters with new faces, continuing on in a Racist Feat.  On the streets, they’re worsening, more abusive and uglier.  So while some faces and careers online got prettier, the REAL world worsened.    

Bridgette’s latest posting showed her as a Pretty Black Woman.  In 2014, she was obese and not very smart, by stating the obvious – monetizing social media.  She presents as an Intellectual in a position of power in Technology.  She would have seriously had to get plastic surgery to match this profile picture.  Don’t be afraid of opinion; Oprah deals with it all the time and she doesn’t respond with threats.  She’s a solutions oriented business, much like Tara Jones claimed to be, but was not.  The article is not written out of Jealousy or black targets; it’s written out of a 7 years Social Media study of intermittent contact to review agendas by those claiming to have certain hopes, desires, and plans for Entrepreneurship or Professional/Personal Development.

Part of the response Bridgette had to this article was that she “went out into the wilderness for 7 days and lost 100 lbs.”  Wow, Bridgette, what a story!  Let’s blast you worldwide, but first tell us more about the Educational Technology you think you’ve learned about!

Life changing events are important, as well as the journey, inspiration, and outcome.  It’s not just the start, the middle, and the end, but everything it touches, influences, and affects.

She was interested in Monetizing Social Media for Businesses, but didn’t know how. ?? err. She doesn’t do direct marketing with colleagues. Is this what happens with one conversation with me? I guess 🙂 Probably got a brain transplant as well. Now she’s into podcasting and mentoring others on what, Weight Loss? She claims to develop instructional content in Ed_Technology?

I know the world is not about me, but these are my areas of interest and I don’t mind that we have things in common, but if you don’t handle it the right way, I have to speak up and that is called Freedom of Expression, Speech, Opinion, and whatever else you are opposed to and wrong in your thinking that I’m out to destroy this person.  I study Social Media; made that clear from the beginning.

All we’ve seen in Media Advertising in Educational Technology is an influx of Black Warfare.  There are better ways to Market.  THIS IS HOW HATE CONTINUES TO LIVE AND GROW.  Historically, it was used to create Change, but why force something we hate, which is helping a lower class population.  I am not your Teacher, but if my teacher has a problem teaching me, they must understand, I can’t stand racism and I get tired of Black Media and Dark Arts.  They sicken me because I’ve seen too much.  I was just attacked the other day.  So while everyone is still an individual, the opportunity to create World Change is gone.  He failed to do anything right.

The Conference / Physical Meeting and Online Educational Technology was brought to you buy Syracuse University which at one time was a 6 week program in Entrepreneurship and considered a good experience for Vets, but is now a 2 week program offering no college credit.  Syracuse doesn’t even offer Online Transcript Sharing, so this is not a good educational system, obviously.  I don’t think Obama knew what he was talking about when he said we needed to improve the Educational System.  With the advent of AI and Brain Technology Sharing, many are left bewildered and don’t realize the resources are being IMPROPERLY ALLOCATED.


No evidence of such Tech Background or Ed Degree Career Focus prior to whatever went into affect with ..What is that exactly? If you have your hands in Florida or cross state lines, you will be considered a viral follower, so please stay back and get out of my career path. Whatever you’re doing works for Obesity and Professional Career Progression, but for me its a slap in the face. You might think she’s capable on her own, but someone’s investing in her and Black Marketing. hashtagblacklivesmatter, but not before my own. Thanks. Therefore it’s considered Theft. I’m not a music file or a program. I’m a human and somehow you continue to harm me with this and her friend TARA Jones who loves to write about Rape and Social Media. I’ve seen enough.


By Savvy