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The internet is an online information system that offers use and security of personal data but requires a significant amount of maintenance once information is shared.  The more a person uses it for bill paying, sharing private information, buying, using credit, spending money, and all the many other things that require authentication, account management, and online enjoyment, the greater the information maintenance burden.  This has evolved into a data and document management problem, leaving its users with only partially beneficial and protective systems, with information everywhere and an individual responsibility to manage with minimal technical solutions or direction.  The design of the Internet does not follow an efficient database structure that allows source profile maintenance by its users and automatic updates where all the information is contained, used, stored, and held.  There are several solutions to this problem, of temporary nature that use a quick program to change data, but a process and possibly a change in data management is required, as well as design standards and security practices.  Users are left to manage their account information for each profile, one at a time, when we have technology available that streamlines this task. 

Changing the design of the internet or creating an all-encompassing integrated application is not simple.  This project will present a new profile management concept which will be applicable to other data management systems and once proven to be more secure and efficient, can be accepted as a legal requirement and standard for information sharing.  Whether it’s a single user application with a data management policy that solves the problem or it’s a complete change to software design standards and information management, this project seeks to present a more optimal sharing information system.

Online File or Application Organization System

Users are not prompted or instructed how to best use their Browsers for Application Organization and Bookmark Management.  An application page, marked on the Browser as “Apps” provides a centralized shortcut to Google Applications and allows users to add other applications to the list.  When the “remember me” or “auto-save” login functions are setup, the applications can open with a single click.  When bookmarks are organized correctly, lists of Shopping Sites, Accounts, Government, Education, and many other regularly visited or categories can keep the system organized – if used.  The only problems are that is must be User setup, meaning there is no automatic setup or pre-configured logic or advanced feature showing statistics on Application use, with Security Data, and it requires users to explore and figure it out themselves.  The “Apps” and “Bookmark” features in Browsers only offer a user defined quick access solution and not profile or account management.  It helps, but it is not the best solution.  Two examples of Application and Bookmark Organization are below and show how a quick Account and Organized Online Information should look.  If ever integrated, profile management will be completed in a single location and account management will be consolidated for ‘overall activity’ reports, rather than individualized accounting.  A standard Bookmark Structure should be available upon installation and the browser should suggest organization of regular sites, but it provides only the feature and not the process or suggested organization.