Neurological and Cloud Computing was a highly prioritized and profitable area of, and critical to, industrial development for improved computer systems.  Two academic journals specific to the topic area of interest, being data management, design, and architecture are selected and reviewed to show how information contained in a journal is fluid, meaning that information changes, sometimes faster than the stock market price of hedge funds, as does applicability of specific or generalized study areas based upon selection of ‘only what is available within the library’ versus what is available in the physical vicinity or unavailable and unobtainable in real life, thus the creation of virtual reality; a mixed or combination of areas that only generally support the field of study because specifics are customized technology solutions positioned as ‘for sale’ as opposed to government funded, in progress, and mandated.  Since no project, program, or industry-wide business reports, plans, or actions are known of its design, its furtherance is unknown, but is confirmed as products and services commercially available for businesses and at a high cost for world or even nation-wide implementation.  Topic or research area and selection also change based upon initial findings in preparatory work, but not all work should be excluded from the final dissertation.  Although the journal articles might be considered ‘authoritative’ and scholarly, they are not followed or implemented by industry.

The concepts or technology and published research must be applied where and however it can be of best value in support of improving technology and integration with all the many other disciplines.  The concept of cloud computing is in fact ‘clouded’ in its definition, in that, one understands and sees it as a simple online document storage system, while another view sees it as a next phase or change to the design of how documents are created to use a more organized management system.  A purposeful approach is to build a better system or demand the removal of an already existing system with some proof and evidence of violation or detriment to society or humanity, which is not the goal.   The problem is selection based on incorrectly designed search parameters, limitations of ‘variables’ being of only two, and then the exercise of reviewing only two articles and considering how they relate to the research question and hypothesis.  It’s considered incorrect to select two articles and conduct a mini dissertation in a single 2000-page assignment and expect it to be useful in the dissertation two years from now, unless the work from the start and previous works (experiential research) can be used.  If neither is true, then the point of research then, is that nothing is of any value that can’t be used in short proof areas, such as a single fact, sentence, or statement, or that the entire data collection model, and its test results or data can be used in a model of a different kind, which is already seen as a convoluted mess of dysfunction.  Organizational data design and suggested change to the way information is managed could be seen in the library and used as evidence to show active development efforts of others, but no evidence was found, only more problems. 

Purpose of Journal Reviews

To peer review of a published journal article related to a specific topic (specifying and clarifying it is not the final topic related to future and forces closer examination of topic) with an established set purpose to learn from others, or to use it in your own methodical way of connecting information that supports or defends a position, and not necessarily and entire solution to the entire world’s problems.  As advised by Doctor Daniel Zimmerman, “don’t try to save the world” and now creatively suggested, transformed into another potentially quotable notably true, yet rebuttable argument:  you can try to solve the world’s problems with cloud computing and other commercialized computer application products led by corporate billionaire college dropouts and litigants of an Anti-Trust case, but without a case review and brief, you cannot effectively present any legal argument or position on it because you do not have a license to practice law or medicine” without saying there is a goal set to streamline and create a multiple disciplinary non-bureaucratic licensing process that must examine who’s judging, supporting, or refuting who, and where can their work be found? 

Five hours of research to support one sentence or to try show fact establishment is non-useful and inefficient but assists in proving that reviewing other articles only exercises an ability to use an online library, point out technical functionality where improvements can and should be made, and what one group might consider an anomaly, while another considers it a blatant act of unwillingness or inability to compile data correctly and efficiently for use.  The only fact in this assignment is that no previous research is useful in the planned research study or in other words, their research does not relate to mine, but their topic and system area:  Cloud Computing is the technology that will be used, but only the term and a few companies.  It’s not a matter of policy, so while there is agreement that things must change, there is disagreement that it is managed and can be changed by creating a policy.  There are no “gaps” in policy because there was no written policy referenced or useful.  It is not policy, but an organizational skill that not all students, developers, and programmers have or ever will have again due to the information catastrophe that has already been identified.  Policy Statement:  Students are not to continue to waste their time building on the works of others to compare to new or old work – they should focus on the design of the system used to provide research.  If universities are empowered to individualize and vary in policy, information can and will never be standardized and there went the entire technology structure and Information Standards Office, to the National Information Standards Technology, to obvious written and organized dysfunction.

  1.  The technical paper published in the journal:  Journal of Legal Issues and Cases in Business Cloud computing: legal and privacy issues.  Journal of Legal Issues and Cases in Business. 
    1. This journal is retired and no longer accepting manuscripts for publication.
  2. The publication is misfiled, is non-specific, discusses current issues with no actual study design, and only partially discusses the industry problem, with no proposal or plan with one useful fact, which is not the author’s own: “The gaps between policies and technological realities are becoming so significant in some cases that arguments can be made that information policies may have to be completely rethought (Travis, 2006).”  This is an example of compounded research.  Kerr & Tang write about cloud computing’s issues, generalized non-specific, non-current, and non-motivating, very upsetting and making it worse.

If no specific research is found that directly correlates, then piling old and only partially applicable research on top of research shows another organizational dysfunction of the computerized learning system library, as well as the assumption or hope that dissertation planning and research designs courses create and enable sequential use, as if it were an ordered list of how existing reports confirm or refute, support or oppose a position, and management section by section of the final product or report, when only some parts or sentences and points are useful.  The result of this paper is the decision as to whether the selected journals can be utilized in the dissertation, thus concluding this portion of the assignment cannot be directly copied to a ‘section’ of the final dissertation and is only meant to ‘practice’ reviewing a journal article written by an academic peer, which seems more correct to refer to them as ‘colleagues,’ but the term colleagues is reserved for the working group.

The paper presents two areas:  the two published reference articles and the citing and saving organizational problem in utilizing previous research for current or future assignments.  If research on Cloud Computing was available that showed a consolidated reporting structure and confirmed standardization of economic, social, political, and other integration systems are in fact in progress or planned, then the research could be better presented, meaning that their work could be useful and combined with mine, with specifics on proposed versus theoretical, or hypothetical, leading to questioning the use of the word hypothesis because of its earlier use in elementary school studies and the advanced nature or design of terminal systems and conceptual use in consideration of prototyping and standard technology development or invention and design processes or planning, research, development, testing, implementation, and management with or without an entire team – as if I can develop or did develop the world-wide system all alone or am incorrect in suggesting and confirming that it is not only created wrong, but continues to create wrongly, leading to the worsening of the industry’s outputs or work, of which one cannot believe that it is based solely on policy, trust, data, accuracy, falsification, justifications, costs, and defiance, or law breaking.  It is in the Waste category.  Even worse is the potentiality of cycling through records in a real-world education event and ‘relearning’ old concepts, with no opportunity to make use or learn anything new or combine the old with the new, or reference their own old and new work, thus wasting money, perhaps an old man’s attempt or placement of accuracy and righteousness above all else, when organization and access is better, as well the concept of compounded linking with a test and implementation system. 

Sounds a bit Godly or potentially egotistically thriving in the background or the world, ruling so poorly and leading others to failure or complete emotional display, aware of devastation of not being able to do something that is actually feasible because layering of information systems and relational matrices has made it impossible.

Assumption and Expectation – People use single sentences and facts in short conversations and reports who are unable to study in length or to understand long term management of systems, life, and change. Short studies can prove things, but history, biases, and linked information, or what we call premise and basis, with agenda or motivation, being translated as “what is your reason for such a purpose” of separating fact from fiction and managing reality or mixing it and how does that relate to medicine, psychology, technology games, and physics is simple, but cause and effect is not simple to answer unless tested in short time spans with managed variables. Just as if you made a conscious decision to let your child play with guns of all kinds, and ‘trusted’ or imagined they would use only weapons in games requires a counterbalance of parenting and observation of behavior, control of access, as well as any associations with those who have them, as well as their purpose and motivation for committing a violent act, using either threats or action. Some make threats and walk away, managing problems with words, while others violently threaten with intent to kill, just as some doctors make decisions to change something and sometimes wind up causing problems in another connected area which causes the progression of something else unknown or unplanned. Healthcare and Technology is not a ‘short term’ quick learning process similar to a game. It is a long term study where doctors must go as far back as they can to test their own brains and bodies in order to understand their own and others, as well as the differences. Humans do this on a regular basis, but not many document the differences and healthcare only tracks and manages a few areas using paper and technology. Studies in parts are selected by students, not on whole biological studies, just as Technology is studied and learned in parts or sections, or programs, one by one, but they are given the whole system to learn and discover, which is why the industry is nearly as vast as the world and must be controlled.

A dissertation is a lengthy study or result of a doctoral dissertation program that leads to the formal granting or conferral of doctoral degree.  It was not assumed that all work from the start of the program would relate to the chosen topic area and be directly useful in the dissertation or that any published or submitted assignment could be considered the start of a section as a simple building of the dissertation, meaning that any preparatory coursework cannot be utilized in the dissertation writing phase unless it is reformatted and used separately.  The expectation was that it could, and the advice is to adapt the program so that it can, but additional research organizational tools are needed, as it has been proven that simple linking using online links does not work and will never work with access-controlled University systems. 

Technical American Psychological Association (APA) Requirement Limitation

Because University requirements of papers, articles, and the dissertation, any dissection or useful peer review of a journal at any lengthy cannot be directly added but is available upon formal request or by the student’s initiative to make it publicly available.  This appears to be research protection, potentially to show evidence of ‘the allowance of disorganization’ or the inability to apply student organizational skill and development talent only in the visible structure and not the concept of compounded research to the field.  Being a former military computer scientist, hearing one person say they will “pound it out” displaying a motivated ability to process information and hearing later of business and professional advancement, but showing no actual result in a Unified University, proves zero integration and the reason being in the next category of a Fraud, Waste, and Abuse category where behavioral science affects computer scientists and their outputs, as well as other collegiates.   Nothing further will be shared on military dysfunction, abuse history, victimization, and assuming that talent can be stopped, as well as progression, to ensure additional injuries, occur that are visible, in writing. 


A group of men thought they could ‘push’ the bounds of reality and blur the lines of professionalism, stepping over fences, and leaping through tall buildings to enable victimization with exception to prove knowledge, skill, and ability over what is socially, ethically, and professional responsible by isolated and fraudulently misleading one or more to believe they could be “reformed” or changed in behavior and work effort, while a woman stood back and said “well, if you think you are the computer genius and can do better” then do it and make sure you recause my physical injuries so the bosses and everyone else can see it and a “stop work order” was issued rather than the issuance of a military order and arrest warrant for the abuser(s).  They are the same knowledge, style, and intellect of 1960s mental health professionals, employing inhumane practices on test subjects and have no concern how humanity and the systems are affected. They’ve abandoned personal and professional ethics or have found greater reasons and reward from the study and proof they gain in the research. Understanding the limits and being responsible for the outcomes is critical to managing studies and operations in these areas, but humanity lives and breaths in an uncontrolled open world; making control a necessary function, prediction, prevention, logic, reasoning, responsibility, as well as order and discipline.

Fact:  Some people prefer to delay justice and the death penalty for as long as possible and abusers select a specific age.  Approximately 45,000 Americans were killed and the rest of the information was withheld for health and well-being of channel specific content and television investigation shows for further psychological damage to the victim to assess monetary benefit of injuries to “rethink the entire design of the restitution and victims fund.”  No money was ever given to the victim, but she was told she could “borrow” money to go to school and is now being victimized by the Student Loan Debt Forgiveness program with odd conditions and bad media.

Who in their right mind would work with these kinds of people?  They don’t even know how to study yet claim advanced degrees and an ability to make “them” and new abusers to reinvent or recreate themselves and lead millions to model their behavior and work efforts.  Past decisions and ethics are reviewed using fault finding, self-harm, and withdrawal from future corporate involvement and investment in their subject areas.

In electronic publications, linking is removed, yet more convenient as a set of accessible links at the end of the paper.  The reason for such obvious technical contradiction and disorganization is unknown and worthy of discussion, or addition to another problem area of requirements, psychology, and educational disconnection.

Journal Selection

The two selected topics of published articles are from the Journal of Legal Issues in Cases and Business and now, some other unknown journal source from a third University, all accessed from Aspen University’s Online Library of Journal of Technology and Management Information Systems Research Center, specifically from the University of Minnesota.  The necessity of source selection is to show that the journals were accessed from the internal accessed controlled Online University library and not from an outside library obtained electronically or physically outside of the University System, and to differentiate an online journal from publications available from other publication centers. 

Problems with Repetition

Repeating results, as if automated, without control, and managing errors or problems, results in duplication which becomes unmanageable if ignored. Simple problem and error management is not the issue, although simple and technical minds think it’s as simple as managing an error when it’s not. Peer review processes are already well known by the writer; thus, it is expected that since no new learning takes place, then the energy or assignment (end result of the preparatory work) could be easily utilized for later purposes.  The first article was selected and reviewed in a previous assignment and is reused for further review, necessary to support the dissertation, yet another problem is discovered in the process:  incorrect or non-specific citing of a reference, as well as research record keeping caused difficulty locating the article because research documents do not utilize the hypertext terminal markup language linking code.  A perfect example of compounded research, with linkages forces the necessity to share and document that saving citing (or referenced) information in a more organized and accessible file, using a better process, is useful and perhaps worth an investment in change.  This creates another requirement to explain an old process in comparison to a new proposed process, and a mild discomfort in conforming to an old, previously taught, and already well-known standardized writing and citing system where again, technology and skill is available to create something better, but because of time, the creative and most advantageous invention is prevented, perhaps because it could be easily sold, reused, automated, distributed, and or misused or understood, ignored, and cause even more damage to an already disconnected system appearing to be dysfunctional.  Rather than in previous papers at the end of Microsoft Word Documents, or favorite bookmarks in an Internet Browser.  The use of Excel Spreadsheets is considered for selection of all research papers related to the dissertation, including preparatory coursework, even though other systems could be better designed and are more advantageous for the entire community of shared learning tools.  It is comparable to shopping in a gigantic mall, looking for the most valuable supportive research, as if someone or others know and understand the problems and challenges, when it is true and proven, they do not because it is the first time it has been formally written.  This is categorized as original and new research, making referential citings of less importance and only included to meet University requirements of APA formats, even if it is against what seems to be psychologically sound, most optimum presentation, and best way to manage a gigantic problem in not just psychology, technology used, and the education system.

The identification of this one problem prompts reconsideration of original topic selection because another area can be of potential greater benefit to more than the just learning community.  Main question:  is supportive or relevant research to an overall topic even beneficial to dissect and discuss its specific findings if it causes more problems and adds even more complexity and indecision to the topic exploration phase or is the peer review of published works of others an open writing exercise just to show or creatively show how one selects potentially relevant research to the topic area in an organized manner, following a format that doesn’t fit because it potentially was not updated from previous works, thus is old, and no longer applicable, such as the APA format guidelines of what are considered references?  The purpose of using referenced articles in published journals are to understand other research going on the field that might directly or indirectly relate to a selected research area, and enable the use, through a reference structure to document other writers, students, and authors that support the research area in general, non-specific data collection, qualitative research compilation, analysis of published data to answer a question.   The writer and reader must admit it is an odd way to simplify such complexity by saying “to find someone else and review their style of writing, research work, and validate their methods, then use it to determine if it supports your hypothesis or experiment, depending upon what section or area it might be usefully referenced in.”  That is in fact a form of learning, modeling, and choosing to follow or not follow, without specific direction to dissect section by section every part or an overall 2000-word review of your own thoughts after reading someone’s paper. 

Is it appropriate to introduce legal matters into the research area from other doctors without confirmation the paper was accepted by an authoritative professional that approved their research and enabled the sharing and publication without a formal corporate and government process, leading to an inability to trust data, research, and anything else, simplifying a library and its entire contents as invalid and untrustworthy data based on design, a specific mathematical error, or an incomplete degree conferral and graduation date?  If the seller of database products cannot offer students a suitable research compiler and standardized research design method or computerized model, at an affordable price, then one must ask, did he fail or quit because he attempted to, and it was found to be untrustworthy or because he found making money was higher on his list of psychological motivations and purpose for learning.  The questions and point is that questions can go on forever, and complication can be added all throughout the research world, and people can get lost in research, attempt to understand, fail to understand, and try but not succeed, but if it makes sense to the writer and can be effectively explained and understood by others with abilities to put people and products to work, then it can in fact be utilized and is not based on simplistic variables of two things, two topics, or two research articles.

Lesson learned:  Don’t seek to force a research model to prevent its success or ‘cloud’ and convolute and don’t expect undergraduate work and lessons can be directly incorporated, although it seems it can because the textbooks and content are nearly the same. 

There is only partial evidence presented, such as file format requirements, naming conventions, and research material included that supports an ideal that a database approach to the design of the internet and study related materials has been attempted, but not yet formally presented how artificial intelligence and robotics is managed in an experimental education system.

Standardization and the misalignment of disciplines (Technology and Psychology) – Formats

Form at: A possibility or area where and how ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and ethics are formed. Reformatting is often required.

The format of a research study and suggested format and instruction for how to conduct a peer review of a published study is missing, thus writing in segments, structured with standard grammar or elementary school writing with an introduction, problem statement, evidence, and conclusion is not present because it does not fit and would be available if it were a standardized system of reviewing other scholarly work of value and directly relevant to the current selected topic.  In other more advanced technological understanding:  if the computer understood my intent, and the importance of previous works, it would provide search results based upon my written works, but it does not, as it is an old keyword system, specifically designed not to provide anything related to the subject area because valuable research is new information compiled by the hopeful doctor, not compounded research that further complicates the already existent and wide-spread problems.  Why read theirs when I can re-read mine, unless there is a specific and directly useful data structure, scientific methodology or fact-based insight useful to my own and for my own.  My neurological examination is self-assessed after utilizing medical devices and licensed medical staff post injury in a single event with compounded events similar that of compounded research with and without the use of chemical compounds of unknown breakdowns and effects.  Psycho-pharmacology, pscyho-social, and socio-economics, with technological, neurological robotic intelligence cannot mix and this is still standards based experiential evidence without mathematical and supportive documentation from eighteen other doctors who seek to ‘diagnose’ and ‘treat’ with medication, forcing the boundaries of the constitutions, rights, and freedoms and having freed myself from inhumane treatment facilities seeking to understand more about power and control mechanisms, human rights, laws, and my own self respect and devotion to my needs, it is clear that I still cannot trust or value any other scientific input and values other than my own, but can still utilize referenceable material, hoping it will prove some momentum has been gained in the areas of information integration using a better data structure that is in no way shape or form related to undergraduate studies – impossible because law is a necessity, but self-annihilation is not, although historically suggested and event managed, restricted to only “analyzing each and every part of the study” to ensure it is logical and my own judgement and ethics can be trusted, apart from non-trustworthy past influencers that still taught their economic status without proof of economic advancement of others. 

Action, Belief, Completion (Wilson, 2018) is now followed by Database Deficiency Discovery (3D), or the obvious disconnection of educational discipline linkages that prove one technology effort does not change or advance another discipline and that it is not available and hidden in one location awaiting imaginary approval.  While there is a publication system, it is disorganized, inefficient, and disconnected.

Such disorganization and redundant learning coupled with a disorganized system of dysfunctional technical linking, and non-linking, where the combination of two or more disciplines can and should be available and are, and the fact that no advancement in technology or evidence of improvements show that anyone has put work into the education system’s libraries, other that what Kerr & Twakenkondojap says cannot be supported and causes the student to never want to work with such incompetence again and does not want to lead others into another technical wasteful catastrophe or system garbage dump of information because the psychological question is more important, as are the researchers health:  How would you like to work for 28 years in Technology and complete 21 years of formal education in multiple subjects and work areas, leave for a little while, come back and see no valuable output or people follow your lead of the most organized and highly achieved, respected, and talented computer professional.  It’s summarized by saying:  I left for just a little while, had perfect plans, ideas, direction, and intent, but someone came along and made what was already bad even worse.

System:  Academic and Business Research Institute (ABRI)
Diagnosis:  Disorganized schizophrenia


Kerr, J., & Teng, K., (Undated because of disorganization). Cloud computing: legal and privacy
    issues:  Journal of Legal Issues and Cases in Business Cloud computing, Volume 3. Retrieved
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