Strategic Management and Integration    

Integration planning and sharing of information requires strategic management from the start to finish, which is not a quick-change process.  This is especially important when a system is already built, in operation and use across the world, or even just in a small location.  Matters of belief have come into question simply because of psychological studies that span beyond religion, but also truth, lies, poor or false representation, and low-quality workmanship or knowledge and experience.  Therefore, values, beliefs, knowledge, and experience are critical, as well is the ability to read, write, and understand the current design, the problem, its presentation, the goal, and the desired outcome.  Trying to assemble a team of managers, and engineers is laughable at this point.  It’s also critical to be able to conceptualize without written documents provided, as well as the ability for others to put the conceptual (not ‘concept’), but planned design into a visual, for it to be understood.  Knowledge and skill requirements, as well as planning and controlling tasks should already be known.

Integration is past the ‘conceptual’ phase unless the word integration must be explained and redefined or understood and applied without variation or deviation from the project scope or specific area in need.  Integration, for the purpose of this project is defined as connecting systems with the goal of multi-use data to improve use and create a more unified system.  One or many could argue that there are enough developers, typists, and designers in the world in need of jobs and capable of creating their own, if trained, but such goal is job/economically focused and this strategy has been found to create a problem for the users in account management, on both sides.  Training others with a specific task (to create individual internet sites) with the purpose to harm, help, empower, or teach, and in some cases, just stay busy, or to show one’s work effort is the purpose; not all well planned or helpful.  It has caused problems in Account Management.  The work of ‘creating individual internet sites and software systems’ does not need to continue because it’s already created.  Understanding the problem it caused, specifically in Account Management is the focus, as well as to understand how integration can and should fix it is the value, but not a numerical value.  It’s the value that a person invests in after they see the problem and commit to fixing it or working on it as part of their strategic goal focused on improving the Internet for more than just one purpose.  Improving Systems is another goal, where all systems are considered, and Integration is the top priority where all the systems use the Internet Connection to access and use all the systems, making Account Management one of the single most important areas in need.  Human vs. Computer is no longer a competitive area of interest since we’ve proven that computers can perform far better than humans, if correctly designed and programmed with specific functions.  Humans can more than just perform, but also feel and look better with the help of computers, and the Internet allows the results to be seen and shared.  Life is not solely about improvements, but also about the management of things necessary to make life possible and easier.  Life can be managed and lived without the Internet, but it is a critical necessity for business and students, therefore its design and functionality are critical to our future success and well-being. 

Controlling Integration with Strategic Management

Integration leads to a better, more efficient system of understanding, use, with better control.  In C4ISR, which is Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence, and Reconnaissance, strategic planning is specific to its mission, which is electronics, which covers a vast range of machines focused on upgrading technology for better management.  Integration for them is a different set of strategic goals than the Internet, however, they should work together and be considered ‘integral’ and necessary for integration because the people that utilize the Internet are working and non-working parts or users of the Internet.  The critical area for them is where, how, and from who they buy and use, as well as its functionality and ability to work across a wide range of products, managed in online systems.  Therefore, planning is critical; to not stay solely focused and prioritized for war strategy and planning, or protection of American or the Earth’s resources, but to consider both parts and expertise of professionals well equipped for the task of integration, understanding purpose, the separations of more than church and state, but also military, civilian, government, and other systems that utilize or consider the Internet critical to its function.  All parts should work together.  Because the design of the Internet is separated by account and allows for citizens to manage and view their own online information on critical and even non-critical infrastructure, such as electricity, housing, water, traffic, location, and other important things, it must correctly integrate with specific goals in mind. 

Although Bruton & White reference “strategy selection” as an action or step in the strategic implementation process, it does not define what those selections are, implying there are different types of strategy (Bruton & White, 2017).  It is better understood and explained that strategy is using a process to select or a way of going about doing things of implementing a plan.  There are in fact different ways, but there are no specific names where someone can say “I would like to use short strategic choice, or strategic force, by the use of law enforcement, with a specific arrest and jail strategy to remove the guilty”, or I’d like to use a soft approach to presenting information so that it does not continue to harm the individuals under investigation; or I’d like to use a straight forward blunt approach, violating basic rules and allowing the use of profanity because of anger and the need to be honest with the self.  There are options, with and without rule and evidence binding agreements and actions, with and without court hearings, and with and without odd reactionary attacks.  It depends upon the goals, but there are also ways of just walking away and letting the sick lead the sick and the dirty lead the dirty.  People make plans and choose not to follow through, but rarely do qualified software engineers create a system plan and fail to provide a working system or solution.  It is all parts of the plan that are important, some obviously forgotten or purposely omitted, with or without strategic choice.  People just like managers and students don’t set a course for disaster or crime, something leads them or it into that area to commit or to fight; again, prompting the use of action, for good or bad implementation, yet with a set of faulty bad leaders results in no action or action on the wrong end, which results in false arrest and non-justice or bad justice.

Goal Alignment and Strategic Direction – System Selection

The goals are standard:  reduce crime, filth, and create a better computing experience.  Many would like to say ‘for all’ but not all can work together; nor should they, which is where integration plays its biggest role.  Social systems are considered separate, yet a part of each other, which is where much harm is done to society overall, therefore not only are critical employees and knowledge owners or inventors and investors or team members important, but so are those who continue to develop poorly managed harmful systems without proper management.  In one social system, Facebook, it is data box managed; enabling communication for all, with a reporting system that is uncontrollable or oddly designed.  It is one system, so the simplistic answer or solution is when there are problems, just close the account, meaning do not use because it doesn’t serve the purpose hoped for or intended, which is to provide the world with a communication system of information sharing and social connections to allow people to reconnect or remain friends across the miles.  Unfortunately, that type of system is somewhat integrated with other systems, but not in the way Integration is planned for or suggested for the Internet Account Management System.  If all systems are integrated on the account level, with correct profile management with a source system, then if one problem arises or reported on multiple times, not just for criminal detection, but for actual management of humans and information, then it can easily be identified and controlled.  With a social system such as Facebook, if one person causes a problem, and many others do as well, reporting them becomes a burden until the person gives up and closes the account, making the final decision that the system – Facebook enables the sharing of bad media with a defective design that does not contribute to a healthier society, but an ideal that people will never be punished for things they did in the past and when given the chance to correct themselves after time has passed, cannot be used to prove any form of intellectual or societal improvement that includes matters of human emotion or health or that can be globally infected, cloned, shared, or empathetic or other emotions felt or received.  This leads to isolation and criminal misconduct in some cases, as well as secretive operations of ignorance and even worse workmanship.  Opportunity and willingness to change and learn is required, as well as a healthy assessment of potential; not geared towards life in prison, or marital physical disaster of distasteful Facebook connections, and system incompatible surroundings.

Facebook could be designed or programmed to work for those goals, but no goals or strategic direction is set and selecting one system over another – such as the Internet vs. Facebook is a daily decision for many, but a large strategic decision for an Integration Project.  In hierarchy or selection and management of systems – the Internet is above and separate from Facebook yet integrated.  Facebook is not the student’s choice system but considered using it as a study area because it is a common social system, made by a referral, which could have a rule set applied with terms and agreements prior to use.  Findings were that its release was vocally presented with a serious crime, of personal and family nature; therefore, time was considered in test phases and a long-term study found that time did not correct the problems.  The referrer of the system had a history of mentally disconnected human relation and odd sense of understanding and communication towards human matters; where the emotion or reaction didn’t correctly fit the situation; perhaps someone attempting to correlate (compare concepts) using Facebook, how the punishment must fit the crime, but allowing criminals and near criminal behavior to take place on the system.  The vocal referrer did not have a well-qualified understanding of help, monetary assistance, family values, and personal agenda obvious to the receiver of the information.  A lower ranking person was expected to perform better, over time, with improved thinking, feelings, and remorse with strategic and specific selection of words but failed to prioritize.  Strategic planning and prioritization are important, even in short communications, where you must be able to prioritize and order your thoughts correctly and not abusively or haphazardly, which cannot be done on social systems where years of abuse has piled up with no justice and the quality of communications is centered on filth and crime, just as the release of Facebook and other bad media systems that the releaser communicated with.  This brought failure to many relationships, as did the release of Facebook and many other systems, when systems are supposed to be used to make lives better, more enhanced communications, and even profitability.  It’s summarized as a conflict of interest that spanned across a timeframe of 5-10 years.

The Internet was introduced similarly, without professional briefing and instruction, but in a managed and controlled environment, with a button on a computer surrounded by military officials.  The option was to explore and then create, of which much better systems were the result.  Facebook is disqualified from the study area of integration because of its reference point and the fact that includes odd psychological traits that mirror its referrer in human matters where empathy and other serious communication skill and evaluation is required.  Although the referrer was considered ‘known’ and ‘aesthetically pleasing and madly trusted’ it has evolved, it is still dysfunctional, proving only that the human referrer caused it to operate as a defective machine.  This proves only that the human effects the users’ words and disposition towards matters, and possibly behavior, but that the form of systems release being “word of mouth” should’ve been more carefully used and strategically managed to evaluate intent, uses, announcer’s purpose, animal environment, immediate phrases, verbalized and non-verbalized complaints, and situations of the three or four (or more humans) before and after, physical and computerized problems and experiences, but it was not considered a matter where “background” and qualification played a significant role.  Facebook does not offer health value, other than pictures, professions, and worse facial images in violation of protection orders, and health to the study area in connection with the Internet. 

A short test proved the vast difference in content, attitudes, and behaviors of those of higher education when contact was made with past criminals or those who were considered to have human emotion to specific matters.  Just a few postings using video and words causes severe trauma, proving there is no control system that the Internet has; only a blocking system like a DNS block, of which has been found to be a daunting and lengthy manual task.  They were directly related to the referrer’s deficiencies and areas of marital or relational complaint, as well as many other areas of human dysfunction.  

As mentioned in previous papers, it is more than the Capability Maturity Model (CMM, 2022) that systems are evaluated, but also the human traits of the engineers, referrers, releasers, and managers.  While physics plays a large role, it is more the reviewers initial introduction to the system that affects its evaluation.  One example is simple:  if a person introduces another person to someone they are friends with or ‘connected’ to, then there are certain expectations, some with and some without, and the longer the relationship, the more is understood and viewed; some ending with bad results, some with good results, and some never ending, but ongoing systematic abuse is and should be illegal, just as the criminal behavior, bad marriages, and other system changes and friendships end.  As it relates to system management, outsourcing is possible and done, but the users and referrers leave the system, as if itself operates in dysfunction, without qualified professionals to listen, review, and use it before they jump into their bedroom with it expecting healthy communications, profits, and precise or generalized results. 

The veering off into “Facebook” world is another attempt by the system releaser to focus their attention on their system and needs and not of the one the student selects; causing forceful discontent and unnecessary reviews for their problems, rather than the larger problem of improving the design of the search system or the overall Account Management system, of which the system referrer has no experience, other than as a computer user, cancer patient, and card swiper for other systems to be.  Changing one’s name, or system name doesn’t fix these matters, just like divorce and marriage does not only include a name change.

Theoretically, there’d be no system issues, but it has already been proven in short test, that each system the referrer worked for, became relationally corrupt in many areas, as if the physical body corrupted the system referrer in use.  It’s equivalent to a troubled person asking a vulnerable person to do something for them so they can feel better, with a known or unknown agenda of low-quality skill and concern.  It’s not as bad as a murderer asking an innocent person to engage in murder with them, and be a co-conspirator, but similar in infectious diseases where the referrer went on to work in Ancestry.com and the only focus is on ancestral relationships of illness and dysfunction; a single person misuse of leadership in her own home; a misuse of professional power.  This could be perhaps why “E” is focused on electronics and not E for Ethics; a word plays of POWER where electricity is required for healthy living, and power is gained from someone’s faulty and low-quality ideals of system release, use, and referral process of what should be considered healthy, but turned out disastrous when the releaser was reviewed and found to be a walking cancer patient.  It is not that cancer patients can work on systems, or that their systems can’t be considered equivalent to what is in use in software, but that extra precautions and tests, as well as clearances must be thoroughly evaluated, otherwise, it ends in system failure, unwillingness to even look at it, consider using it, or cleaning it up to make it functional.

Integration is like a ‘marriage’ in human terms – of connecting two together, or more considering ‘systems’ terminology, but computer systems work differently than a human system of love, marriage, friendship, devotion, value, family, and that many and vast belief systems in the world.

Part of Integration planning is deciding which systems are best integrated and it was found that the social system – Facebook was not one of them due to the lack of controls and severe emotional impact it causes to students and their goals or education focus.  An innovative firm will not allow Facebook activity during working hours because it is a social system and the innovative firm in charge of systems engineering and social systems must use some of its resources to consider how to control not only access to it, but the content within it and how it affects its company and employees.  The researcher, age mid-40s, doctorate student found that Facebook was not the best social system because there were no educated likeminded professionals but felt it’s a necessary system review to evaluate and measure evolution, value of knowledge, communications, intellectual and mature growth, as well as how it personally affects the student after injury and loss.  There is no numerical measurement, other than to say, it’s named correctly, and that is to socialize with unknown levels of odd senses of pornographic and ugly humor, comments, and photographs that caused pain and suffering with no judicial remedy, other than to close the account and never sign on again – total severance due to a faulty database – allowing only content with highschoolers and former sexually active partners with the dead, missing, and sexually exploited.

Prioritizing Systems Using Keyword Leadership Disruptions

How management chooses to prioritize its systems, using terms like ‘top, middle, and lower’ is how the tasks are managed and selected depending upon its management structure and how management uses its people to complete projects.  Facebook has no present management or structure to its communication disorder and bad content design, in fact, there is no human management system to monitor and approve or report and remove content, other than qualified professionals, of which many people didn’t seem to mind vulgar postings.  In a conceptual or system design review, it’s not for the reviewer of the system to task all levels of management, but to create specific level documents and reports for them to understand on various levels, of which some must see technical designs, while others must see it in summarized reports, professional proposals for funding, and other visuals or sensory areas to make decisions and put the problem into task order format, but without a project plan, no one can or should immediately start work on it, at least not until they understand how to control the scope of the project and not just by the smell of their fresh breath in the morning when preparing for work at the office.  It requires pre-requisites and qualifications, pay, and leadership in specific positions and one girl who studies it cannot solely manage and fix the problem on his/her/their own.

Implementation of new technologies causes a bit of stress depending upon the importance of the system, its connection to the self beyond the paycheck, but also its impact to more than just an organization.  Stress levels increase, but it has been proven that stress levels increase and harm system engineers just by using a social system, perhaps with specific intent to deter and harm or derail what should be considered a healthy project because of unhealthy leadership’s faulty understanding or prioritization.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.gov, 2022), as well as others, beyond protection should be considered important in the use of ‘environmental’ testing and consideration of these systems; especially considering the referral sources, the content, problems, and goals of the project.  While Account Management and Identity Profiling is not regularly considered an environmental matter, people and profiles are what create the environments we live in, which extends to other life considerations, such as trees, plants, and water sources.  The same is true for humans and systems use and if one puts the system in motion and years of study shows its dysfunctional, then it should be repurposed or redesigned and all originators of the system should be aware how they caused the dysfunction and how the systems resemble their human system dysfunction or problem areas.

Using numerical values to list important leadership characteristics sought after is best suited for a textbook writer who takes the time to list character traits of what is considered good human leader.  This is not human sociological psychological leadership trait selection class; therefore, top ten qualities vary and always will vary because situations vary, and people can’t invoke or remain constant in their leadership traits using each and every one every way all the time and act like a computerized manager who must perform to meet some magical odd thinkers demand or dysfunctional need for lists and to have things spelled out for them.  While reading is an excellent trait, learning by reading and doing is highly valued and respected, as is the ability to lead a person or group of people without causing them to regress in understanding, knowledge, and skill.  Leadership is the ability to take initiative, the lead, and effectively lead teams; doctorate programs do not list leadership qualities, it appears you have a faulty class or assignment and should consider taking a step back in education and review what has caused a list mentality to surface in a Doctor of Computer Science Management and technology course.  While listing works, leadership selection, along with evidence, beyond a list mentality is far more valuable than ‘pretending’ to understand or being too lazy and relying on artificial intelligence to frustrate and anger a student.  If it continues, you might appear to be one like the other lazy instructors and seekers who think it’s easier to push one out rather by frustration forcing them to want to quit, rather than to appropriately lead, instruct, and give enough room for innovation without seeking to use force and punishment.  This area requires human emotion, regulation, and control, as well as common sense, and choice, which sometimes means not giving you what you want, especially when the request doesn’t fit the level of class, with no other purpose in mind other than to not play around with stupidity, and using the choice of respecting myself, my disabilities, and not reacting to what I see and what truly ‘want’ to do.

The Facebook system referrer performed a leadership act by sharing the availability of a system called Facebook for a person who needed two friends to help take care of her in a time of human need.  Rather than the person using in person leadership traits, along with her relationship partner, she chose to ‘outsource’ the job of financial assistance, empathetic communications, and job referral support to suggesting a computerized system to manage the task of emotional and financial support.  Now, Facebook and many other systems are performing those tasks in a dysfunctional manner, causing more harm than good.  Therefore, some fault should be found and redevelopment or retraining necessary.  The question is not whether or not if the ‘system announcer’ was removed that things would improve, but where the original system creator, and changer of systems (from Friendster, to Napster, to Myspace, to Facebook) has a natural progression with four or five failed attempts or opportunities to evolve into other more detrimental and harmful systems with intent because of natural human systematic dysfunction and failure to follow rules, warnings, and punish those who think the world will adapt to their dysfunction and need for bad music, low quality behavior, rude words, and poor development skill, or leadership.  Personal fault can only be found by a self-review, of which the self can determine their own importance, influence, and involvement in the creation, as well as their own actions that would or should be taken against the system, or within the system and its users. 

Strategic Decision/Overridden by Unknown and Unhealthy Influence

Deterring system focus to invest in an unwanted system, is misuse of leadership and power, using odd forcefulness, which must be known and understood, but is still valuable for some.  In large organizations, with more resources, it’s a better study to see how a cancerous uterus referred a facial system that resulted in severe dysfunction because, although the cancerous uterus was secretive in other areas, maritally dysfunctional, and unknown if cleared, the list of dysfunctions became insurmountable with the misuse of words and effort.  Should the necessary parts to ‘create’ in like terms, a human organ, and a computer system; result in social dysfunction, secretiveness, aggression, and even violence which led to a major war, of which many have died, and have gone unnoticed with families unpaid because of a faulty design?  It did and hurt large groups still awaiting resolution.  It’s more than just ‘organs’ but also, human disposition towards certain things considered unacceptable that affect more than just other organs, but also their love, livelihood and all the many other things jealous or vindictive and or unskilled and uneducated hope to do, in accordance with the Justice system, or out in left field under neath the place of fair verbs, actions, and respectful use focused on more than self-improvement for the greater good of not just the whole, but maybe just one.  Forced work and learning was in question, as well as style of consequence and strategic attacks to force use or prevent if matters of similar nature or crime were found.  The problem is clarified that the simplest rule is not followed that there is a time and place for everything, when perhaps there isn’t.  In the early 2000’s computer engineers sought to provide servers and computing devices across the world but were challenged because of the amount of space to manage all the information; and even worse off because engineers were allowed to be freely innovative, territorial, treacherous, and opportunistic, in both business and the US military.  A simple solution is database integration.  While others sought to complicate and expand the task for worldwide social services in computing because of their own deficiencies and failed ability to ‘make friends’ and communicate respectfully and lawfully.  This resulted in school shootings, massive casualties, prisoners of war, divorce, death without funerals, abortions, and a long list of diseases.  It’s managed in the US Military by Era, and time, when there are other ways to quarantine, manage, release, and remove bad systems, in both references of human systems and computer systems.  Leadership was often in question, as were choice relationships, being forced into unwanted situations with disease and virus carriers without an award for bravery, without payment for injuries, and left with taunting and terrorism of the system referrers and their affiliates or associates.  If nothing is resolved, then the work is ineffective, just like the entire ideal of a social system used to solve global social matters with people who can’t even decide correctly between Mexican Food and Asian food, apart from ‘rewarding’ bad behavior and misusing it as another crime to add to the reasoning to go to war and pass laws or applaud another verbal abuser that escalates to physical violence and death with filthy diseases in common.