Can this really be the WordPress update I asked for last year, where you can insert an image from Google into a blogpost and you can resize it based on your preferences?  Does this mean I won’t have to find an image, save it, upload it to the WordPress Server or my own domain and now we can do online image sharing without downloading and uploading?  I sure hope so, but I need to test it to see.

Insert photos from Google.  Ahh man, it’s only your own personal Google Photos.  What a disappointment!  I was hoping we could insert an HREF image with a target URL where the photo/image currently resides without using the HTML tab and textually resizing the display size, but I guess that feature would be too nice to allow for users on a free blog site.  One could only wish for it.  The Add Images from Google Photos is a nice feature and was previously available as a WordPress Plugin, now available on the Free WordPress site as an insert Image option.

Add Via URL is a neat new feature that I just discovered today, but its still a process that takes several clicks.


By Savvy