The Midpoint Calculator

Midpoint Calculator

Create a calculation where zero divided by a number equals infinity.

Infinity is defined by a never ending number, expressed by a symbol with the mathematical rule that any expression divided by infinity equals zero.

Infinity Symbol

The result can be shown in a simple calculation: 4 / Infinity = 0, but the simple rule that the result is always zero is what is programmed and too simple to even create a page to prove it; HTML and JavaScript does not offer mathematical symbols for Infinity, but online calculators are available and should be encouraged. Reprogramming shouldn’t be encouraged, but is clear that it cannot and should not be ‘redesigned’ – besides, why would it, simply to show an inability to quickly deploy scientific math logic in HTML or other programming?

A number divided by Infinity available here.

Explanation of Pi: 22/7;

How do we know that the value of Pi goes on forever? © Getty Images

Pi, a non-rational number, goes on forever; the same definition as infinity, but a different symbol

What’s the difference?

If Pi is used to explain infinity and the rule “any expression divided by infinity = zero, then 3.14/3.14 should equal zero, which is untrue; therefore Pi is not equal to 3.14 and Pi is not equal to Infinity.

I think Pi is considered a ‘constant’ which makes a circular item continuous and it is part of a formula to complete another equation. It’s not a number entered to create another number on its own.

These are arguable and in fact have been researched and disputed:

No, pi isn’t 22/7 – Here’s why

Many of use were taught that pi is twenty-two divided by seven in grade school. However, it is something more than that—and definitely not 22/7.

Pi is an irrational number.

So in essence, it cannot be expressed as the ratio of two integers that have no other common factor other than one. Then, why 22/7 you ask?

Well, this is actually just an approximation.

22/7 is 3.142; whereas pi is 3.1415—the value differs at only the third digit! The estimated value of pi used by NASA and for other scientific purposes contains around forty digits of pi!

With such disputes and computation rules, how and why would one attempt to create an Infinity Calculator based on two numbers? That too is irrational.