Machine Learning – Is the term “Artificial” equivalent to Fake? Are they in tuned and cool enough to understand the reference and definition of a ‘fake person’ or ‘personality’?

In the 1990s, a Fake person was one who ‘pretended’ to be one way or promised something and failed to follow through. In the mid-1990s, the name changed to “Flake.” Many used the words wrong. It was determined that calling someone “Fake” is name-calling and immature.

Fake video’s are used when people change images of themselves into someone else – People say “Get Reel!”

Fake is still important because it helps decipher real from non-real, or non-authentic. Fake food is often made of plastic. Fake purses, also called Knock Offs, are replica’s of the real thing.

Fake nails are now called Acrylics.

– Sheri

By Sheri