Building Organizational Capabilities


            The concept of organizational capability varies in application.  There is the simplicity of organizing documents, structuring employees, and building teams of people to increase or improve capability.  Capability is also an area of functional measure where there are people, processes, and systems all capable of delivering quality goods and services, as well as destroying opportunity or slowing down progress.  Building capabilities means to build skill or ability, which is not limited to one specific area, but the area of most need.  Capability is a person’s ability to do something, best explained using an example: “Are they able to understand what needs to be done, and if not, what is necessary for them to understand.”  It depends on who they are, and who they work for, or under what company, man’s or woman’s leadership and responsibility.  Another example: “Are they capable of completing the task or concept and know the difference of both?”  How to assess a level of capability is dependent upon what is needed.  Is a group of investors capable of understanding how important the funding is to improve the world technology business or do they function on a technical level where they require several years of experience, training, ability to work individually and as a team to put ideas of others into action using what already exists, or do they have the necessary skills and contacts to change the existing system to implement the idea?  These are managerial concepts, not Entrepreneurial matters of technology acquisition.  Knowledge management as presented by Bruton & White, suggest that knowledge must be managed: an understanding that people are assets and are the reasons organizations can be innovative and supply technology in ways the help the organizations succeed (Bruton & White, 2017).  If they are to supply technology, then they are categorized as a supplier, not a firm, if we follow the same business law practice of their being specific types of corporate entities.  Firms do in fact supply their workers with technology and cannot expect their workers to produce work without it, otherwise their work products change, but it cannot be assumed that a ‘technology provider’ is a provider of worldwide technology to the entire world.  Those are different types of business with a specific purpose to create a sales strategy to enable people and businesses to acquire products and services in the technology category of business.  A firm can expand its service offerings but must differentiate internal supply of technology and those items designated for service and sale, because they are in fact different and include matters of intellectual capital, especially when referencing knowledge management systems and even more importantly when in research and development phases of products that affect corporate or entrepreneurial business plans.  This is one of the main reasons for the use of non-disclosure agreements and government military classifications for national security, of which is dependent upon sponsorship, at company discretion, working in conjunction with data provided from law enforcement agencies.  The need for a security clearance is dictated by a necessity to handle sensitive or classified information rather than a specific job description and companies and agencies are given enough power to destroy individual clearance holders, especially after excessive harassment and misuse of power (Bowcutt, 2022).  Smart developers should know how to make secret or confidential by excluding access to opportunities, which no longer tempts applicants and makes better use of application systems, yet, they have proven they do not.

Capability is a form of an ‘ability’ but refers to the ‘power’ or ‘extent’ meaning they must have the power to make something happen, and that they themselves are not going to do it themselves, but have what it takes to get it done, somewhere and somehow.  If the job is beyond one’s capabilities, then they do not have the necessary training or skill to get the job done and no one is willing to invest, therefore they must find someone who can.  It could also mean that while they are Superman, they do not currently have their cape on, and cannot fly to save the world or Lois or the Daily Planet.  It is not that world disaster would happen if the job or idea did not get put into action, but that Superman is only one superhero and there aren’t many with his capabilities.  What capabilities are needed and are they currently present or does it require building the necessary skill or muscle to make it happen?  It takes a person a long time to fly, and that only happens in the movies, unless they use airplanes, so the area that ‘capability’ is applicable to is important; what a human is capable of varies on status:  parolee, citizen, veteran, employee, as are airplanes:  armed, commercial, first class, business class, regular, capable of getting you there consistently and comfortably without delay.  Spiderman can fly and jump from one building to another and so can Batman, but Spiderman doesn’t need a cape, while Superman and Batman do; perhaps his is invisible and there but just not seen.  For Spiderman to get the assignment ahead of Superman or Batman, it would require an investment and some proof that Spiderman has the same capabilities as Superman or more.  Spiderman also doesn’t talk much, and you can’t see his face, but his awesomeness is visible, and he can prove it with one short episode to demonstrate his abilities.  Is he capable of changing the world?  What does Spiderman know about acquisitions and technology and are acquisitions of technology companies even required to put the idea into action?  The inventor of the idea must carefully select its leaders and workers, making sure they have the right ‘capabilities’ or ‘abilities’ to get the job done and sometimes that means ‘venturing’ away from old ideas and words and using more understandable terms and questions, like, can Spiderman hire professional computer scientists to create a better profiling system for improved human account management?  Can Spiderman bring his friends and stay focused on getting the job done or do they live on different planets and have different missions and goals?  Can they be brought to one planet to work on something that is going to take more than twenty minutes to finish?  The answer is most likely not.  Humans create technology and where they received the ability to invent computers, software, servers, and peripheral devices is not as important as their ability to utilize professionals who have the same understanding and seek to work with those with even better abilities or skills than they currently have.  A superhero is: a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers, also: an exceptionally skillful or successful person compare superheroine, supervillain (Webster, 2022).

Organizing the work and preparing it for presentation to Spiderman, Superman, and Batman, along with Robin is critical to the project’s success, especially if they are going to work for the Computer Scientists, but reality is such that computer inventions, systems design analysis, reading comprehension, and creating an organized work plan requires quiet time without superheroes.  Perhaps if they could locate E.T., the Extra Terrestrial and acquire a spaceship, and get in contact with Star Command to get them all started on the project because it is a Universal system that has potential to save all of humanity and its special characters from Outer Space and other Planets, then we’d have new flight systems that can change all software with a flying spaceship, but Flight Systems are not what the idea or project is even about, although a world event forced consideration and necessity for its inclusion.  The whole team of Star Trek might have the right skills and technology to invent it, but Christine Chapel wants to get married, so the project is on hold or delayed for a human activity.  How can they integrate the human activity into their project and make it a necessary part of the invention?  As more people, systems, and questions are added, the project grows in complication.  It’s not a difficult one but adds to the list of things that are required for a human application manager, many things added to the list of ‘possibilities’ and ‘capabilities’ without a real project charter or plan.  Quark express is not the right solution, although Quark is still on the team; he might be able to develop his skill set with Adobe Photoshop, but will that cause a war with the Indians, and will they be forced to live in tents and fight the cowboys or will they ride horses for leisure?  Horses and all other animals need profiles too because they have important places, needs, and activities that require Data, from Star Trek to assist with who owns the horses and what kind of activities do their owners enjoy that need to be included in professional profiles and inventory systems or veterinarian management?  The Doctor of the team is only an Emergency Medical Holograph, but can he provide stress management and insightful systems engineering for integrating home health care for humans?  The order in which project goals, purposes, and tasks are organized are just as important as the people assigned to complete them.  Therefore, organization of thoughts, plans, and the prioritization of needs and wants are critical, and must be considered before ‘capabilities.’  Once the project plan is complete, the organizer of the team needs to have a good understanding of what kind of talent, skill, and abilities are needed.  Capabilities are not used in the software design business when referring to human skill.  Capabilities only refer to what a system can do, and systems do not function like humans, or perhaps they do, but at different speeds in different ways.  Capability is part of human potential assessments:  to do well, just okay, acceptable, or to harm.

If we don’t know our human and characters’ capabilities and our superhero’s talents and skills, we cannot effectively utilize them as part of our leading team, but we can use them as examples to learn with and from.  Most take risks and rely on other’s opinions or work proof.  Just like Barbie, from Mattel has her own production company, along with many other friends, and by getting into contact with Barbie, we might be able to employ Polly Pocket and Skipper, as well as Ken, but will they program the application and make it work for all humans across the world?  Perhaps the Rock and those from WWE should join us as well.  Not even one of them know software development, so we would be forced to change them and develop skill and we don’t even have them on-site or know if they are willing.  We, the leaders, would have to organize their capabilities and possibly build their skills to get them to design or change a system.  They can change their plastic heads quickly, but do they have the experience we so desperately need?  If they had computers, they might be able to.  Since ET seems to know how to work Technology, he is going to be assigned as the Director, with special instructions to employ Tom Cruise and monitor Entertainment Tonight and Weekly for other special team members with the right stuff and to work with the cast of Star Trek and others, giving Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and Robin, special positions, and tasks.  It sounds far-fetched, but so does the concept of programming using JavaScript, when other easier tools are available to complete the tasks.  The task is one that requires software development, but also access to order a system change in how it shares information on the Internet.  Its design is in question, therefore it must be prepared and given to the right audience, without being interrupted by a merger, an acquisition, or some confused idea of ‘capabilities’ of something that does not even exist and lives off in fantasy land. 

Building organizational capability needs to be clearly stated as to what it is reference to:  the human or the computer.  To build computer organizational capability, it must know how to correctly organize files, and contents within files, or offer the human best practices and direction for improved organization.  File Organization is a human directed computer task.  Organizing files is not the only problem or area of importance.  It must be able to reduce duplication and find ways to utilize databases to share information, not just by sending copies, but with the goal of reducing the current duplication burden of confirming identity, setting up accounts for every merchant or application it plans to shop or communicate with, and learn or be programmed to utilize already confirmed and officially accurate data.  It must also improve the way it works with humans to authorize the use of the data for specific and automatic transactions beyond just ‘purchasing.’

Differences Between Firms, Entrepreneurs, and the Reliance on Alliances, Acquisition and/or Mergers

            A firm is a type of company most known as a law firm, or consulting firm.  There are four or more official types of businesses as referenced in the business licensing department, who commonly work with law firms to create legal entities.  Not all businesses are firms and not all businesses have law firms; some utilize their services for specific purpose and short period of time, while others have legal departments as a regular part of their business.  When a company considers an acquisition (the buying or buyout) of another company, it simply purchases it for some reason or purpose.  When it chooses to merge with another, it plans to change its design, depending upon what it decides to do after they become one legal company.  The changes are not just the type of business recorded with the City and Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Tax Board, or simple announcements to its shareholders and employees.  They are lengthy considerations and plans developed with a purpose to gain or reduce its workload or workforce, production, or improve skill, and capability.  Acquisitions related solely to ‘technology’ are cases where companies acquire a software or hardware company to add it to its product line or because it is more advantageous for them to own the company for control purposes and to blend its operations.  The necessity is when companies begin to develop products that harm companies and limit their earning, learning, and growth potential, or wrongly steer companies’ technology growth; a business destruction or market domination tactic, not allowed or taught in schools.  In hostage situations, it’s better to just pay the demander the ransom, rather than to risk one’s safety.  When a firm claims to own a part of a business area called “World Technology” they have a large part of their profiting work force performing in some area, either production, or simply ‘consulting.’  Personality profiling is a separate task and function of a different department that technology human profiling systems, as well as different functions of an office file system administrator.

If a consulting firm considers ‘acquisition’ of a technology company then its considerations are made most likely to venture into new business areas and remain competitive in their skill and purpose in being able to consult on matters because it has proven expertise in improving a system and now experienced in acquisitions, adding to their professional expertise.  This is not to be confused with ‘capability’ or ‘studying to gain the knowledge of concepts.’  An example:   A company considered moving its manufacturing operations to another country for lower unit costs in production.  If it moved its entire company without consideration to the added necessity of ‘shipment’ and embargo, it would lose its American business entirely.  It sought to produce its product far away from regular buyers because it was proven to cause environmental problems in the United States.  They developed a shipping plan with boats and aircrafts, and if they could manage the supply and meet customer ‘demands’ or needs for the product, as in sales, then it could be more successful and increase its customer base, extending it to another country.  The pollution problem was not eliminated, only moved to a place where the laws were not set and did not apply to the other countries business law.  The same problems and what seem like solutions, take place in business regularly.  Their International Lawyers approved the transactions, sharing creatively that the operation was considered legal in their country, but illegal or more costly in the United States.  This proved that one type of humanity accepts or is behind in understanding or environmental law and responsibility to land and its people.  Ethical considerations were made, and rather than innovating their products, they sought to move operations to an area that doesn’t even know they have a problem, so the problems continued, just in another place.  It’s equivalent to one man selling a defective car that doesn’t meet American standards to a willing buyer without stating its problems, selling it “as is” and leaving the financial, ethical, environmental, and legal problems up to the buyer.  Smart International Lawyers understand the law as stated in both regions, but World Leaders seek to improve products, plants, operations, goods, and services on all fronts in all areas before they sell someone else’s problems and try to make a business move.  This concept is called International Environmental Protection Activity Standards or in simple terms:  management and sales.  Protecting individuals, companies, and environments are not its only purpose, nor are EPA lawyers specifically necessary and are the sole responsibilities of these matters.  All businessmen and women should have this insight, but it is true that some moves and ventures are necessary in order to understand world capability and establish and order of power, authority, and oversight because if everyone managed their own, then it would be every man and every business for themselves, paying no mind to future generations, world travels, and when the buying and selling of business is in high production, occurring at rapid fast paces, it becomes uncontrollable, managed by percentages, and then we are in fact just numbers on a screen to the next careful or careless buyer trying to make use of what it has without innovative consideration of more than just one office, purpose, or region.

What a company is capable of is vast and can only be understood or known when the company is put to work, especially with numerous years of hidden talent, creativity, and its ability to acquire at any time, what it needs to be even better.  The problem is that when a ‘firm’ acquires a company for a specific purpose and does not consider adding the ‘acquisition’ or ‘merger’ expertise to its business acquisition considerations, it loses power and does not have a good grasp of what the experience of internal operations and activities do for its employees, partners, and the company or corporation overall.  Not only does it add to their company’s assets and skill in the specific technology area, but also in business experience and professional negotiations or abilities to utilize resources to complete a major business change.  The intent was to advance in technology, not to advance technology, but in the process, it gained business acquisition experience and for them, they advanced in technology, but did not advance the world’s technology unless they are able to effectively apply the knowledge and consideration of consulting with other businesses on the best acquisitions and mergers in the technology business.  Only then, can they be considered expert consultants in technology acquisitions. 

For example, a firm seeking to grow its expertise in acquisitions and gain technology chooses to buy a technology company to meet two company goals, which could result in three major changes, extending far beyond the company, but to the entire industry and possibly the whole world.  After the acquisition, it knows how to buy a technology company and integrate it into its business for both use and profit, with an excellent profitability structure in the way it chooses.  Some firms buy companies and keep them as subsidiaries, while others buy companies, disestablish the company, and integrate its assets, products, and people into the firm as part of the firms’ assets, extending the firm’s functional purpose now into product development and management with a sales team.  The firm stays focused on the implementation and its specific goals of acquisition but must also consider and realize it’s gained in acquisition expertise and should then consider the creation or expansion of that skill and experience as being another service offering, as well as leverage the activity of ‘acquisition’ for the purpose of technology management in recommending partnerships, alliances, and acquisitions of other companies.  Such insight truly shows market leadership and expert ability in technology management beyond a departmental approach of managing servers, software, and human resources.  Another level of expertise is its ability to work in the publicly traded business areas in connection with its technology, making that one of its most important areas of technology, while considering the importance and necessity or value of acquisition and keeping separate privately owned companies, utilizing risk management and engineering implementation processes and procedures. 

Firms and people, as well as computers must be careful not to fall into the corporate trap and remember that good businesses gladly work together, as long as they can mutually benefit or that all can reap a positive outcome and are compatible, but needs must first be known before a corporation or entity ‘accidentally destroys’ a company, an industry, or a ‘market’ by being too forceful and too focused on one area that it misses opportunities and hurts others in its path to what seems like success.  Needs and requirements must be managed.  Just a few misstatements can destroy a whole team, so imagine if the releaser of bad statements, and acceptor of bad words and tactics ruled the world without effective corrections?  Alliances were formed that destroyed Hitler, the dictator that starved his people, forced communism, and mistreated his militaries, citizens, and the United States has done nearly the same.  Because it doesn’t happen in large numbers and is not televised is the only reason the American Dictators and workers are not seen and removed.  Rather than to seek to destroy its leadership, it might’ve considered changing it, but Hitler was already heavy in numbers, requiring the formation of an alliance to take him and his followers down.  The same is true in businesses and firms that evaluate their success and manage their growth plan solely by numbers, business units, areas (or regions), and conquering new ideas or solving problems.  Politics have their own purpose and categories in the way they operate, like business categories, ruling on numbers and opinions, with plans to ‘oversee’ not control the work and growth or reduction of others.  It’s very much similar, yet different words are used to describe it; just like the word ‘capability’ and ‘ability’ leaving one to wonder whether one man is capable of world change, while considering that one man could be capable of destroying it or at least causing World War I, leading into World War II, and well beyond into a regular cycle of war, battles, and death.  It is a fact that partnerships and alliances are good, and another example is the TV Series:  Survivor, where teams are established to survive on an island, where they are required to form alliances until they have one final winner.  Business and politics are the same in terms of survival in Technology Business evolution if they are to be competitive across the entire world, unless sharing wealth and managing knowledge, in the pursuit happiness or achievement of equality is ever truly possible.  Equality is never possible unless a person is 100% cloned, and in that case, they must be equal in all rights, which in many cases is considered wrong, especially biological programs where it is used as a replacement for reality of a natural or even medically induced procedure called birth, but an emotional attachment that many can only legally and physically let go of.  We have yet to see this type of forceful equality anywhere else but in balance sheets and accounting formulas, making it monetarily or financially focused system of law and order, based on how much one will pay or earn, rather than what we learn and do in turn.  Emotional and mental calculations of distancing in court cases or medical evaluations using words, weights, measures, and tactics to justify actions of 3:1 or 8:1, nothing is equal and unfairly distributed, ordered, and improperly ruled, as if it is or was judgement is a mathematical game, but it’s based on presentation and timing.  If cases cannot be fought or argued correctly, then it’s not a fair system, yet is based on principles of fairness using mathematical words.  Some think they can buy or talk their way through life using abusive tactics, distant relationships, lies, and cover-ups or deflection. 

Comparative analogies are necessary for the common good of others, as a reference to measure progress or potential of one against another, or as is a historical view on multiple levels because if we are unable to investigate the past by looking at what we did or by recollecting, considering what others did, and the outcomes, then we cannot effectively learn lessons from our leaders and past wars.  All things considered, improper attacks and judgements must consider conditions, beyond contractual obligations, agreements, and orders, thus the general word of ‘reasonableness’ is used, with vast differentiation in definition and action.  This is an important concept to consider in not only learning, but leading, which is an equation of letters and change – from R to D minus N.  Adding a few letters brings another word, called “Diminish” leading to finish. A diminished capacity is a term that describes a person’s mindset when making decisions, either with their full understanding, injured, non-coerced, influenced, paid, or based on instinct, being instilled by nature, animals, computers, books, family, friends, or all the many things and institutions involved.  If we are not thinking with our right mind set and making decisions with and for world leaders in a diminished capacity, with the wrong authorities and basis, then we should all be finished and just end the paper on Mental Health areas being the most important part of human functionality, different from computers, yet as unemotional, and incompetent, yet learning, and being paid because a Mental Disability, where every functional person with a diagnosis yearns to earn, heal and feel.  It is a fact that not all have the same level of interest, devotion, needs, and wants.  It is also a fact that others have much different standards and seek to command and control or dominate and destroy and evolve illness into a permanent disease while others seek to learn, heal, love, advise, inform, consult, and develop or engineer.  It is the misuse of terminology and necessity for explanation in length that seems be the challenge, but not too difficult since education at one point was required by law, with low personal interest, and no longer required by law because of the learners age, and only then found to be enjoyable, until incorrect concepts are forced and graded. 

Sharing knowledge and growing in skill, as well as learning about misuse, violence, war, and injuries, as well as the areas in which those are handled or were mishandled are shocking and require a period of time to manage the thoughts and emotions associated with such awareness, not so that the bad behavior and business can continue, but so that people who use computers and comparative analysis, such as ‘the time it takes to integrate into a new business unit’ versus the skill of the overseer, plans of the team, intent, and what the actual outcome was, doesn’t continue to creep up and escalate to greater damage and continuous loss similar to the cycles of war and hate, or just bad business and terrible military, judicial, and law enforcement professionals.  The inequality in business or just everyday life must be better managed.  Matters of control and the misuse of authority or the ‘non-necessity’ of force that is used is often in question in their areas of business, and it extends to current, past, and former employees, as well as citizens of the system.  Making demands, punishing if the demands are not met of citizens that no longer have anything to do with them, seems to be bad systems still in operation using the same old mindsets; a recycling of bad tactics or forced ideals that result in unseen injury and monetary benefit for the wrong side or purpose.  Again, a forceful tactic that seeks to progress a traumatic stress disorder into a criminal path or a worse disorder with intent to damage future success.

Entrepreneurial Firms and New Capabilities – Managerial Advice

            Entrepreneurs are not typically managed by a staff with a management team.  They are individual sole proprietors or self-employed inventors who bring their ideas to investors, not management teams.  They don’t ask their bosses; they present to investors and show how money can be made and what is required to make the money, offering, and requiring a stake in the business.  The stake is not a piece of meat, and the ideas or innovations are not dependent upon market conditions, unless the investors know that the market has or is working on something similar that they are already involved in or are privy too.  Market analysis is often presented with the proposal, showing competitive information, if available.  All proposals require this for the investors to know who they will enter competition with and at what magnitude.  Sometimes alternative decisions or investments are made, which change work orders and business plans for the investors because the proposals are often pieces of multiple markets that improve the overall, while others are independent ideas with existing or no competition.  While students learn and entrepreneurs invent and improve systems, the world continues as is, without change, until the students are ready to move forward.

Giving advice to managers of investors or people who might be involved or interested and have a ‘stake’ in the entrepreneur’s proposal are invited and informed at the discretion of the investors, after the deal is negotiated.  In some climates and systems, not all deals can be made formal because it has turned into an emerging requirement, or new area where the entrepreneurs activities are not ready for investing, yet much can still be gained and many parts put to work immediately with secret future promises, while other entrepreneurs are singularly approved, developed, self-encouraged, knowing their ideas or inventions will eventually be invested in, requiring formal presentation and deals.  Entrepreneurs who are sole proprietors choose whether they share their ideas and activities or a formal proposal with investors, making formal or informal verbal or written or implied deals.  Both parties must know the laws surrounding the dealing and developments, otherwise the deals are considered unfair and made in bad faith.  New capabilities have its specific reference:  either to an existing system, a knowledge, skill, or ability to do something, using power.  Some have magical perceived powers with no evidence of reality who are free to dream up and present fantastic ideas that may or may not ever come true.  Real business entrepreneurs work hard to document their ideas, test theories, and even develop prototypes or ask for development staff when the time is right.  They understand their project better than the investors, better than the users, and often better than the managers and lawyers or dealers that manage them and companies that use them. 

The best managerial advice to an entrepreneur is to remember the value of self-management and direction, while understanding the importance of management, boards, shareholders, equity, and acquisitions with consideration of a formal sales process that includes patents, trademarks, and proprietary or intellectual capital rights.  There is another level of importance, which is ownership and responsibility to more than just self or corporate interests.  Just because a person or group of people are considered Entrepreneurs does not mean they can freely distribute in high production rates, hide behind corporate entities, or disobey business law and report false numbers, just as law enforcement, and legal teams must remember they cannot abuse their power, prosecute, and harm an individual for working outside of the ‘traditional’ business model to apply their new knowledge in a worthwhile invention.  Laws of the state, federal laws, and all other laws still apply, as does a higher standard of ethics.  Entrepreneurs are not “home based businesses” or “moms who work from home, operating as a Franchise.”  Entrepreneurs are individuals planning multi-million-dollar ideas and should be treated with the same respect as other registered business owners, but legal freedoms given when very little money is being made and their areas include legal work or demonstrated understanding.  Constant hovering as if they are part of a corporate compliance team or monkey of an experimental government power and control authority system is abusive, close to harassment when groups (such as law enforcement) continuously “chase down” former workers or are constantly seen on the residential block, just waiting for a mistake.  Even though it might seem they are regular patrollers working with citizens, they are in fact veterans, businesspeople and inventors or system improvers that require protection and security.  Individual entrepreneurs should seek company shelters or backing for such protection, if they share their ideas, but some situations make it impossible; therefore, the term Entrepreneur doesn’t effectively work well for students who generate ideas or write plans for implementation and later purchase.  It works differently for students sponsored and paid by companies to learn.  The educational institution is responsible for the protection of the students and their ideas. 

Technology is not enacted, laws are enacted, but legal teams need to know what laws are affected by Technology changes, not what laws must be enacted for technology to change, unless there is a skilled attorney team who knows how the technology works.  For a firm like Booz Allen Hamilton, or some law firm to get the results it wanted or needed, it must first be clear in its involvement and motivation for such acts or purchases and interest in entrepreneurs, otherwise it should consider a permanent restraining order with the student due to incompatibility.  Process flow diagrams are nice visuals, but do not offer ‘timeliness, and detailed activity of what is to be accomplished, nor does it offer insight into ‘capabilities.’  Company services or products can be presented in flow diagrams, but flow diagrams are old and used for ‘processes and explanations’ for those who need detailed instructions on how to do something.  Doctors do not provide flow charts for processes; their people do.  Entrepreneurs provide creative graphics to depict the services, plans, or products and specialty areas or what they can and are willing to do for their customers.  Managing the requests of those who think people should be held down to an incompetent or lower level of work, based on old ideals, are not equipped for doctoral work, and shouldn’t have a problem adapted to new forms of presentations.  This is called ‘intellectual growth’ and a willingness to go outside of what is pushed as old requirements and ways from old ideals who were proven unsuccessful and nearly abusive.  Excellent leadership, managerial ability, and autonomy accepts whatever format is presented, unless they have a specific use purpose in mind, of which no University should be permitted to reuse the works of its students or make specific demands of formatting; as this creates distrust and limits creativity, without specific reference to intent of the course and the checkboxes it grades and adheres to.  While adherence to ‘formatting’ requests are nice and compliant, they are sometimes the only option in systems, but in human evaluations of work, there is much more room for creativity, and it should be encouraged in order not to produce more robotic work seeking compliance with demands rather than new skills that could use demonstration or exercise.  What constitutes an act of terror is a natural question that involves environmental statuses and special categories of citizens, not contained in a single document or a understood in single assignment.

Causing forceful and ‘old’ requests to re-terrorize and misuse is also considered a negative form of influencing an outcome, of which many people attempt and often fail.  Doctors and students learning to become doctors have already proven skill in this area and are free to present their ideas in their own formats and free to choose to not conform to old ways, especially if they are truly committed to innovation in technology.  This does not mean that all educational requirements and formats must be accepted or changed.  It means those being forced by old technology entities, such as Microsoft, and other military sites who continuously abuse and seek to employ their students or force work styles, making demands, in conjunction with the misuse of force, appearing somewhat harassing, which includes unwanted phone calls, and bad air waves. 

The terrorist continues to terrorize, forcing students into his/her way, and passing it off as it it’s a university requirement, where a foreigner can harm an American woman, where the woman has no recourse (other than to fail) or continue with low quality workmanship, limited by demands, which is another tactic and attempt being made.  It’s best to just give the student an Excellent grade for noticing the attempts, being aware of what is being forced, and to back off the student or to admit that the staff is being manipulated to also become a terrorizing entity to force bad ideals when there is any mention of a terrorist act or defiance against a company with legal power and intent to harm.  It’s not a virus.  People and computers who manage this way are not healthy leaders and do not create healthy environments for doctors to become good doctors.  They waste money and hurt people to get their demands and unhealthy needs met sometimes with specific intent or strategic targeting, other times by random negligence.  Many often blame it on ‘racial tensions’ and ‘inequalities’ where opportunities should be equally given to all, and it is, but it must be earned and proven once given.  With some earned, some gifted, some learned, and many with hard work; improperly used to control the works of others.  In their delusional minds, they are just as good as others, but the others are criminals, unafraid to criminalize, terrorize, and materialize at the expense of trillions.  Others are just good students seeking to conform because they have never done it before or because they are good at it.  Either way, creativity should be given, not because it’s a rerun and lazy tactic of old ways, but because it truly is required to prove the education institution has not become forceful and harmful to the student’s ethical and reasonable purpose and ability to express freely about what is real, true, factual, and possibly someone’s criminal fantasy.


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