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Valentines Day - Professional & Romantic Relationships - Damages

Dating businessmen when starting a business or offering services as a “freelancer.” Internet daters beware. Dating requires trust and so does Internet Publishing Services.

Equal damage or just public exposure of bad behavior and personal activities that cross lines in business and professional relations.

I considered ‘loss of wages or opportunity’ during the 3 day down time of his online business – finding minimal chance of loss for him and greater emotional damage by being used for sex and emotional tangled in his indecisiveness or freedom to troll for new dates online and sleep with others.

He put me at risk, so I exposed him for 3 days, endured his threats and considered ‘professional and personal business relations.’

Is ‘equal loss or damage’ the way in this case? No, but neither is secretive communications, making demands, and not indulging in free services and open unclean sexual relations.

  1. Protect your self, your business, and your hearts and people like those men are the reasons we are forced to. If they weren’t indecisive and were more communicative in expectations, wants, needs, and plans, there wouldn’t be problems.
  2. Don’t expect not to endure equal damage when operating with poor ethics in sexual relationships; not only are there risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but emotional and mental damage also occurs.
  3. There should be no protection for those who operate or function with a bad set of ethics and minimal personal responsibility in life, business, and love. There should be mature communications, but even those agreements or contracts are cancellable and rescindable.