Meet Daisy – She’s a Beagle — and people love to think they know all about Beagles — They do this, they do that, yada yada yada.

Who knows best? The Beagle owner and Officer TD Betts at Danville Police. Animal Control came by and didn’t even care to check on Daisy after an incident. What a terrible way to make sure an animal is okay after an attack. They didn’t need to because Officer TD Betts already checked on her, the neighbor said they’d gladly pay the Vet Bill if anything was wrong and Daisy’s Mom told Animal Control, Officer TD Betts, the Neighbor, and Daisy she’s okay.

Shouldn’t Danville Police — Animal Control meet Daisy? It’s good for Animal Control to get to know its citizens, even though Daisy is not registered, is not immunized, and has no obligation to and if she did, then Animal Control or someone else would have to provide transportation.

While Animal Control drives a nice shiny new vehicle – they would leave it to the neighbors or another citizen that is not so nice to look at; like the neighbors who said she was going to get attacked, or the other idiot who said Beagles are run away kinds of Dogs, or others posing as Veteranarians who said if she eats certain ways, her liver will be hurt.

These are threats — stay away orders for and from people like that — talking that way is not nice and is pisses both me and my Dog off and now you get to be pissed off for us.

Sad that animals have to be locked in cages, chained, or tied up and can’t roam freely. Daisy could, but it’s the other people and Dogs who freak out when they meet a nice dog and are used to one who doesn’t abuse your yard, your skin with her nails, or listen to this bullshit or weird people who make offers to help take care of her when I did not ask for your help or opinion.

Some things are Godsends and helpful, but should be provided another way, without citizen garbage, bad words, false promises, and problems.

Stay away from me and Daisy please, unless you are willing to shake her paw.