Mission & Vision

Savvy Smart Solutions, LLC is a limited liability company operating as a sole proprietor, legally registered in the state of Delaware and seeks to restructure its operation by changing to a charitable organization, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. This change requires the selection and assignment of a board of directors, a clear mission and vision statement, and plans to pursue federal funding to fulfill its mission.


The company and newly restructured organization is committed to conducting independent research and evaluation of technology systems and products available for sale and free of charge for public use. It is focused on improving and integrating systems by publishing educational commentary and formal research and evaluation reports on areas of computer science involving information management, communications, security, and artificial intelligence.


To contribute to the field of computer science with advanced education, research, and formal studies that motivate government and industry to innovate, lead, and adjust its standards practice for improved development and integration. Technology is an exciting field of constant advancements and challenges, highly profitable, dangerous, yet welcome and helpful human companions. The non-profit seeks to identify impact areas of technology on people, corporations, the planet, and our daily lives as humans in the areas of integration and data sharing.