I don’t write about these because the system is currently garbage. Why write about garbage when you want to live a garbage free life? I guess I’m being forced into becoming a Garbage Analyst? I’ve seen some great systems, but the people in positions of power that operate the systems and oversee the development of the systems need work themselves.

Not all ‘crimes’ cause a person to be considered a ‘criminal’ and if so, then fine, call me a criminal because Crime is caused because there is a human need not being met. If it is a crime to protect oneself, feed oneself, stay alive, and work with an intelligent life force, then CALL ME A CRIMINAL. If it is a crime to speak out against the sickness and provide specific case details of an investigation of “social retardation and fakeness” then go ahead and prosecute me and throw away the key while you commit the crime of limiting “Freedom of Speech and Expression in pursuit of Truth and Justice” I’ve found that the truth hurts, so I guess I hurt people by giving you the REAL story. Put your hurt feelings aside and get in touch with reality, but not so much that you become heartless, retarded, and unable to connect with yourself to change what is wrong. It’s easy to lock someone up and throw away the key when you’ve seen an uncontrollable level of abuse, harm, and tried to help the person change.

I carry the crime of ‘theft’ for stealing a beer and candy bar during a period of ‘victimization’ from a TRUE criminal, where my life was being threatened. Unfortunately, local law enforcement doesn’t ask or consider the circumstances surrounding the crime. They were limited thinkers tasked to arrest and throw a person in a concrete box for punishment, saying they are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. If I’m innocent until proven guilty, then why am I in a concrete box and why did that officer put those handcuffs on me so tight that it hurt my shoulder and mind for years on end? A ticket would’ve been more appropriate.

Are they retarded or is this world an unforgiving place? Theft is not acceptable, we understand this and the person committing the crime has to be secured, documented, and watched until trial, but in a concrete box until ONE PERSON (a judge) hears the story? I won’t give you idiots the time of day because this whole system is ridiculous, set out to cause harm. Write me a ticket with an additional fee for the inconvenience and send me on my way while you go chase down real criminals like the murderer/rapist I just left or the street gang leader, gun or drug dealer.

Never once did they ask or look into my Education, Background, or living situation. Again, they are limited thinkers, not FIT to even look my direction.

The system needs changed and they are a threat to a healthy society. They think they are doing right by others, but they do it the wrong way; causing unnecessary harm to those who are just trying to survive or get by with what they’ve been forced to deal with because the system in itself failed the first time.

Some people need to see or know that another person is punished for wrong-doing. Some act with compassion and a good mind for the protection of the greater good and others. Just because a ‘criminal’ may look or appear rehabilitated, doesn’t mean he won’t continue on a path of additional harm or detriment to society. The punishment must fit the crime. If you killed someone, then you should be investigated for motive so a determination could be made if it was justified. Some people have become so sick, corrupt, and directionless that they are in fact a detriment to society and don’t deserve a chance at a free life, at least not until they learn the error of their ways. What is free? To live in a society where you abide by the law, follow the rules, work for a living, pay rent, buy a house, raise a family, and socialize with others in a healthy and happy environment – free from Law Enforcement stalking, investigating, or invasion.

Some laws and rules are ridiculous and some were meant to be broken. If a person gets so sick and obsessed with punishment and ensuring the adherence to rules without a balanced mind capable of taking many things into consideration, then they probably shouldn’t be in the decision-making or leadership role, but again, it’s all dependent upon what type of organization you work for and what the goal is. A person running a shelter is not the same as a Recruit Division Commander in Chicago. A person breaking the rules has to be reviewed to understand if harm to others was committed, purposefully or unintentionally, and if a leader is being obsessive about ‘punishment’ or excessively and unnecessarily monitoring and vocalizing ‘adherence’ to such rules. Failure to do a chore is not doing what you agreed to do and if that leader constantly reminds one person and not the 5 others on the floor who do the same thing, then they are improperly targeting and somewhat harassing an person. They most likely aren’t a good manager or leader and it shows. It’s the same in Law Enforcement. If that leader/manager does not know how to properly ‘get a person to do what is asked’ then it is their challenge and this is where Leadership and Management principles and techniques are evaluated for 1) motivation; 2) approach; 3) effectiveness. It is their job to maintain safety of others and handle complaints among others. If they can at least do that, then they should be aware of how their actions and unspoken actions create threats. If you don’t do as your asked or follow the rules, then x, y, z will happen.

If they don’t have a sense of proper assessment, consequence, and action, or process for compliance and management of defiance, then they most likely aren’t a ‘helpful’ system. Learning how to manage in a group and on an individual level in organizations where people may become violent, threatening, or defiant requires education, skill, and personal investment.

By Savvy