Planet Saving Projects

These Projects are fun, save money, make better use of family time, create lasting memories and possibly lifelong heirlooms.

These product projects have been known to save the planet and your bank account. They’ve also been known to reduce harmful effects, produce LOVE, CREATIVITY, and INTELLIGENCE.

This section includes products that can be made at home. Each product or idea took a great deal of time creating cost and functional comparisons, by doing feasibility studies to make sure each project or product was worth the time and energy to build at home, buy online or in stores. Some require supervision and this site will not provide disclaimers or instruction on what does and doesn’t. If you can read, then you should know what you can and can’t handle with or without parental or adult supervision.

These ideas are not for everyone, but perfect for those in school, on a budget, lower income, and even those who with money who want to teach kids how things are done and how things are improved.

It has been said that technology can be bad for our planet and failure to recycle or make use of Earth’s precious and natural resources has great potential to cause disaster. It has in fact been proven: Technology has potential to destroy families, budgets, and entire lives.

Savvy Smart Solutions has devoted time to finding ways to make Technology better for the planet and people across the world, so it can be used to improve the planet and not over-consumerized and misused.