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These product projects have been known to save the planet and your bank account. They’ve also been known to reduce harmful effects, produce LOVE, CREATIVITY, and INTELLIGENCE.

This section includes products that can be made and used at home. Each product or idea took a great deal of time creating cost and functional comparisons, by doing feasibility studies to make sure each project or product was worth the time and energy to build at home, buy online or in stores. Some require supervision and this site will not provide disclaimers or instruction on what does and doesn’t. If you can read, then you should know what you can and can’t do with or without parental or adult supervision.

Save $3-5
Mouthwash and Toothpaste as a Bathroom and Kitchen Disinfectant

Compared to

Even less expensive at the Family Dollar.

A multi-use/multi-purpose product is better because it saves space and performs the same task; leaving your bathroom or kitchen as minty fresh as your clean mouth.

Toothpaste also serves as a light abrasive for toilet bowl cleaning and is less expensive.

Compared to

Scientific Method:

Do the products work the same and will people change their buying habits and use based on price savings? Are we conditioned shoppers and routine housekeepers?
Hypothesis: Yes, the products work the same; and in all human selections, routines that are established are not easily changed, unless it makes worthwhile difference.

Price Savings + Less Trash; The prices are not that different, but the packaging is. Off Brand products are cheaper at Dollar Stores. Another step in the process is required: product and mixing filling containers, this results in more time, but less trash.

A light home abrasive is made of 1) Powder or Baking Soda + a Cleaning Agent, such as Toothpaste or Mouthwash.

Shampoo also serves as a Body Wash and floor cleaner – lower priced brands are available. Shampoo also cleans showers and bathtubs, which can be purchased for as low as $1; when mixed with Toothpaste and Medicated Mouthwash, it creates a disinfectant. Shampoo + Mouthwash also serves as a fabric refresher and air cleaner when sprayed in the air. It competes with Febreeze; another $5.00 product.

This use strategy not only lowers costs, making your hair and cleaning products bill as low as $10 per month, from an outrageous cost of $44 and even higher, but it also reduces the amount of plastic or cardboard trash generated from the products:

Plastic products are easy to separate for Trash recycling and more safe when they don’t contain harsh chemicals, such as bleach.

7.00 Shampoo
7.00 Conditioner
5.00 Toothpaste
4.00 Mouthwash
5.00 Ajax/Comet
4.00 All Purpose Cleaner
5.00 Febreeze
5.00 Windex
4.00 Toilet Bowel Scrub
4.00 Shower Scrub
Total: $44.00

Another Multi-Use item:
Pool Shock – A very expensive pool cleaning product – high intensity Bleach – when used in small quantities in the laundry – whites stay white.

Toothpaste + Mouthwash serves as a Stain Remover because it is a light abrasive.

See the Amazon Products to for other product savings and recommended items.


Beauty Products

Plastic containers can always be washed, recycled and used for at home or school projects:

Painting, Handling or Managing fluids, Storing/Reusing Rainwater; mini-planters for seedlings, and refill for regular use. They can also be turned into art pieces or personalized containers with paint, rocks, fabric, or paper. They can be transformed into indoor or outdoor flower or plant vases. They can also be used as kitchen containers for liquids.

Rain Watering System from reusable containers:

  1. Save your plastics: coffee containers, soft drinks, shampoo, mouthwash, and conditioner bottles.
  2. Paint or cover the labeling on them for decorative plant and flower gardens.
  3. Remove the tops so that rain water can collect in the bottle:
    Cut the tops off of those that have a dispensing tab (shampoo/conditioner).
  4. Make a coverable hole with a plug to remove it later to dispense water or other liquid. Relocate the dispenser tab somewhere on the container so that it can be removed when its time to use the rain water for plants or flower beds.

More ideas on Recycling Plastic Containers:

The Budget Dumpster

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