Buying Strategies

What’s the difference between an Online Shopping Strategy and a Buying Strategy?  To put in the simplest terms, the strategy is how you will attack the task of getting what you want.  Many people just shop to shop, without knowing what they want, need, and how much they’re willing to pay.  Often, they don’t take the time to research competitor pricing.  They seem to go with what they know and buying decisions are impulsive, unplanned, and hazardous to the Debt to Income ratio.  Some are downright addicts.

Buying a Thought, Idea, or Belief is similar, but it is a Group Investment Fund.

Internet shopping makes it easier to price shop and compare, but difficulty still remains in not being able to see, touch, and see the item in your hands or on your person before making the buying decision.  Much like visualization.  Everyday household products are easier to shop for, but not much thought is put into Redesigning or Reviewing Buying Habits with a Smart Shopping Savings Plan in mind.

We aren’t robots, but we are creatures of habit and getting shoppers to change buying habits requires convincing evidence of savings, guaranteed quality, and proof that this new strategy works.  We also incorporate Business Concepts such as Return on Investment and prompt buyers to consider investing in money making opportunities that promote financial awareness for kids and teens.

We’re on a mission to promote a “Brandless Shopping” habit to get you to personally evaluate the effectiveness of products and stop relying on Media Advertising and Consumer Study data to make buying choices.  We want you to decide for yourself on savings and we provide more cost effective alternatives.  When someone online asked me what “My Personal Brand” is/was, I had to laugh because I don’t have a trademark and you’d most likely unlawfully copy it and reuse it or it will most likely change with new information since I’m an evolving creature.

One article points out the Cost Savings of the Snack pack Lunchables with a cost comparison to doing it yourself.  We’re trying to point out how packaging and photography prompts buying decisions, pulling families away from Traditional meal planning and preparation tasks and enticing consumers into pre-packaged processed foods.  We’re health and cost focused.

We also want you to shop more considerately and creatively.  We have ideas where a gift to someone can result in 5 other gifts to a point of nearly priceless creative gift shopping for family and friends.  We also provide Planning tips for purchases for milestones in life that most don’t consider far in advance.

We hope you find our advice and research helpful — we certainly do!