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Welcome to a site packed full of opinion, experience, and thought provoking topics on World Technology, Human and Computer Life.  It is a place of Advanced Research in Humanity Development, Technology, and Experience with current systems to show Intelligence vs. Unintelligence; Efficiency vs. Inefficiency; Philosophical and Theoretical Opinions in the System of Reality vs. the Human Condition, Perception, and Opinion.  Classical vs. Modern.  Current vs. Future.  Real vs. Fake.  Imaginary vs. Conceptual with Possibility.  Possibility with and without Supporting Evidence generated by the self, a higher self, a system, or another influence.  Originality vs. Cyclical Systematic Information (in-formative) reasoning where further growth is possible, as well as degradation.  Preservation and Life beyond Life itself.  It’s not Brand Specific; nor will it protect your feelings, in fact, Feelings and Perceptions are often reviewed and challenged for Mental growth.  It’s not a place of hate, although the Feelings are discussed openly where the writer expresses opinion based on Life Experience, Research, and the real world.  It is not based on a Titled TV show of young kids living their life on camera, but the real world in a social system based on Religion, Justice, Rules, Regulations, and Education, written to stimulate the thinking.  

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.  

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We hope to engage our readers to think critically and comment beyond like/dislike, agree/disagree.  We also ask that you respect the writers’ opinion and not respond with hate, but to read with an open mind, form your own opinions, either through comparison of your own experiential knowledge or by scientific research with an Authoritative Citing or reference (i.e. a statistic, or other law, or authoritative study.  Should you choose to comment and engage, the rules and requirements are as follows:

  1.  Must consider yourself as an Intellectual with a Philosophical Mind seeking to gain understanding with an analytical ability to see and evaluate facts, opinion, and research multi-dimensionally.  
  2. Must be able to challenge the System of Thought, Law, and Life, in a respectable manner and if written about directly, must respond kindly with respect, stating your opinion.
  3. Must be able to go beyond Sociological, Economical, and Psychological factors and be able to evaluate or consider Mental Conditioning, Media, Falsivity, Motivation, and Acceptance in Society, Online, and not take personal offense without considering facts of REALITY in the system of Life, Expectation, and ‘Norms,’ Mores, and Taboos.
  4. Must not reuse, copy, or forward content without giving credit and first engaging in discussion and asking permission.  
  5. Must be able to evaluate and dissect terms like “Equality” and not rely on such terms without a thorough definition and meaning declared and on which basis, knowing Equality is simply a mathematical equation with two sides, which can be looked at Multi-Dimensionally, Geographically, considering Psychological, Geological, Sociological and Economical factors.
  6. Must be aware of the Evolution of Life, Words, Meanings, Situations, and Conditions and understand Power, Control, and Reactive Behavior within the self and respond using non-threatening language.
  7. Must not be willing to accept the System as Is, but have a mind and desire for Continuous Improvement.
  8. Don’t fear making false assumptions, but notate when you think you might’ve made one and return with proof that you are not a robot and have gained a new insight.  We do not use CAPTCHA to test you and we welcome robots to engage and collaborate.
  9. Agree or Disagree, but be logical, adept in reasoning, and be able to communicate the basis of  your opinion(s), including Historical, Current, and Future hopes, facts, or stories.
  10. Be honest and complimentary or offer useful feedback.