Aprender is similar to “appre-hender” or “app rehinder” also referred to in the English Language as “Apprehend” which is to arrest the suspect.  In Espanol, they are stating it is to “Learn.”  We don’t learn by being arrested, we learn by being taught.  Is Aprender a good word for learning in the Spanish Language?

The short and long answer is NOOOOOOO.  You don’t have to be arrested to learn a lesson and if this is the case, someone es muy stupitho y loco en la cabesa!  Wait, some actually do need to learn lessons the HARD way because they refuse to do things correctly or “Correctamente” and some are es ABUSIVE (like my current American roommate visiting Mexico).

Take for example:  “Por” means For in Espanol, but in English it is an improper spelling, yet perfect pronunciation for Poor or Pour.

Mexico has had a bad reputation for Malo Policia and I suspect it’s due to Por Favors or bad manners.  If Por=For and More=Mas, por que=Why Is, then Por is not really Why, but What is or has caused problems between the United States and Mexico — PuuuR Happs.  Por Favor also means please.

The most especial thing about “learning” espanol, is it cannot be broken down into one word, because in Espanol, the greatest “managerial” word equals two words.

Gracias = Thank You.  I often, for some reason say “que Gracias” for some reason and question myself on the use of my words.

Que Gracias?  What, Thank You?  What, Thank You!  As a “learner” and “early speaker of Espanol” I started doing this when I was about cinco anos antigo.  Then I thought about going to Mantigo bay and saying good bye because Anti-Go is problematic, but also right in many ways.

Si, mi thia Nina and Alejandro were bad teachers.  They refused to slow down and teach me, so I watched their body language to try to understand them.  Thia Nina was an angry woman, yet happy at times.  She was angry at mi Padre por su vida loco, which was no comprendo and no bueno considering she had much dinero ayudar.  She failed the family and left me with a bad impression and so did her trace mijas.  She let us live with no heat, no water, and minimal access to food and trabajaro for mi padre (my stepfather).  She did this while she lived in what looked like a mansion to a little girl.  She lived there with her husband (Theo Al) and a perro and “allowed” us to live in a tiny trailer where we had to light the stove with a small 20 lb. gas tank to keep warm in freezing temperatures.  Since we had no running water, we were forced to pee in a bucket, which was very difficult to change regularly, especially when it’s cold outside.  I was in escuela at the time and was very ashamed of Ms. Nina and Mr. Al and my parents for our situation.  Ms. Nina “let me” clean her house for money and God only knows what I did with it, most likely spent it in her restaurant or on her daughters art (basically giving the money back to them – they who treated us like crapola.  She did let us use her outdoor shower which was nice – at least Mi Mama could shower so she could go work for the bitch, oh wait, I’m not sure she did work (or maybe she did) I don’t know, but we didn’t stay long — thankfully.  We all worked for the bitch at the restaurant, which was taken over by another grande bitch (who all claimed to be the best Christian’s at church), yet in real life, in the eyes of the young child, the truth was revealed.  She was a Hypocrite — So were Nina and Al and all there terrible daughters (mijas).  On the surface, they seemed like nice women, but in my eyes, they were selfish greedy bitches, especially since not a single one of them offered a warm bed for the senorita going to escuela who needed to be at the bus stop regardless of hail, rain, or snow.  Nina did give me a ride in her big Supreme Cadillac, but I could sense her discontent with it.  She didn’t want the responsibility, although I greatly enjoyed my “alone” time with her.  Her hugs were sweet, but in hindsight, I loved her car and her house FARR more than I could ever love her, especially if she wasn’t kind enough to offer me a room and work in exchange for ‘whatever.’

Money, Greed, Selfishness wastes the power of God.  Thia Yvonne was seen ‘protecting’ a very bad person – the one who ‘used’ to be my friend.  The one who tempted me as a pregnant woman with alcohol, cigarettes, and taughted her BIG house – denying a friend when in need (with a 4 bedroom home).  Sounds sort of like she’s a poor homeless girl – because she became one – after giving into the influences of NICHOLE AND JOSEPHINA, faggotry and bigotry manifested in their lives, as well as the Mercedes and the mansion — for what?  So they could die in pornographic perversion and run diversions throughout the county and pretend like they weren’t perverts in the sight of the Lady.

Lesson for Nichole and Joe:  Kissing hard in a swimming pool with children around in the sight of your best friend is PERVERSION and soft pornography.  Can she keep it together to stand trial?  No – and why?  Because she was caught dancing on the PERVERT Kirk (Yvonne’s Husband’s) lap and named her first kid after him — THE PERV.  How sick are these people?  She claims to have not known Mr. Brady (Yvonne’s husband) was a pervert, which is true, but can she explain why Ms. Nichole’s parent’s “Fucked at the Y” at the “location of the writer’s rape?”  Probably not, but Ms. Nichole should die in shame for her transgressions or blame her Fat ass Mother and ABUSIVE alcoholic Father for her poor (pour) upbringing.  Driving while drunk is NOT ACCEPTABLE and neither is acting fullish.

The Overley’s (Joe and Nichole) vowed to be wed under Ms. Yvonne’s roof and slept together without having sex.  The fact that they were able to do it, was celebrated, especially considering she and he both had raging hormones.  It’s HARD to live under the rule of Ms. Yvonne and Mr. Kirk, but they managed to buy a home not long after being wed.  It was a joyous occasion, but terribly boring without alcohol at the wedding.  It appeared they were going to go into full Christianity and a wholeeeeeesummm life, but, they went church shopping.  They refused to go to the Church Yvonne and Kirk attended, or perhaps were never invited by them which is why it all went to shit.  Yvonne could’ve been the Lord’s best servant, and for awhile she was.  But, just like the rain, the sunshine has to find its way in and clear out the old shit and make room for sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  When I say drugs I mean the ones needed for pain relief under a doctors’ prescription.  Sometimes I feel the need to SPELL IT OUT FOR THEM because they are not very smart.  CLEARLY.  Nichole and Joe did not have drug seeking behavior, with the exception of Marijuana (which is ILLEGAL).  As the POT ring grew bigger and bigger, she became more of an alcoholic mess — abusing her children, threatening to beat them and kill them.  Pour soul became a terrible Mother, but they let her keep her demons.  Yes, her children were ugly little demons — Kirky the perv and Kaderator the Normality Hater.  He was reported wiping “shit” on the walls of her brand new home and was deemed uncontrollable by the Parent.  Rhonda tried to help, but she too was part of the POT RING.  It is OUR hope that they ALL FAIL miserably in their endeavor to continue to live life the way that they do.

What would Jesus do?  He didn’t do shit, but took us away.  All that prayer I did and they did, amounted to the Fat bitch dying early, and the other fat bitch losing the family restaurant, which was the hottest place just out of town where every church goer met and spent their hard earned cash.  I felt the burden placed on my Mother through this – being forced to pay for my food because “the owner bitch” was too stingy to give mi-hitha free meals.

Oh, I forgot to mention, mi hermano is half mexican (their relatives) and he also lived with us in the small fifth wheel trailer when he was a tiny baby, about 10 months old.  Unfortunately, he’s in prison now because their God (or my God) couldn’t fix him either.  Magically, somehow he was reported to have been driving a ‘blue’ Cadillac which I thought (or assumed) looked like Nina’s (you know when you’re on the phone with someone and you picture what someone is saying and it turns out to be something else.  Oddly enough, he was imprisoned for stealing cars – he got mixed in with the wrong crowd, bad influences.  Kind of sad – it was like Grand Theft Auto went live in virtual reality and my poor brother got caught.  He also nearly died of a drug overdose and refused to go to treatment, so maybe that’s ‘ultimately’ why he went to prison.  Either way, I place on the government and training programs.  The state took him to Military school when he was a young adult and later touted outstanding rates of recidivism (second offenses after rehabilitation); which was a LIE; a fabrication, because if it were true, he wouldn’t be in prison.

Here’s what I would do:

If a little girl goes to church regularly, prays her ass off for her familia, lives near you and you see her living conditions are terrible and you have an extra room (which Al and Nina had more than a few), then take her in and show her you care.  She brings joy to the world, especially since she cleans house and loves to learn how to cook, talk to parrots, and work in the garden and even more so because she really wanted to learn espanol and could run the pin’yata far better than the pervert asking for kisses from her constantly.  — Hindsight is Twenty Twenty.

Another Mexican Pastor took her in, but the Mexican Pastor told the little teenager that the Pastor was raped as a young woman.  What kind of shithole is this?  I guess it was because the young girl was asking why she was begging for forgiveness on her knees for hours speaking jibberish (they talked in tongues – which was weird, but somewhat artistic).  Nice fucking prayer — beg to God and then spew your trash on the teenager.  What the fuck is wrong with people?

The reason God would not allow her to move into the ‘mansion’ was because Al was a pervert and so was the other bitches husband who cornered the girl in the bathroom trying to get his pleasure with her when she became a teenager.

So, as far as her view on Mexico, es muy bueno….but needs mucho trabajar.  How or why would this affect her perception of Mexico, you might ask.  When a young girl is promised everlasting love and the kingdom of God and all she sees is crime, hate, granda mamacitas, and selfishness, not to mention abuse, she tends to develop hate for the world and the whole race, even if she knows it’s not all Mexicans with the problem.  She knows every one has greed, selfishness, perverted tendencies deep inside, but NOT all Mexicans treat her like shit.  In fact, one of her first loves was a Mexican – his name was Armando and the list goes on.  She’s loved many of them, especially Mr. Juarez, but they all had problemos!  Like don’t we all?  Si, most, but if you could only understand her and learn to respect her, then you might comprende why she has such a protective mindset and sometimes angry attitude.

God took her back to the “Thia” (the second daughter of the Fat Stingy Bitch) at a later date (perhaps for a second review of his Por work).  She took me (as a pregnant woman) to a casino, smoking in her shitty ugly van with a person who used to be my best friend.  Turns out she became a para-legal in the county of Calaveras, but she also said “Jakie” worked for the Government — later reports came in and the First Daughter claimed to have been raped in highschool; por Vanessa and por Yvonne and por Nichole.  Elizabeth’s daughter claimed to be raped in highschool and was flashing her tities on the boardwalk in San Diego (CHRISTIANS!!) and my former understudies as a pre-school religion teacher.  What happened to these POOR souls I wondered.  I received more  BAD reports of drug abuse with those people.  Not sure, but here’s another lesson for the “Vanessa’s” of the world.

When you see you’re family in another region or part of the world — Don’t act stupid and dump your family problems on her — tell her take little Russes’ ass to Thia Yvonne and try to go to the courtroom — without flashing your beautiful tan breasts and without delivering bad news – like she’s marrying a black soon to be attorney and working at Kohls’.  Kohl’s is a shithole department store — get a life and go to college ON YOUR OWN.

What’s the theme here?  When something goes unreported, it seems to travel like a running match — at some point it burns out and your fingers get burned — hopefully because the RAPE was lowered to a charge of molestation and the charge for supporting a criminal who refuses to ‘cop’ to the truth is worse than the criminal itself.

RAPE is no fun, neither is denial.

Thank you Jesus, I am healed.  I don’t have much sex anymore, but I still hope to shake your hand, IF and only if you fix these idiots.  It’s like a dirty soul train without a conductor.



By Savvy