This is site for technological ideas covering multiple realms, created to spark, document, and share ideas, perspectives, and knowledge of advances in computers, psychology, business systems, personal home computing, and communications.

I am by no means a master in the field of writing, inventing, or conducting formal testing in these areas, and sometimes even consider myself a subject of such tests that may or may not exist, but I am a human with both field and personal experience in the areas of business computing, military, and in one word – Intelligence.  I’ve never really considered myself an Engineer or Programmer, although I have written and designed systems and have a visionary and intellectual ability to see opportunities for automation and improvement using Technology.

This site might appear disorganized, random, or without direction, but it is my brain dumping ground and a place to ponder and capture advancements in world technology, personal development, and other wonderful thoughts and ideas of whats possible, what is real, and what is happening in the world of cyber awareness, security, and the merging of multiple and varied realms or dimensions.

I wasn’t a major science fiction fan or lover of Star Wars and other Hollywood films where aliens take over the world, in fact, I’m not certain they exist, but I am a fan of CYBER and the advancement of robots, computers, as well the boring topic of Risk Management in Technology and Human Development.  I write and speak on topics that seem to scare people or cause them to assume Delusion, Hallucination, or a Mental Health Disorder, and have in fact been diagnosed with several, but I can’t help it, I have a beautiful mind and have worked in the field of beautiful, yet chaotic possibilities of Information Warfare, Intelligence, and Dominance where Humans and Computers Interact Telepathically, along with Human Telepathic Communications and Physics.