This is NOT a drinking fountain, but a solar powered water pump for Ponds, Swimming Pools, Bird Baths, Lakes, Rivers, and possibly bathtubs.

Is it just for beauty…to make a pond prettier? To give the birds a flowing water source?

The quick answer: YES and NO

It’s used to clean and move water because when water sits without movement, bacteria builds up and so does dirt and grime. When wind moves, dirt moves, so some dirt is inevitable. It does not clean dirt, but it helps prevent bacteria by creating a water flow.

A mini solar powered water fountain is not going to change the flow, design, or cleanliness of a large river bed, but it does change the cleanliness of a pond — because the size of the ‘filter’ must be calculated in radius and ratio to the water source that it must clean, as well as the energy required to power it.

The solar power for the Water Filter is generated from the sun, with NO electrical cords to make the water move — therefore, it reduces the harmful qualities of water filtration by the removal of the requirement for ELECTRICITY.

It makes use of the Sun’s Natural Energy to power the water filter and even lights in some products.

It’s now considered for use as a Water Filtration System for small swimming pools, such as kid pools or even as added filters for larger pools; again depending upon the Water to Solar Pump ratio.

It’s also used to clean hands when working on outdoor projects without wasting water!

How amazing!

New and Improved Ideas or Possibilities:

If it had a hose, it could be used as a movable sprinkler; if it had a small water reservoir and base, with rain, it could be used to cool and possibly feed plants.

If flipped upside down and attached to a water source, and is still workable, it could be used as a shower or movable water feeder/feature for small seed carrying creatures.

With a few hoses, it could be used as a critical piece to a beautiful recyclable water system.

Or, it can be just simply used in a pond for no other reason at all than to make it look better without electricity.

It’s $12.99 on Amazon


By Sheri